Can You Drive While Taking Tramadol? (Yes or No)

Can You Drive While Taking Tramadol

Tramadol shouldn’t be taken for the fun of it; the side effects are too outrageous for anyone to bear. Aside from it being wrong to take without a prescription, it is excitingly inappropriate to take while driving.

Many people take tramadol to reduce “pain”. It is regarded to be a painkiller, but in the long run, it has proven to cause more than the pain it cures.

It is indeed a narcotic type of drug, just like codeine and oxycodone with a major prescription to adults only. It isn’t prescribed all the time unless due. So, can you drive while taking tramadol?

No, You cannot drive while taking tramadol because driving while taking tramadol logically doesn’t sound like it was prescribed. It sounds more like an addiction or a self-prescription, which is not only wrong but endangers your life and that of everyone close to you.

What Is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a registered drug approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acting as a non-controlled analgesic. It deals with the central nervous system of the body, with a structure relating to codeine and morphine.

Tramadol contains two pharmacological enantiomers contributing to the analgesic activity of the body. It is available for intake in drops, capsules, and injections.

In the capsule are cellulose, sodium starch, glycolate, magnesium stearate, hydrochloride, cellulose, silica colloidal anhydrous. It is said that tramadol is 10% more potent than morphine. Tramadol is known to cure chronic pains, be it malignant or not.

What Is Tramadol For?

Basically, tramadol was created with the initiative to end the pains in less than 2 hours regardless of how much of the pain you are feeling, be it moderate or severe pain in adults excluding children.

The world after this has developed into self-medication, which is wrong and has caused many addicted folks to roam the streets with more pain and disorderliness than the former.

The generic name is Tramadol, while it is branded with the name ConZip, Ultram. It is a narcotic type of drug that comes with a lot of side effects, majorly if you have a few allergies that don’t love the content in the tramadol.

Tramadol isn’t created for basic pain. It only solves some type of pain and it must be prescribed to make it effective and less harmful to the body system.

Can You Drive While Taking Tramadol?

No! You shouldn’t drive while taking tramadol. Aside from its dangerous effect on the body, it causes immediate dosing off to a larger percentage of those who take it. There is a possibility that you dose while driving, which can cause an accident that affects you, the car, and other drivers on the highway.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Drive While Taking Tramadol

There are many reasons taking why tramadol is harmful to you, but when it involves driving, it is extremely out of point to do:

1. Tramadol Can Make You Dizzy

An intake of tramadol can keep a part of your brain dormant for a short period, leaving you to be dizzy. Imagine the effect of sleeping while driving.

Even with your two eyes widely opened, we still get into accidents compared to driving with the eyelids closing upon each other with your hands on the wheel. You can endanger your life, have your beautiful-looking car crippled at all angles because of accidents.

You can render many other drivers who are cruising their way through the beautifully tiled highway a chance of mental trauma or death because of your careless actions of taking a non-prescribed drug which left you with no other choice than to have your eyes closing while you are still behind the wheel.

Tramadol is noted to last up to 48hrs after intake before it flushes off completely through urine, which in much sense can make you less active within that time frame.

Within the set time when it is still active and functioning in our bloodstream, we are less active, and driving in such a condition isn’t a wise move.

2. Itching

This isn’t as common as dizziness. The human body systems have different things they adapt themselves to. You might not be as lucky to avoid the itching side effect of using tramadol.

Just as said earlier, tramadol is noted to cause you to be inactive for a certain period which itching can be a disadvantage too.

How can you drive perfectly when you have your body aggressively itching you? Even with a perfect body, sometimes a minor distraction can cause you to punch the acceleration too much or way too fast, or sometimes we calculate wrongly while driving compared to having the body itch from head to toe.

Nothing sounds more annoying than to be uncomfortable in your own car. This can lead to accidents and can also help leave dangerous marks on your body because of excessive itching.

3. Breath Seizing

This is the worst of all side effects. Having your breath seizing is something you possibly can’t handle all by yourself. In cases like this, help is needed to ensure you stay alive.

Driving with a sizing breath doesn’t sound safe to me. It can cause fear that throws the driver into uncontrollable pressure and anxiety, which can lead to his death and simultaneously cause accidents. You should avoid taking tramadol while driving; it is the fastest way to write to death.

Other problems can be related to the side effects of tramadol, they include drowsiness, chest pain, fast heartbeat, increase in body temperature, confusion, stiff muscles, etc. Now imagine if any of these happen while driving. It will be disastrous, right?

Imagine taking tramadol while you drive and your car starts shaking terribly when you hit 70 mph, do you think you can be able to acknowledge what is going on to know what to do.

For one to drive, that person needs to be of a sound mind. It is not even nice for someone to drive while angry talkless of driving under the influence of drugs.

Does Tramadol Make You Tired The Next Day?

Tramadol’s effect on the body is expected to last 18-72hours before you are completely free from its effect. The second day is still pungent, which means you are still under the influence of the taken dosage for a few more hours.

Practically, a good rest after taking it can speedup up your result, provided it was prescribed and used just according to prescription, but taking it without a prescription makes you vulnerable and easily weakened for a longer time.

Does Tramadol Make You Sleepy Or Awake?

The common side effect of tramadol is the closing of the eyelids. You always feel dizzy after a dosage intake of tramadol. Though the potency differs in people, however, you are likely to get dizzy with time.

You should stay conditioned to a place, maybe sleep off or watch a movie if you can, ensure you are far away from any task that requires mental abilities. I doubt your effectiveness in situations like this.

Final Thought

Nothing sounds fun, like the words of an addict to the misused drug “Tramadol”; it shows how weakened and less reasoning it can affect us. Therefore, avoid driving while taking tramadol, aside you being affected, you leave everyone around you liable to risk because of your careless act. A word they say, is enough for the wise.