Can an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car Without Notice?

Can an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car Without Notice

Every apartment has policies to ensure orderliness. Getting on the bad side of the owner is a quicker way to get your car moved from where you left it to places you never thought of. It is annoying if this happens but you broke the law if your car is towed!

But the question is, can an apartment complex tow your car without notice?

An apartment complex can tow your car without notice if your parking violates the complex’s rule established by the complex, the city at large, or the contracted towing organization. If your car is causing problems or does not belong to the complex and is parked for so long, an apartment complex can tow it without notice.

If you want to put up a fight, ensure you are aware of the laws and be sure you are not breaking any of them.

What is an Apartment Complex?

An apartment complex is a building with over one rental space. It is more like a large building with various units than other small buildings where we have different temporary owners.

There are different apartment complexes. It can be a triple, duplex, or other structure, but it is always an extensive building with various smaller units that individuals can occupy.

Due to how complex this apartment seems to ensure orderliness, parking rules are drawn and most apartments always have contracted towing organizations to uphold these rules in case anyone breaks them.

These rules are made known to every occupant and to the various cars that will park in front of the apartment daily; the rules are visible, so anyone who breaks them doesn’t have a good fight to put up to why the car was towed.

Can An Apartment Complex Tow Your Car Without Notice?

Yes, your car can be towed from an apartment complex if it causes trouble to other innocent drivers. If your car is towed, it is that you broke the rules of orderliness or you overstayed your welcome.

A few questions to ask yourself before thinking you were swayed off your right. Did I abide by the rules that govern parking in a complex? Does your car belong there? How long have you left your car there without notice? What permissions were taken before you left your car without a proper parking initiative? Did you consider others who might be discomforted because you didn’t park appropriately?

An apartment complex is private property and some are public properties. It isn’t yours, so there is a restriction on how long you can stay.

To be on the safer side, ensure you don’t stay longer than expected and you should treat the space given to you like a public space that you can’t mess around with.

What Can Make an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car without Notice?

In case you are wondering why your golden car was moved without your notice, you are burning with rage, hoping to take down your wrath on someone; you thought boundaries were crossed, and you are pissed, ready to put up a fight on the individual who cost you your peace.

Before you proceed on your adventure to getting back at who did this to you, ensure you read these rules to be sure you are not the one breaking the rules here.

1. Unofficial Parking

Parking without giving space is offensive to the property owner and the city in question. When hoping to pick up a fight against whoever towed your vehicle, be sure your parking is official and space was allocated to you.

It is also called illegal parking; it is when your car poses a threat to those in need of the space you are occupying. Be sure if the apartment complex requires permission to park or not. If it does, ensure you get a spot for yourself.

2. Not Reading Through the Rules

Rules are very important, that is how the bad are separated from the good. Ensure before having your car parked in a complex ensure you check through for any signs showing the rules of the parking lots so you don’t trespass. Ignoring the law is accepting the consequences of breaking it. Ensure you pay close attention.

There are common signs like a fire line, tow-away, etc. all of these things can have your car towed.

3. Overstaying your Welcome

It is easy to take a car that is staying more than 48hrs on a public or private property to be abandoned. If you will rent a space for some time, ensure you state it clearly, but if you won’t, it can be shocking if you see your car in the Far East, away from where you left it.

What to Do If Apartment Complex Tow Your Car without Notice?

Illegally towed or not, you will need to get your car back. Here are a few things you should consider:

Confirming If You’ve Violated a Parking Rule

To be sure of these, ensure you read the leasing agreement or check for any potential signs stating that you keep off. Maybe you might have missed it in haste.

If you broke a law, you will need to seek for your car without having to pull other strings of justice but if it was an illegal move on you, being a tenant in such a complex can give you faster access to have the agency or the complex owner in your good book and you can both fight a good fight.

But if you are not a tenant and your parking is official, your car is in a good condition and doesn’t pose a threat to others, you can as well see the cops have it settled for you.

Reach Out to the Police

If you know little about the law, the towing companies might play a smart one for you. Having the police informed of your current situation is the fastest and most certain way to get your vehicle back.

If the towing was legal or they towed the car without your permission, you might have to pay towing fees, but if it is illegal, the company might bear the loss.

You have the police there to ensure you get a better negotiation and to prevent you from being caught in the middle because of your ignorance about simple law basics.

In case the towing is predatory, go all out with the police and legal advisers to bring down those scammers. You deserve better than some bunch of funny dudes who want to rip you off your hard-earned money.

Can You Sue an Apartment Complex for Towing Your Car?

Depending on your agreement or what rules of yours are being violated, you can sue an apartment complex for towing your car if you are clean from any allegations. Ensure before you make a move, you are crystal clear to avoid spending excessive money fighting a lost battle.


Your car can be towed from an apartment complex if it is illegally parked or their presences possess a threat to other users. Ensure you are aware of your lease agreement or be more conversant with the parking instructions to avoid getting into what you can’t so much control. Don’t just park anyhow without getting a permit to park.