Can I Cut Out Deployed Airbags? (Yes or No)

Can I Cut Out Deployed Airbags

Airbags were designed to reduce the collision between the vehicle’s occupants and the interior of the vehicle. During a crash, the occupant’s head can hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield which will cause fatal injuries or death. Airbags were created to prevent injuries during a crash.

If your car has airbags and you are involved in a car crash, the airbags will inflate. This inflation also means the airbag is deployed.

Airbags are designed to be deployed once. Once the airbags deploy, they can’t be usable again. You can not even try to repair it because the mechanism doesn’t allow that. So, since a deployed airbags cannot be used again, can I cut out deployed airbags?

You can cut out deployed airbags since they can’t function again but you should not cut deployed airbags yourself to avoid tampering with your car system except you know how to cut the airbags. It is better to take it to a mechanic who can remove the airbags and replace them without another one. 

When Do Airbags Deploy?

Airbags deploy when the sensor senses a collision except your car has fake airbags. Depending on the kinds of airbags your car has, they all deploy when involved in a crash (fatal or non-fatal). ]

Vehicles that were produced in the past had their frontal airbags deployed when a baby is placed on the steering wheel. Many vehicle manufacturers now install weight sensors in the airbags so they can detect when to deploy exactly.

Can I Cut Out Deployed Airbags?

For safety reasons, you shouldn’t have deployed airbags in your vehicle and nothing is done about it. It is very dangerous because any crash in the future can be tragic.

You should cut out deployed airbags. You can cut out the airbags yourself if you know the steps to take. You would want to cut out the deployed airbags because you won’t be able to install them immediately.

But it is advisable to leave it for mechanics to remove and replace. If you try to cut out the airbags yourself, you might tamper with your car’s system.

Who can Cut Out Deployed Airbags?

You can cut out deployed airbags if you know the way to do it. But you should rely on a professional and trustworthy mechanic to do the removal and the replacement together.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), only repair centers that are authorized are allowed to remove and replace airbags. This is due to the fact that removal of the airbags has to do with working on the electrical system of the car.

Pros of Cutting Out Deployed Airbags

Here are the advantages of cutting out deployed airbags:


When you are involved in a crash, your airbags provide a form of protection for you. There won’t be many injuries because you didn’t hit any part of your body on the interior of the vehicle.

Airbags are needed in vehicles for safety reasons. If your airbags are deployed and you don’t cut them out, you are endangering your life. You will be at risk if you are involved in another crash. By cutting it out, you will be replacing it.

Replacement of Airbags

If your airbags deploy and you just squeeze them back into their position, you won’t be motivated to remove the airbags. But when you cut out the deployed airbags, whenever you drive your car, you would be conscious that it needs replacement.

Cons of Not Removing Deployed Airbags

If you don’t remove your deployed airbags, you are risking your life.

  • Lives in danger: If you don’t remove your deployed airbags, you are positioning yourself for injuries if involved in a car crash. Airbags are needed for any form of crash. If you don’t remove the deployed airbags, you won’t replace them. If you don’t replace it, it means you don’t care about your life and the lives of your loved ones
  • Reduced sale value: While this is not common in every place, it happens in some areas. Sometimes, selling a vehicle with deployed airbags that are not removed will reduce the sale value. The buyer would calculate the cost of replacing the airbags and deduct it from the selling price. Replacing airbags are not cheap at all.

You can still drive some older vehicles even after the airbags deploy. But in modern cars, the engine stops once the airbags deploy, so it is not possible to drive after.

When you are involved in a crash, after coming out of the car, you are to check your body for injuries. You are also to call 9-1-1. If it’s not a severe crash, you can drive off if your vehicle is still working.

It is legal to drive your vehicle after deployed airbags. It is only not advisable due to the electrical system of the vehicle being affected.

Can You Register a Car with Deployed Airbags?

You have to check with your state’s DMV. You will mostly do an auto inspection if you want to register your car. If you will register your car with deployed airbags, you will be putting yourself and your loved ones in danger.

In some states, you have to replace the airbags before it is registered. Be familiar with what is done in your state before you try to register your car with deployed airbags.

Even if you’ve not replaced the airbags, you need to cut them out. Driving a car with deployed airbags to register is sending a wrong signal. It’s more like you stole a vehicle from the accident scene.

Can You Sell a Car with Deployed Airbags?

In the majority of the states in the US, you won’t be allowed to sell a car with deployed airbags. You have to cut the airbags out first and replace them or you cut the airbags out and reduce the cost of selling the vehicle.

You have to just reduce the cost of selling your car because the cost of replacing the airbags would be calculated and deducted from the sale price.

If you sell the vehicle illegally and over time the passengers in the vehicle had a crash and were injured, you would be arrested.

Be familiar with the rules in your area. It might not be an issue to sell a car with deployed airbags there.

Final Thoughts

Airbags have saved millions of people from dying in accidents. Although airbags are meant for protection during a crash, they can also be dangerous to passengers. This is why airbags are fully effective when used with seat belts.

The seat belts help you to be positioned well while driving so that during a crash, you won’t be directly in front of the airbags when it deploys.

There are severe injuries that are related to airbags so you have to still learn what to do during a crash and when airbags are deployed.

Children that are 13 years and below are not even allowed to sit in the front seat because of airbags. There are different kinds of airbags.

You can pick the ones you want and have a professional mechanic install them (if they don’t come with the car) or replace them ( when it has deployed)