Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign? (Yes or No)

Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign

It is no news that the Hollywood Sign is a well-visited location. From movies, you can see how iconic it looks. It is a popular spot for tourists who want to admire and take views of it.

Do you want to visit it? That’s really nice. But how do you get there? Can you drive to the Hollywood Sign? Do you have to go on foot?

No, you cannot drive to the Hollywood sign but you can drive not too close to the sign, to the parks and areas around the sign to see the beauty of the sign.

What is the Hollywood Sign?

The Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Compared to many other icons globally, the Hollywood Sign is very tall – in every sense of it. In 1923, it was erected for the sole purpose of promoting Hollywoodland – a housing development.

It serves as a towering beacon for people who have dreams of being in Hollywood movies. In 1949, the Hollywood Sign lost its last four letters and was reconstructed and installed by a team led by Hugh Hefner in 1978.

Many people love to get a view of this iconic sign. You can get a great sight of the Hollywood Sign along the Mulholland Highway. It moves through the Hollywood Hills.

Other places you can get a good view of the Hollywood Sign are from the Lake Hollywood Park and Griffith Observatory.

If you want a more innovative approach, you can go on a hike on West Trail from Griffith Park or if you want, you can join in a guided trail ride from Sunset Ranch.

Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign?

It is possible to drive to the areas and parks really close to the Hollywood Sign. If you decide to drive to the Hollywood Sign, you will come across signs at the start of many roads directing you to the Hollywood Sign.

Some signs might state that access to the Hollywood sign is not possible but that is not entirely true. The fact that you cannot be really close to the Hollywood Sign does not mean you cannot see it.

Can You Drive Close to the Hollywood Sign?

As adventurous as you may be, in your own best interest, do NOT attempt to drive close to the Hollywood Sign. It is located in areas that can hurt you if you lose balance and fall.

Even if you try, the park guides around will not let you drive close to the Hollywood Sign. This is to guarantee the safety of visitors, the safety of the plants, and the safety of animals in the parks around. It is also for the safety of the Hollywood Sign itself.

Just up and above it is enough and you can reach that location through hikes in Griffith Park. If you are wondering why you cannot get so close to the Hollywood Sign, it is purely for safety reasons. You cannot go to the side or underneath it. It is all for your protection.

Where Can You See the Hollywood Sign by Car?

If you want to see the Hollywood Sign in your car, you just need to drive to Griffith Park. You will have a really good view of the entire Sign.

How Close Can You Get to the Hollywood Sign?

If you want to go really close to the Hollywood Sign, probably to take pictures and make memories, follow these directions.

  • Move towards the trailhead
  • Then take a hike towards the Griffith Observatory, and
  • Then towards the Hollywood Sign.

It is not an easy pathway to hike though (just so you know) but it is an exciting adventure for those who love to explore. The pathway leading to the Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Observatory is known ad the Mount Hollywood Trail.

Is Going to the Hollywood Sign Illegal?

You can go to the areas and parks around the Hollywood Sign, you would still have a great view from there. But if you attempt to cross the gates barricading the Sign, an alarm will be sounded out to warn you. If you do not retreat, a police helicopter would soon be whirring its blades around you.

Important things you Need to Know About Hollywood Sign

Before setting out to visit the Hollywood Sign, there are many important things you should know about the Hollywood Sign.

Why is it called Hollywood? Just like you are probably wondering right now, I was as well. But I made some research and found out the reason. It was the idea of a very wealthy person, Harvey Henderson Wilcox. He bought a large portion of the area the Hollywood Sign is situated today. It was named “Hollywood”.

Is it possible to drive all the way to the Griffith Observatory? Yes, it is very much possible. The roads leading to the Griffith Observatory are open on weekdays from 12 noon to 10 pm and on weekends, from 10 am to 10 pm.

How long will take to walk to the Hollywood Sign? Walking to the part above the Hollywood Sign will take 2 hours. The roads measure around 3.3 miles.

Is it illegal to take pictures of the Hollywood Sign? No, it is not illegal to do that. It is a public attraction and tourists are permitted to visit and take pictures.

Can you climb the Hollywood Sign? No, you are not allowed to do that and you should not do it. You will be trespassing.

When you get close to the Hollywood Sign, you will notice signs saying “Do Not Enter”. The Sign is secured with sensors and also barricaded with a gate. If you attempt to breach this barrier, you will be arrested by the police.

A good spot for taking pictures at the Hollywood Sign? If you are in your car and you need to take fancy pictures of the Hollywood Sign, you should get to Canyon Lake Drive.

The angles there are really awesome! If you are on foot, you can get to Griffith Park, from there look for the best spot just above the Hollywood Sign. It is a great background for your pictures. You can also view the sign clearly from that angle.

Is the Hollywood Sign visible at night? No, the Hollywood Sign does not light up at night. The reason is, there is a residential neighborhood in its vicinity. The light from the Sign would obviously affect the neighborhood.

Has anyone ever died at the Hollywood Sign? Unfortunately, yes. Someone known as Peg Entwistle committed suicide at the Hollywood Sign on September 16, 1932.

She left the house of her uncle nearby, walked to the Hollywood Sign, made use of a ladder to get to the top of the letter “H” and then jumped down. It was a gory sight. History will never forget. She was 24 years old at the time of her death.


Just like driving to Fire Island, driving to the Hollywood Sign is not allowed. You can drive to the parks in close proximity to it. Also, the closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign is above it. There is no provision for you to access it from the sides or the bottom.

The Sign is surrounded by gates to prevent people from going really close to it. If you do, you would be committing a criminal offense. Stay on the right side of the law and enjoy your hike!