Can You Drive a Golf Cart On the Sidewalk? (Explained)

Can You Drive a Golf Cart On the Sidewalk

Motorized roads are very dangerous for pedestrians to walk on, and this is why the sidewalk was created, as a safe part of the road for pedestrians to walk on and go about their business.

A golf cart on the other hand is a very small motor vehicle that is not considered as dangerous as a normal motor car.

Its weight is deemed not heavy enough to cause a fatal accident, which is why people consider driving it on a sidewalk. However, can you do that? Can you drive a golf cart on the sidewalk?

You cannot drive a golf cart on the sidewalk. This is because even though they are small, they are considered motor vehicles, and motor vehicles should be used on the road, not on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is exclusively for walking, not driving anything.

What is a Sidewalk?

That small part of the road that follows every road to its end, where cars and other motorized vehicles don’t drive on, but is just small enough to let at most two or three people walk on is a sidewalk.

The sidewalk was designed to ensure that pedestrians have a safe part of the road to walk on, and it is illegal to drive a car, or any motorized vehicle on the sidewalk, no matter how large the sidewalk is, or no matter how small the vehicle is.

Although the sidewalk is considered a safe part of the road for pedestrians, it is still a part of the road, and it is always advisable for pedestrians to be careful and alert when they are walking on this part of the road.

They are not to assume that every driver is lawful and will stay away from the sidewalk, as many drivers, especially motorcycle riders, motorbike riders, and drivers of vehicles that are considered very small, from time to time, have been seen trying to use the sidewalk to escape the traffic.

Can You Drive a Golf Cart on a Sidewalk?

No, you cannot drive a golf cart on a sidewalk, as golf carts are motorized vehicles that can hit the actual owners of that part of the road; the pedestrians.

Golf carts are small motorized vehicles naturally used to drive around a golf course, which is always a very large expanse of land used to play golf.

A lot of people don’t see the harm in driving a golf cart on the sidewalk on their way to or from a golf course.

They argue that the golf cart is too slow and small to cause any real damage, but that’s the thing, isn’t it? It might not cause ‘any real damage,’ but it can cause an injury to a pedestrian using the sidewalk if he isn’t watching.

In many states, it is illegal to drive a golf cart on a public sidewalk, but you can drive it on the sidewalks of designated municipal roads, county roads, avenues, and other roads that are not known as public roads.

It is very tempting to bring your golf cart out and drive it on the sidewalk, especially if you are a new golf cart owner, but it is not allowed in many states, to drive a golf cart on the side of the road specially designed for pedestrians.

Although in the real sense, a golf cart is not seen as an actual motor vehicle by the federal government, because of its low speed and also for its lack of safety gear, it is still considered a minor offense to drive it on public sidewalks.

Can You Drive a Golf Cart on the Sidewalk in Florida?

No, you cannot drive a golf cart on the sidewalk in Florida. Golf carts are strictly prohibited on major public roads in Florida, talk less of a sidewalk.

The only way for a golf cart to be driven on the sidewalk in Florida is if the local government, or authority in charge makes provision for it, makes a law around it and permits the conditions surrounding how it can be used and when it can be used.

The local government needs to determine if the sidewalk is wide enough to be used by both pedestrians and golf cart drivers.

Also, they have to make provisions for road signs and posters to be erected as information stating that golf carts or bicycles can use the sidewalk with the pedestrians on the said road.

If these provisions are not made for it, then you cannot drive a golf cart on the sidewalk in Florida.

Where Can You Legally Drive a Golf Cart?

Since golf carts are not considered legal to be driven on the street, or sidewalks, the only places that you can legally drive a golf cart are on a public golf course or a private property.

You can only drive a golf cart on a public road in some states if you can maintain a speed of at least 20 miles per hour, and the driver of the golf cart must not be lesser than 15 years old, or 14 years old in some states.

In New York, if you drive a golf cart on a public road or a public sidewalk, you can be arrested and charged with the offense.

No, it is not legal to drive a golf cart on the sidewalk. According to the Department of Motor Vehicle Code, section 21663, you cannot operate a motor vehicle on the sidewalk.

The only time your vehicle should be seen on the sidewalk is when you want to enter or exit a property that links adjacent to the road.

The Department of Motor Vehicle considers a golf cart as a motor vehicle, and hence, this code section applies to it.

If you are caught driving a golf cart on a public sidewalk, you can be arrested for the crime, as it is illegal.

Penalty for Driving a Golf Cart on the Sidewalk

In case you are scared that you might have just earned jail time, relax. You cannot go to jail for driving a golf cart on the sidewalk, except, of course, by some strange hand, you cause harm to a pedestrian while driving.

If that is not the case, the penalty is usually fine, and the magnitude of this fine usually depends on the city, and the sidewalk you were using.

Your fine can increase if the arresting officer deems it very possible to have caused harm to a lot of pedestrians.


Driving a golf cart, or driving anything at all on a sidewalk meant for walking, as the name implies, is completely wrong, and it is not allowed in most states.

When you are using a sidewalk, you should be walking, like the other pedestrians, and when you are using a golf cart, it should be on your private property or a golf course