Can a Car With Expired Tags be Parked on the Street? (Yes or No)

Can a Car With Expired Tags be Parked on the Street

The essence of a driveway is to give you the free will to park your car anyhow and for as long as you want. Having your car parked on a private or public property where you have no right to ownership is more or less not advisable.

Aside from parking a car with expired tags; it is discomforting to have a car sitting on private or public property with no one coming to take credit for it. More emphasis has been made to situations in which a vehicle has been left alone for some time, with no one coming to check for it.

Private owners are also enriched with a right to call upon the cops whenever an unauthorized car is found lingering in their park space, on their property, or found on a public road that required government attention.

However, the question is, can a car with expired tags be parked on the street?

No, a car with expired tags cannot be parked on a public street because it is considered illegal and can have the government tow the car off the street.

What Does Expired Tags In A Car Mean?

Expired tags mean it’s time to renew your registration. Expired tags always go down the drain with your vehicle’s registration. They both get expired at the same time.

Car tags are important and crucial to maintain the ownership of a car because of the vital information it contains. A car tag in a simple term can be called a sticker found on the license plate that displays the year your vehicle’s registration is valid. It is more of a sticker pasted in a location where everyone can easily see.

Why Do Cars Need Tags?

Your ownership of a car is not truly complete if you don’t have this yearly sticker, it shows to the government that you conduct your yearly registration.

This needs to be in a safe zone and placed in a place where it can be seen. Don’t leave it at home or dumped in a place in your room.

One of your mandated rights as a car owner is to have your car tag go anywhere you go. If you are pulled over and you cannot present it, you are likely to be fined and given a few strikes for breaking the law. Just so you know, it is illegal, don’t do it.

Can A Car With Expired Tags Be Parked On The Street?

No, you shouldn’t park a car with expired tags on the street. It might cause someone to report it or the government find out about the car and tow it off the street.

Be it private or public property, as long as it isn’t your driveway, you are limited in right to have your expired tagged vehicle parked.

You could have a good friend with a driveway and have it parked there. Nobody will question you about that; it is your friend, right?

You can simply share for the time being but if you don’t have a driveway and you don’t have a friend who can spare you one, parking on a public space can get you some strikes or possibly have your car towed away by federal agencies.

Consequences of Driving a Car with an Expired Tag

A car with an expired tag is easy to detect. It is more like it is plagued and everyone can see the terror coming towards them and they can quickly sense that the car needs a new touch.

Aside from the staring eyes of the public, a few more consequences may be related to driving with an expired tag. They include:

1. You Attract Any Police Officer

You are quick to get a citation when you get pulled over by any cop. Getting pulled over by the cops is likely to attract different questions.

The same way you will be constantly pulled over when driving with a cracked windshield, the same way the police will continue to pull over for questioning.

They can be called the researchers because of their curiosity to always find out more about you. If you are discovered to have an expired tag, it will alert them to ask more questions or probably have you tender more documents. If you have something hiding under your sleeves, you sure don’t want to get pulled over by the cop.

You can be issued many citations and charged for unplanned fees. The cops are never your friends when you break a law.

They are easy to have you down to many allegations, maybe not using your seat belt or not holding necessary documents while diving or to check if you are underage or have a suspended license. To avoid this, you need to just get it right by renewing your tags when due.

2. You Become the Cash Lord of Expenses

Nobody smiles at unplanned expenses. Even if you are the latest bill gate with various assets worth millions, you want to manage and keep your funds and not spend it in court or have to pay yourself out of trouble.

Your fines always get added up the more you have yourself flocking around the police faces with no renewed tags.

You only may flaunt around when you are so sure of your documents. If you don’t want to get depressed by un-planned expenses, renew your tag before you are pulled over.\

3. You Might Serve a Jail Term

You shouldn’t be jailed for something you can avoid. It is less reasonable if it happens. You have not only your reputation stained, and you also spend money to get yourself out. Not paying your expired tag fines after being pulled over can lock you up for a little while.

If you have your vehicle parked in your park space nobody will knock on your door to check details, you are in your park space, not a public space but when you are pulled over and your license is found to be stained with unpaid expired tag fees, you can serve a term, depending on the judge. You should avoid this.

Dangers of Parking a Car on the Street

There are a few reasons that can be termed dangerous to you if you park your cars on the street. They include:

Your Car Can be Towed:

You know the street isn’t yours, right? And the same right allocated to you as a public user is the same right given to every other person.

If your car is parked for too long in a public space or a private space that isn’t yours, it will be towed away to create more moving space for the public. If you desire to park your vehicle for so long, make use of your driveway.

2. You Can be Subjected to Theft

Anyone who isn’t scared of the law can simply have their car moved. Aside from the government placing the towed car on auction and selling it out to whoever wants it, a thief can stripe you off your right.

In the first instance, you broke a law by having your car with an expired tag parked for too long. The thief if caught will be charged, but you are likely not to escape a strike too. You are not so much different from the thief, you both broke a law.

Can Your Car Get Towed For Expired Inspection?

Yes, you are likely to have your car towed and also fined for having an expired tag. Having your inspection and registrations duly intact is the best way to avoid the pressure and hooks that come with the governmental laws.


You shouldn’t park a car with an expired tag on the street. The road isn’t yours and you can’t claim it for so long without having your car towed or paying a fine. Having your documents intact and your tag pasted is the best way to enjoy a peaceful ride.