Can a Bad Battery Cause AC Problems? (Yes or No)

Can a Bad Battery Cause AC Problems

Having the air conditioning system of your car become bad abruptly can spoil your whole day. The AC cools and purifies the air in the car thereby making the driver stay alert and focused while driving.

However, just like every other machine, the AC can develop problems at any time. There are many causes of AC problems but is a bad battery one of them? Can a bad battery cause AC problems?

A bad car battery can cause air conditioning problems because the AC needs the battery to run. Therefore, if the battery is bad, the AC may find it difficult working and if it struggles to run with a bad battery for a long time, may cause the AC to develop a problem(s).

Can a Bad Battery Cause AC Problems?

Yes, a bad battery can cause air conditioning problems. The air conditioning system in every vehicle is powered by a battery. When the battery is bad, the AC will not be able to cool properly. Switching it on might not sometimes even.

You need to ensure that you have a good battery to avoid damaging your AC. Trust me, driving a car without AC in very hot weather can be very discomforting.

What Other Things Can Cause AC Problems?

Air conditioning problems are majorly caused by two things: leaks or compressor issues. But there are many other causes of air conditioner failure in your car, they include:

Leaked Refrigerant

The refrigerant of any cooling system must be at a particular level for proper cooling to occur. If the refrigerant in your air conditioner is not at the required level, the AC will not function correctly. Leaking refrigerant is a cause of AC failure.

Damaged Components

Components of an air conditioning system such as the fan blades and the AC compressor are liable to get worse over time. When you use your AC consistently for 5 years and more, some of its internal components will need to be replaced.

You need to hire the services of a technician to maintain these parts from time to time.

Faulty Circuit Breaker/Fuse

One of the first things that come to mind when your AC stops working is the circuit breaker and fuse. A high-pressure limit switch, when tripped can cause the circuit breaker to go bad which will, in turn, affect the cooling of the AC.

Frozen Coil

A frozen coil is sometimes caused by dusty and unclean air filters that cause airflow problems. You should clean your air filter regularly and keep the ductwork clean always to prevent a frozen coil.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is a sure banker cause of AC failure. When the thermostat is not working well, the air conditioner will go off and on repeatedly without cooling at all.

Luckily, thermostats are everywhere on the markets, you can purchase one and get your AC serviced by a professional.

What Causes Car Battery to be Bad?

The car battery is one of the essential components of the engine. The car cannot start without the battery in place. The battery makes other parts of the engine work. Sometimes the car battery can get worse or fail.

What causes a car battery to go bad? If your car battery begins to fail, you will begin to observe certain issues in your car such as difficulty in starting the car, powering the electrical accessories in the car (radio, light, etc.), or even driving the car.

There are a lot of reasons that make a car battery go bad. They include:

1. Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures add a high level of stress to your car battery which is why many car battery replacements are usually done after the winter period.

Cold temperatures will give your car two issues: oil and engine troubles and power loss with very slow chemical reactions.

When you talk about oil and engine troubles, cold temperatures make the viscosity of your car’s oil thicker. In extremely cold weather, other parts of the engine such as the hoses, radiators, and belts are heavily strained.

Overall, this will cause a drag on the engine and it will require more force and power to come on.

For power loss and slow chemical reactions, it has been stated by researchers that cold weather drains the power of your car battery by 30% – 60%. A battery is made to recharge naturally as you drive through.

Batteries work as a result of an electrochemical reaction. This reaction gives or transmits power signals to the ends of the battery terminals.

In cold weather, this chemical reaction is slowed down mightily, thus affecting the power of the car’s battery.

2. Electric Current from an Accessory

Some electronic gadgets or equipment in the car might be sucking or drawing surplus power from the car’s battery thereby reducing its ability to perform and making the battery go bad in the long run.

Such accessories might even be drawing current from the battery when the car is switched off.

3. Low Fluid Level in the Terminals

The battery terminals need to be maintained and free from corrosion. When the concentration of water in the battery terminals reduces, the battery plates become exposed to the atmosphere.

This will make the fluid level fall below the electrodes leaving them exposed to excess oxygen which then leads to corrosion of the battery terminals.

4. Loose or Broken Battery Terminals or Cables

The terminals of a battery are those two nut-like round objects at opposite ends of the battery. A loose battery terminal will not drain the battery actually but it will prevent the battery from getting charged appropriately and that will make it look like the battery is being drained.

A loose battery terminal severely affects the electricity flow in the car. Less power will flow to the electrical systems of the car and the car will fail to start or it will start very sluggishly.

The electrical components of the car (radio, speakers, car lights, navigation lights, etc.) will begin to look weak or fail entirely.

5. Energy – Draining Computers in Cars

Modern-day cars now come with inbuilt computers such as tablets or wide screens for navigation, calls, TV, and other utilities.

These electronic gadgets are powered by the car’s battery and when they draw surplus energy from the battery continuously, the battery can get really weak and go bad.

6. Bad or Damaged Alternator and Starter

The alternator and starter of a car charge the battery. When these two get bad, there is no other part that can charge the battery. So, the battery keeps draining without being recharged. This will only lead to one thing – eventual battery failure.

Disadvantages of Having AC Problems in the Car

The use of air conditioners in cars is no more seen as a luxury but a necessity. A lot of newly- manufactured cars have air conditioners fitted in them by default.

What really is the point of air conditioning? Everyone wants to breathe in cool and pure air and not polluted air. So, when the AC in your car fails, what disadvantages do you stand to face?

Hotter, Less Comfortable Driving Experience

The AC in your car helps to reduce the temperature without you needing to slide down the windows of the car.

When you have AC problems in your car, there is no protection for you against the scorching sun and the heat in the environment.

It is so uncomfortable for children and adults. Well, the heat these days is already unbearable so you do not want to get unlucky to have your AC go bad.

Misted Windscreen

The AC assists in keeping the windscreen demisted during heavy rain. When you have AC problems and it cannot function well, the mist will gather on your windscreen and your vision might be impaired.

Driving a car in heavy rain without AC on to clear the mist is like driving a car with a cracked windshield. This is because your vision will be impaired. You may not be able to clearly see the road.

Less Safe Drive

AC in your car helps to keep you awake by freshening the air and keeping it clean. This prevents accidents on the road. With AC problems in your car, you are more likely to feel tired and stressed while driving, thereby making you a hazard to other road users.

Final Thoughts

A bad battery can cause the AC of a car not to work properly. The battery of a car is the central powerhouse of a car. Once it is dead, other mechanical, electrical, and electronic components begin to fail. When your car battery shows signs of failure, it is prudent of you to recharge it as soon as possible.