Can a Bad Thermostat Cause a Blown Head Gasket?

Can a Bad Thermostat Cause a Blown Head Gasket

A head gasket is a part of a car system that ensures a car can maintain its engine power. A head gasket functions as a seal that keeps the engine intact with its appropriate pressure.

A blown head gasket has lost its seal, and it can lose the pressure needed for the car engine to function appropriately. Therefore, can a bad thermostat cause a blown head gasket?

A bad thermostat can cause a car head gasket to blow off because of overheating from the faulty thermostat.

There are various reasons a car can break off. Being vigilant as a car owner will require monitoring the cooling and heating system of your car before it goes haywire. Keeping a track of your thermostat is important to your car engine.

What Is Considered A Thermostat?

A thermostat is any equipment that is used to monitor and manage temperature changes. In the medical line, the thermometer also is used to check the body temperature to know how heated the body is and the same applies to a car’s engine. The temperature also needs to be monitored.

What Is Considered A Bad Thermostat?

A bad thermostat is:

A Thermostat that is not Responsive

If your thermostat isn’t responding immediately, it means it is faulty and needs urgent replacement. When changing your thermostat, it is expected to respond immediately with a click sound either to cause it to cool or produce more heat.

If after checking and the thermostat doesn’t produce a clicking sound or doesn’t respond with the expected result, you will need to have the thermostat replaced as quickly as possible in other to prevent further problems to the engine.

Losses of Programmed Settings

If occasionally the thermostat loses its settings each time, it is likely giving a signal to get a new one. A thermostat comes with a programmable setting to ensure proper regulation. If this setting breaks off all the time, it will need you to get it replaced.

A car’s cooling system needs to be in a good condition for the engine to function well. You shouldn’t be so comfortable when your thermostat is bad; it sucks because you can’t get a hold of your car’s heating each time and day.

Being able to monitor your car’s temperature will require knowing what a bad thermostat is and how to detect it. Here are a few things you should know about.

Can A Bad Thermostat Cause A Blown Head Gasket?

Yes, a bad thermostat can cause a blown head gasket which is a danger to the car’s engine. A blown head gasket is a gradual deterioration of a small crack until it is so big that it requires a replacement.

Driving your car with a blown head gasket will cause the car’s engine to be damaged. The best thing to do is to have it fixed immediately to avoid stories that touch.

What Other Problem Can a Bad Thermostat Cause?

Here are a few problems a bad thermostat can cause to your gorgeous-looking vehicle. They are:

1. A Leaking Coolant

A greenish or reddish color solution leaking under your vehicle is a sign of your car leaking out coolant. A bad thermostat will block coolant from getting into the engine, which will cause the coolant to flow out of the thermostat housing.

Coolant leaking off to the floor is easy to detect, what you need to do Is to check under your car, if you find the coloring solutions on the floor, it means your coolant is leaking and needs to be adjusted before the hose breaks off and also leaks.

2. Your Engine Makes Noise

A broken thermostat can also cause you to hear sudden noises from your engine or the radiator. The noise can be heavy and subtle, depending on how severely the thermostat is damaged. If your vehicle produces a unique sound, check the car to be sure if the thermostat isn’t the problem.

3. Sudden Air Temperature Changes

When you notice the air temperature changes suddenly without proper notice, it is likely that your thermostat is damaged and needs to be replaced. A sudden temperature change can be so high and extra low at some certain time.

A sudden temperature change isn’t so good for your car’s engine. Ensure you check your thermostat to be sure it isn’t the pain in the skin.

Reasons You Should Use a Programmable Thermostat?

In case you seek a replacement for your old thermostat that has caused more harm to your vehicle, here are the reasons you should use a programmable thermostat;

  • Temperature Balance: The weather can sometimes be unpredictable. It will be wrong if you will have to each time check the thermostat to be sure the temperature is balanced and it won’t cause the engine to be unnecessarily overheated.
  • It Saves Money: Car owners are great spenders. It is easy to spend money if you own a car because day after day you are solving a car problem or solving a faulty part problem.

A digitalized thermostat ensures the vehicle can manage the weather, and it saves money to prevent you from spending excessively. Also, s programmable thermostat ensures the temperature is balanced to align with the weather condition.

What Is The Best Temperature For A Car Thermostat?

To know the best temperature for your car, you would rather check the car manuals or ask the dealer or your mechanic to have the exact degrees expected for your vehicle.

According to Ron Gordon, sticking with 180 degrees is the best for carbureted cars, while a modern injection system requires a little above 195 degrees.

Final Thought

A bad thermostat can cause a head gasket to blow off. To manage resources, ensure you have your thermostat intact to avoid causing a leak or an engine problem.

A blown head gasket is a problem for the environment and your car engine. When you notice your car engine has a blown head gasket, it will cause your coolant to escape from your engine. Because of this, your car is overheated if you drive for too long.