Can You Drive to Martha’s Vineyard?

Can You Drive to Martha's Vineyard

If you and your family are looking to go on a vacation sometime in the United States, one of the valid options would be Martha’s Vineyard.

It is one of the most serene, well-vacationed islands in the United States with great reviews, and you might want to go there to spend amazing, quality time with your family.

Like a lot of pristine islands in the world, Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t have any connecting roads or bridges. So, how do you go there? Can you drive to Martha’s Vineyard?

You cannot drive to Martha’s Vineyard because there are no connecting roads and bridges to the Vineyard, therefore, there is no road to drive through the Vineyard. You can only go to Martha’s Vineyard by ferry or airplane.

Where is Martha’s Vineyard Located?

As the small, posh island Martha’s Vineyard is, it is located just outside (about 11 kilometers off) the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, North America.

One of the main things that Martha’s Vineyard is known for is the summertime colony. Once it is summer, there are colonies for vacationing families built to help the visitors of the island enjoy their time better.

According to Martha’s Vineyard’s official website, the Vineyard is the 58th largest island in the United States, however, it is the third-largest in the East parts of the country.

Are Cars Allowed in Martha’s Vineyard?

Yes. Cars are allowed in Martha’s Vineyard, there are even local Uber and Lyft services on the island, but you cannot drive there. Wouldn’t it have been nice if your car can swim to Martha’s Vineyard?

The only way for a car or any road vehicle to access Martha’s Vineyard is if it is taken over by the only authorized ferry that carries cars across the ocean, to and fro the island, the Steamship Authority ferry.

What happens if there are no roads? There can be no access, except you register with Steamship Authority ferry to help you bring your car to the island if you feel you need it. This is the option a lot of people go for. Alas, this is the only option available to get your car on the island.

Hence, are cars allowed in Martha’s Vineyard? Yes. However, this is the least important question, as only very few people eventually require their cars on the island. The right question should be, can cars get to Martha’s Vineyard?

Can You Drive to Martha’s Vineyard?

No. You cannot drive to Martha’s Vineyard. This is because there are no connecting roads or bridges to the city.

Martha’s Vineyard is an island that can only be accessed by air, or by ferry, so you cannot drive there. The best thing you can do, if you want to take your car along on your vacation with your family is to drive to the nearest Steamship Authority ferry and have them transport your vehicle to the island utilizing the ferry.

There can be several reasons why it might be necessary for you to have your car at Martha’s Vineyard. It could be a result of:

  • How long you are planning to stay
  • The kinds of activities you have planned for your stay on the island
  • The number of stuff you are bringing
  • Where you have planned to lodge
  • How far apart it is from your planned activities, and finally
  • Your budget; whether it is big enough to cover the expenses of incessant Uber rides.

Except your car can swim, or fly, or can probably drive underwater like a submarine, you cannot drive to Martha’s Vineyard.

The best transportation to and from Martha’s Vineyard is by air, or by ferry. By air, because it is very swift, very safe, luxurious and very comfortable. By ferry because it is very affordable, very social, and very popular.

How to Get to Martha’s Vineyard from Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard is located about eleven kilometers (or seven miles) from the coast of Cape Cod, and you can only get to Martha’s Vineyard from Cape Cod through the use of a ferry, or an aircraft.

Usually, people use the ferry as a more popular means of transportation from Cape Cod to the island.

If you are coming from Cape Cod, you have to get to Hyannis, then board a round trip that costs sixty-two dollars ($62) for adults, forty-one dollars ($41) for kids between the ages of five (5) and (12), and then free for kids under the age of five.

Cheapest Way to Get to Martha’s Vineyard

Since the only two options by which you can get to Martha’s Vineyard are either by ferry or by air, it is clear which of these options would be a lot more affordable for everyone.

Transportation by air has always been known to be a luxurious means of transportation, hence, traveling by ferry is the cheapest method to get to Martha’s Vineyard.

Particularly, the Steamship Authority ferry, the ferry that goes to and fro Martha’s Vineyard several times every day is the cheapest option to travel to the island.

The Steamship Authority ferry’s departure point is at Woods Hole, Falmouth, and it journeys many times daily. If you don’t meet a Steamship ferry on your arrival at the ferry station, you only need to wait a few minutes.

How to Get to Martha’s Vineyard from Rhode Island

This is the longest ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard, and it is about ninety minutes. If you want to get to Martha’s Vineyard from Rhode Island, the easiest way to do that is to go to Quonset Point and board the Rhode Island Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry.

Also, if you are not taking the ferry, if you have opted for an airplane and landed at Providence Airport in Rhode Island, you can simply take a Martha’s Vineyard Ferry shuttle bus from the airport.

Final Words

You cannot drive to Martha’s Vineyard. Getting to Martha’s Vineyard can only be done either by air or by the ocean. You either take an airplane or a ferry.

If you feel having your car on the island is necessary due to the activities you have planned, the amount of stuff you are bringing, or the number of days you would be spending there, then you can do so by having Steamship Authority ferry transport your car through the ocean, and also have them bring it back once you are done at the island.