Can I Get a Car Towed for Blocking my Driveway?

Can I Get a Car Towed for Blocking my Driveway

Can I get a car towed for blocking my driveway? Yes, you can get a car towed for blocking your driveway provided you go through the right channels to avoid the law pulling you for trying to exercise your right.

There is no better reason a driveway is created than for the peace of being able to drive in and out of your home without a delay or anyone blocking your movement.

If someone then blocks your driveway when you need to be at an urgent meeting, it feels frustrating and breathes seizing.

It is worse when the person isn’t your neighbor and you can’t reach them faster. It will require you to call the attention of a towing company or take a car to your meeting.

Your neighbor can take the nail or any individual who finds your driveway useful without taking permission. If you are impatient and want to see the car moved instantly, they will take the nail by paying the towing company that moves their car from your driveway.

What Does It Mean For A Car To Block My Driveway?

There is no special way to describe a blockage in your driveway than having an unauthorized car restricting you from your usual driving in and out of your apartment.

Nobody created a driveway to find out someone from another space and time has occupied your driveway without informing you.

There are a lot of ways to treat this issue as a house owner, but regardless of the rights you own, it is important you go through the required processes and contact the right channels so you don’t get penalized for trying to redeem yourself.

Can I Get a Car Towed For Blocking My Driveway?

Yes, you can have the car towed away if you are not comfortable seeing it in your driveway.

People are cautioned not to break the law by parking in places that aren’t good enough but in cases whereby you have a car sitting in your driveway that is likely to block your movement anytime you intend to move, with the backing of the law, you may call out to a towing company to have it moved but if you are patient enough, you can reach out to the owner through any means possible.

What Can You Do If Someone Is Blocking Your Driveway

There are many things you can do to someone who blocks your driveway, but when you try to satisfy that burning anger in you, ensure you are careful so you don’t get yourself a case with the judge.

For someone parking on your driveway, it can be discomforting and annoying most especially when we have important places to be but when you find yourself in such a situation, it is important you are aware of your community rules to your limits for dealing with unauthorized parking in your driveway.

In case you need help, the few points listed below can help you make a wise decision:

You can Choose to be Spicy

When dealing with a civilian in your parking space, there’s little to what a police officer can do since they are not blocking the highway, the only help they can render is to ensure you don’t get yourself trapped with the law but aside from that, there is little to what they can do but that shouldn’t leave you blank, you can choose to retaliate.

Blocking the car that blocked you isn’t a bad idea. It is your little way of letting the person know how annoying it is to be blocked, but if you are the patient being, wait patiently to have the owner move his car.

Call a Towing Company

A towing company needs money; this is your best chance to help them make some money. While trying to have the car towed, be sure you are not entrapping yourself.

Normally, you can’t tow a car without the owner’s consent except for special cases. Even with a towing organization, a police officer is needed.

If steps have been taken to reach out to the car owner and they could not, the car might be moved away, but you alone can’t have the car towed.

While you wallow in anger, ensure you don’t get the car damaged, even if it is a tiny scratch on the side of the car, you might get fined for it. You don’t want to be on the paying side, right? If you don’t, ensure you don’t tamper with the car.

Have the Police Reach Out

You should call the attention of the police department if the car seemed abandoned, and it is taking longer than expected.

The police officers are in the best position to reach out to the car owner and get enough details as to why the car is left alone. With this, you are safe and the car will be moved away when due.

How to Get a Car Towed from Your Driveway Legally

Towing a car requires more attention than ever to the rules and regulations binding driveways in your locality.

It isn’t news anymore on how frustrated you are right now and you are on the look to getting the annoying looking vehicle out of your sight, but you remembered you can get yourself hooked with the law if you take any rash step.

The feeling is mutual. We all feel the same way, and it is more like we are being cheated, but feel less worried because you can have that frustrating vehicle out of your sight.

The most important factor is to know the rules and follow them diligently. The rule is to involve the police officer. I know you want to get things done as quickly as you can, but your best shot is to have a police officer involved. That way they can reach out and if it requires towing away, they will be the ones in charge of it.

Final Thought

Whether in your driveway or in front of your house, you can have a car towed legally for blocking you. It feels awkward to watch your driveway violated without being duly informed, but it feels much more frustrating if there is only little you can do. Having to call a police officer may likely not be your desire, but that is the best you have got to avoid further troubles.