Can You Drink Heineken 0.0 While Driving?

Can You Drink Heineken 0.0 While Driving?

With driving, you need complete and utter attention, as any slight mistake can lead to a fatal disaster. This is why the law states that you must not drive under the influence of anything; drugs, alcohol, or any other substance.

Heineken 0.0 is just as good as beer-flavored water, as it does not contain any alcoholic content at all, but does that mean it is safe to drink it while driving? Can you drink Heineken 0.0 while driving?

Since Heineken 0.0 contains 0.03% alcohol, you can drink it before driving. Also, it is not illegal to drink Heineken 0.0 while driving but that doesn’t make it right. You should not drink while driving because it is generally not safe to be eating and driving at the same time.

Heineken: An Overview

Heineken Lager Beer, as it is called is an alcoholic beer with 5% alcohol, and they just recently started producing their non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0 which contains zero alcoholic content.

The brand is owned by a Dutch brewing company from the Netherlands called Heineken N.V. and is produced in very large quantities, and distributed all over the world.

The first Heineken beer was produced and introduced in the year 1873, almost ten years after the founder, Gerard Adriaan Heineken purchased a working brewery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands called De Hooniberg (The Haystack).

Immediately after its introduction, it quickly gained prominence, and a short two years later, in 1875, it won the Medaille D’Or award at the International Exposition in Paris, after which it started shipping across the United States.

Still, in its early years, the Heineken brand went on to win three more prominent awards, such as the Honorary Diploma award at the International Colonial and Export Exhibition award in Amsterdam, the Grand Price award at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, and the Hors Concours Membre du Jury in Paris, all within seven years.

To promote a campaign to reduce intoxication and injurious drinking, the Heineken brand introduced Heineken 0.0, the non-alcoholic beer for its brand in the year 2007.

Heineken 0.0 was rated highly in the market due to the fact that, although it was non-alcoholic, it still retained the original beer taste of the Heineken brand, and this non-alcoholic beer took off.

Although, according to the market, the Heineken 0.0 has the same taste as the regular Heineken beer, what is well known is that the non-alcoholic Heineken version has lower calories and sugar than the regular beer, and also more than the regular soda.

Can You Drink Heineken 0.0 While Driving?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Although the Heineken 0.0 doesn’t have alcohol, or at least the alcohol content is lower than the legal cap, it is still not okay to drink while driving.

You might not be charged to court or fined for drinking under the influence, as Heineken 0.0 can’t get you drunk, no matter the amount you take.

However, even at that, you can be pulled over and warned not to drink and drive. If you encounter a peevish police officer, you might be fined with the excuse that the Heineken 0.0 can looks almost the same as the regular beer.

Also, the officer reserves the right to also find you, or even arrest you, if he believes beyond all reasonable doubt that drinking the Heineken 0.0 has impeded your focus on driving and has in some way, put people’s lives in danger.

Largely, you can get away with drinking Heineken 0.0 while driving, but you should not drink non-alcoholic beer while driving. It is not the right thing to do, and it can put you and other road users in harm’s way, making you lose focus.

Asking if you should drink Heineken 0.0 while driving is like asking if you should take tramadol while driving. Who does that? Please, let’s do the right thing at the right time.

Can You Drink Heineken 0.0 and Drive?

Yes, absolutely. You can drive after drinking Heineken 0.0. This is because Heineken 0.0 doesn’t have any intoxicating effect, and will not in any way influence your decision-making while driving, or your alertness.

The Heineken 0.0, except for the less than 0.03% alcohol that it has, even less than that of an orange juice, or a grape juice, doesn’t have any more alcoholic content, so it cannot have any influence on driving.

This means you can drink as many Heineken 0.0 as you want and still get on the road and drive safely and sound.

Best Time to Drink Heineken 0.0

There are several best times to drink Heineken 0.0 or any non-alcoholic beer, and guess what? While driving is not one of them.

You should not drink Heineken 0.0 while driving. In fact, you should not do any drinking while driving. It isn’t the best time to drink.

Here are some of the best times to drink Heineken 0.0:

  • After Rigorous Exercise: Drinking Heineken 0.0 after exercising, working out, or hitting the gym is highly recommended, this is because it promotes quick recovery, especially when it is very cold.
  • When You Feel Dehydrated: You can drink Heineken 0.0 in place of water, when you are thirsty and are feeling dehydrated.
  • To Boost Metabolism: It can help curb the pains around your joints, and also strengthen weak bones. Drinking Heineken 0.0 can lessen copper deficiency.
  • When You’re About to Sleep: This is because Heineken 0.0 improves the quality of your sleep and helps you sleep longer, better, and a lot healthier.
  • When You are Feeling Anxiety: Heineken 0.0 reduces stress and angst from your body. It cools down the body and brings you to a state of focus and rest.

Final Thoughts

You can drink Heineken 0.0 anytime, but you should not drink it while driving. Even though it cannot intoxicate you, or you cannot be charged for driving under the influence of alcohol if you’re caught, it can impair your focus on the road.

A police officer can pull you over, warn you or even charge you just for drinking Heineken 0.0 while driving. The best time to drink Heineken 0.0 is before driving, or when you are no longer driving. It puts you and everyone else in a safer condition.