Can You Drive to Catalina Island? (Yes or No)

Can You Drive to Catalina Island

White sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a good view and a perfect place to relax. Catalina Island is a small hometown in California where visitors are always trooping in to enjoy all that this place offers.

Initially, it wasn’t so much hype to Californians until the 21st century when its reputation and identity is certified as a perfect place for vacation.

Vacation has proven to strengthen the human mental system due to how peaceful the body feels because of the experiences. A month, a week or a few days on Catalina Island is enough fun to strengthen your mental health. Therefore, can you drive to Catalina Island?

No, you cannot drive to Catalina Island because a ferry is the only possible way to get to Catalina Island in an hour’s journey. Therefore, have your car parked somewhere safe, aboard the passenger only ferry, and have yourself enjoy a wonderful vacation in Catalina Island.

Where Is Catalina Island Located?

Catalina Island has Avalon city on the east end with two harbors on the west end. Catalina Island is found on the southern island of California’s channel island. It is about 22miles (35km) in length and 8 miles across, with about 47,884 acres or 76squaremiles.

Can You Drive To Catalina Island?

You cannot drive to Catalina Island; you can either take a private plane or go through a ferry. The island has no bridge; neither does it have dry land, causeways, or tunnels. There is no way a car can drive there. You either use a ferry or take a flight.

Are Cars Allowed On Catalina Island?

Since you can’t drive to Catalina Island, your personal car can’t be used since it can’t reach the Island.

Avalon city is the only city on Catalina Island; the city is pleasantly popular because of the type of cars that move around there. The city is known for its many golf cars with different shining colors and styles.

As a visitor or a tourist, your personal car isn’t allowed, tour the city walking or using the golf vehicles, but you can’t find an Uber or Lyft service.

How Do I Get To Catalina Island?

Traveling to Catalina Island is fast; you can’t miss the road because there are not so many options to get to the island.

Since you can’t go by car, you either take a plane or take a ferry. To go by sea, you can only access Catalina Island through 4 routes, which are San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach, and Dana Point.

The journey isn’t eternity; you will have a 1-hour view of the sea before getting to Catalina Island.

Do I Need A Car On Catalina Island?

The vacation is a time for fun, to see things, to explore, and create memories. A car isn’t so much needed because it is a small place and can be navigated on foot. You can get around in a golf cart, but enjoying the view on foot is the normal trend.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get to Catalina Island?

The cheapest way to Catalina Island is by ferry which is approximately $70 for a round trip.

A trip to the island by sea is done through the Catalina express. You can get this ferry from different routes, be it Long Beach, Dana Point, or San Pedro. You can get a ferry discount; it takes about $70 to take a round-trip.

How Much Does it Cost to Get to Catalina Island?

There are varieties of the price which depend on the ticket type if you will take a ferry. The prices vary between $76, $69, $60.50, and $6 for adults, seniors, children, and infants respectively.

To travel by air, a helicopter service is made available to take you directly to the island. There are two ways to go by air, either through the Catalina flyer, which offers a single trip for $70.

Another option is to use the Island Express Helicopter, which is possible to cost you about $160-230. If you want a charter service to pick you up from your preferred location, it means you spend more, which is quite expensive compared to the other means.

To use a charter, an approximation of about 1,995$ will be required. You wouldn’t need to spend an hour on a ferry because taking the air will only take 15 minutes.

What Can You Do For Free On Catalina Island?

There are a lot of exciting things you can engage yourself on the Island, ranging from hiking to skating over the sea which may likely cost you a few dollars but if you have nothing to spare, there are loads of exciting packages for free, they include:

1. Use the Beach to your Satisfaction

Just like Staten Island, the beaches on the Island are free for everyone. You can spend the day sitting and watching the water waves. You shouldn’t be less creative with the sharp-looking sand. Make memories with your spouse if you have one close to you.

2. Join the Soccer Team

A moment on the sharp sand, jumping as you hit the ball to the other side of the net is another experience. Volleyball or any sport involving a ball is a good fit for the beachside.

Aside from the beautiful smiles on each opponent’s, you enjoy the breeze and your leg is excited with the sand likewise.

3. Take a Bike Ride

A bike ride isn’t a bad idea. You don’t get to pay, several hotels provide free bike rides for their guests and sometimes it comes with a price, but it is always extremely cheap.

4. Don’t Lose Sight of the Art

Art speaks; a clearer view of the patterns can leave a memory in your heart. A take in the free art gallery will blow your mind at the many images engraved in art. Explore them, take pictures if possible and observe as many paintings as you would like.

5. You Can Fish if you Like the Sea

You don’t need a license to fish in the Avalon’s green pleasure pier. If you don’t have a pole, you can always get an inexpensive pole and dig it into the sea to hunt for fish.

6. Do a Series of Exercise

You can’t find a gym on Catalina Island, but there are outdoor activities that can stretch your body. A visit to the Kids part at Avalon canyon road across the street from city hall will help you experience quality time.

Frequently Question Asked About Catalina Island

There are a few questions that are likely burning your mind and you don’t know who to ask. Here are a few questions to satisfy your curiosity:

Can we Find a Police Department on Catalina Island?

Yes, there are police officers who roam around and ensure things stay safe and coordinated. They are officers provided by the Avalon Sherriff’s Station. They provided the needed enforcement of the law to ensure balance.

Can I find Movie Stars on Catalina Island?

Maybe, but there are movie stars who have lived on the Island. John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Taylor swift have all stayed on the Island. You can get lucky to come across a star while you parade around the Island.


Catalina Island is a small area with about 4,000 populations. It is safe and easy to navigate on foot. Everyone can literarily walk everywhere. It is a place for fun, ensure you have fun.