Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission?

Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission

Cars are jewels, our tiny looking precious asset that we so adore with everything we own. Do you feel this way about your car?

Practically, it feels really wrong to have our car parked in places that are against the law of “Reasoning” or against the governmental policy of our community, but even with that, can we truly have our car towed without our permission?

Yes, someone can tow your car from his/her private property without permission if the person has signed the “General Authorization” with the towing company. Also, your car can be towed without your permission if it breaks the law of the highway and causes other drivers’ limitations.

A car can’t just be towed by a towing company or a police officer. There are factors that determine if it is the best decision at that moment, and those decisions are only legit when there is no other choice than to have it towed. Before thinking about towing, remember there are rules and protocols to be followed before a towing can occur.

Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission?

There are possibilities when vehicles can be towed without concrete permission and these reasons are legit and needed at that moment to ensure orderliness.

It is frustrating and back itching if this happens to you. This can’t happen all the time, but there are special cases when it is legally right to tow your car without permission.

These special cases are decisions that are expected to eradicate “Discomfort” or sometimes to prevent danger.

Can Someone Randomly Tow Your Car?

Someone cannot randomly tow away your car without a permit. This can’t happen provided your vehicle isn’t breaking a few laws one of which is having an Expired Registration or parking on someone else’s driveway without permission.

However, with none of these things or a few more we will mention later on, it is impossible to tow a car without permission. Even with that, a call to the nearest police office is a step that cannot be ignored.

Is It Illegal to Tow Someone’s Car without Permission?

Before we call it illegal, it is advisable we learn well about what it means to be “Illegal”. Having your car towed without permission doesn’t sound illegal, provided some instances are fulfilled.

There are few instances that make it legal to tow your car without your permission. If any of these is a reason your car is towed, then never see it as illegal. It is merely a protocol that needs to be followed:

1. Parking Illegally

In cities with laws and orders, it is important that you are so sure of the places you park your cars. Not all spots are available for parking, some are spaces kept to attend to emergency issues, having your car parked there is more or less endangering any possibilities that are likely to come.

Parking on a tow-way zone or places where emergencies are to take place is a way to get your car towed without your permission. This cannot be illegal; neither can you sue anyone for it. You simply broke a law, and you got the expected result.

2. Unsafe Situation

Probably you had a few breakdowns on your car and you left it in a public space, officers can have it towed. The duty of road officers is to maintain orderliness and ensure every vehicle isn’t a threat to the driver or other drivers on the highway.

It is possible you have your hands full, and you forgot to check in on your car that broke down. The officers are allowed legally to serve justice to other drivers on the highway by towing away your car even without your permission.

Practically, no officer is concerned if you forgot to do the right thing or not. Once you are breaking the law, you get a strike for it.

3. Driving Without a License

This on its own can be called “Sinful” if we are to use religious terms to explain how magnified it is to have this problem lingering around you.

Road officers pull people over when they find reasons to do so. If you are pulled over for whatever reasons best known to the officer and it was discovered that you are driving without a license, your vehicle will be impounded and this will cost you a fortune to get yourself away from this hook.

Not having a license can bring you before a judge. You are a sinful criminal to the judge if he finds out you drive comfortably without a license. If your car is impounded and towed away because of this, it is justified.

4. Blocking Driveway

Another way of tampering with inpatient homeowners is when you block their driveway. Blocking someone’s driveway is a faster way to get your car towed; it is faster if the owner isn’t a patient person.

It isn’t your driveway; if it is towed away; don’t see it to be illegal. If any of these factors made your car towed, it isn’t illegal; it is just a protocol that was obeyed.

What to Do If Your Car Is Towed Without Your Permission

There are a few things you can do when your car is towed without your permission. Legal or not, you need to get your vehicle back.

The following processes are things you can do:

Ask for a Release

Even if it was the best move to have your car towed and it is sure the fault is from you, it is your right to ask for a release.

Not asking for a release will keep your car in storage and you will probably be charged for not asking for a release. It will be termed as a decision you made to leave the car with them knowing full well it was towed.

To request a release, you must be the legal owner of the car, with a license or probably you are accompanied by the owner.

Involve the Court

There are frustrating times when you ask for a release and you don’t seem to get any response. Seeking a court order is the best way to handle this situation.

Remember, you will be charged for storage fees if your vehicle is left for long, when it involves a court order, the officer in charge who had refused to return to you your vehicle is likely to take the nail for you, he gets to pay the bills.

This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t spend a penny; this is just proof that you wouldn’t spend anything outrageous after securing a court order. Filling out a motion to have your car released is the easiest way to get it back.

Final Thoughts

You own your car but decisions of towing can be made without your permission if your car poses a threat to the highway or a sort of discomfort to the swiftness of other drivers. You can always get your vehicle back by seeking a release.