Can You Drive with a Brake Fluid Leak? (Yes or No)

Can You Drive with a Brake Fluid Leak

No, you cannot drive with a Brake Fluid Leak. This is not because the vehicle will not move but the brake will lose its effectiveness with every leak and could lead to brake failure. Based on this state, driving such an automobile empty of effective brake fluid would amount to beckoning on a casualty.

The Brake -a device necessary to slow or stop a moving vehicle- is associated mainly with automobiles- automobile here meaning a four-wheeled car built for passenger transportation.

It is one of the most frequently used components of the vehicle. However, it is no lie that machines like light trucks, motorcycles, and some bicycles, have brakes too.

The brake relies on the timely yet constant application of a particular liquid substance to excel in its role, the same way the entire vehicle feeds on fuel to move.

This liquid substance that keeps the brake in shape and appreciable service is called the Brake Fluid.

Stored in a reservoir in the engine bay, the Brake Fluid is the fuel of the brake. It exists to aid both the movement and force created when the brake pedal is used.

The Brake Fluid transfers hydraulic pressure straight from the pedal to the brake pad. This transfer is done through the fluid lines.

What is a Brake Fluid Leak?

A Brake Fluid Leak is a term used to depict an escape of the fluid that should help the brake clamp down physically to provide the friction needed to stop a moving or soon-to-move car.

In other words, a Brake Fluid Leak is a defective state where, rather steadily, the fluid which is to supply the necessary lubricative energy the brake needs leaks off its space.

Dangers of a Brake Fluid Leak

While in motion, the brake is the only lifesaver of an automobile. The brake prevents the moving car from destructively bumping into other automobiles or crashing out entirely in a ditch or forest.

If the fluid is designed to lubricate the brake against sudden failure then leaks, no attempt to explain the inevitability of danger is excess.

1. Loss of Brake Pressure

This is a significant danger because the leak reduces the fluid in the brake line. Also, the air is introduced into the brake system. The escape of the brake fluid then results in a loss of brake pressure.

This, in other words, means that the brake becomes incapable of stopping the car. The pressure that ordinarily should be applied on the wheels by the brake to bring the vehicle to a stop is non-existent.

2. Inability to Stop the Vehicle

This inevitably becomes the situation, and the reason is not far-fetched. Brake Fluid Leak results in Brake Failure, which results in the inability of a moving car to stop or hit a pause.

Can You Drive With A Brake Fluid Leak?

Technically it is possible, but it is not worth the trial, nor is it worth the risk. Hence, no! You cannot drive with a Brake Fluid Leak. Why lurk around suicide?

If it is for a vehicle to move, once its tank is fueled and other components are intact, off it goes without worrying about the brake. But, regarding control, if it is not the brake at work, it is no other part of the automobile.

Many deep fears would have been alleviated if a vehicle could do without being controlled intermittently. Less worry would accompany the subject of Brake Fluid Leak.

But, generally across the history of automobiles, no user can altogether avoid brief pauses while on transit.

The passing assertion strengthens the relevance of the brake as such that it must be in good condition, not such whose fluid leaks. So that a user would not face the risk of an uncontrollable car, the answer is “No” again.

For the sake of the safety of many -the user, possible passengers that may be aboard, every potential victim in the case of a crash- you cannot drive with a Brake Fluid Leak.

How Long Can You Drive with a Brake Fluid Leak?

While still maintaining the ground against driving with a Brake Fluid Leak, you should drive for as long as you can bear the brunt of whatever crisis you encounter.

Sarcastic as this sounds, the intended effect is to dissuade users from driving with a Brake Fluid Leak.

On a less persuasive note, if it is a journey to a garage or workshop where the fault could be fixed, some fluid should be added in the hope that damage is not severe and the leak is not extreme.

Consequences of Driving With a Brake Fluid Leak:

As to every action, there must be a corresponding consequence, such that may be encountered here includes;

1. Accident

This consequence may be inevitable, particularly on busy highways. It most likely would involve other automobiles and commuters, some of whom may be innocent travelers on their way to work.

2. Injury to Others

In the case of an accident, it may likely involve passersby, roadside traders, hawkers, or apprentices.

3. Damage

The effect of a crash on an automobile, more often than not, leaves it in a dented state. While some damages can be repaired, some pass for irreparable.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Brake Fluid Leak?

How much it costs to fix a Brake Fluid Leak depends on the cost of the component from which the fluid leaks and the amount of labor it will require to replace such part.

The Brake Fluid could leak through the Brake Caliper, a faulty Brake Reservoir, the Fluid Line, Master Cylinder, or the Wheel Cylinders.

If it is the Master Cylinder, to rebuild another may cost about $40 – $60. If it is the brake line, you pay for the line length. If calipers, its price is a minimum of $35 and wheel cylinders from about $14. Labour charge for time spent on the car by the engineer may not be left out too.

However, Fixing a Brake Fluid Leak may not cost a fortune at all. The cost is not unaffordable where the challenge is attended to on time before it degenerates.

While there are different types of Brake Fluid, their prices also vary. Check out: The type of lug nuts you need for your aftermarket wheels.

Final Thoughts

The Brake Fluid is prone to leaks which may not be readily noticeable in the absence of regular inspection. Is it possible to fix it? Yes!

Discovered on time; it saves stress, resources, even lives. If negligently treated, it costs lives properties and threatens the ordinary course of life.

It is okay that attention is drawn to possible faults which may come upon an automobile from time to time. This attention can help deter potential hazards, risk of evil, and casualties, one of such faults being the Brake Fluid Leak.