Can You Get a Key Made for a Car with the VIN Number?

Can You Get a Key Made for a Car with the VIN Number

A Vehicle Identification Number is important to a car owner and the car because with it you are able to get almost all information about the vehicle’s features, specifications, etc. So, can you get a key made for a car with the VIN number?

As long as you are the owner of the car, you can get a key made for a car with the VIN number from an auto dealer or a locksmith.

However, it is always cheaper to approach a locksmith rather than an auto dealer because auto dealers may overcharge you for a replacement and may end up outsourcing the cutting of the key to a locksmith.

What is a Car VIN Number?

VIN is the abbreviation for Vehicle Identification Number, it is a number or code specific to each vehicle used as a means of identification.

The VIN is a set of numbers that includes information about the vehicle such as the name, features, the manufacturers, and specifications. This set of numbers is usually 17 in all and it is impossible for two vehicles to have the same VIN.

VIN is usually found in the car or other car documents. It is always on the dashboard of a vehicle on the driver’s side, inside a vehicle title and registration, or inside an insurance card.

All vehicles irrespective of their model and type have a VIN, it is usually a part of the car during or after production, as no car can leave the manufacturer’s warehouse without one.

Other than on the dashboard of a vehicle, VIN will be in other places in the car such as; the engine block, owner’s manual, tire, etc.

Can you Get a Key Made for a Car with the VIN Number?

It is very possible to have a key made for a car with a VIN number, however, this is possible under the condition that you have proof of ownership for the vehicle.

Throughout the lifetime of usage of a car, you may have to replace the car keys for some reasons such as;

  • Losing the original keys
  • Damaged car lock
  • Damaged key etc.

Having to replace a car key may be a source of worry for some people because they don’t understand the process of getting another one and its requirements.

An auto locksmith is in the best position to have the key replaced irrespective of the model. Before a new key can be cut or programmed to the car, you’ll have to provide proof of ownership, and vehicle identification number, and of course, you will have to be present at the scene.

Locksmiths are experts with the knowledge and required skill set for replacing auto keys, this is done by using a vehicle’s key code. The key code can be looked up with the VIN.

The locksmith is also in the best position to contact the manufacturer in the event there is a need for additional information.

How to Get a New Car Key made Without the Original

Getting a new car key without the original is as easy as a walk in the park, well this is if you know what to do.

Contact the Auto Dealership

First, you may have to contact your auto dealership, they are in the best position to tell you if you can get a replacement.

Auto dealers are likely to have a spare key for cars sold, although this may be unlikely. Getting a new car key from the auto dealer can be costly and they may eventually outsource cutting a new key to a locksmith.

Go Directly to the Locksmith

Going to the locksmith may be a more time-saving and cost-effective method than going through the auto dealers. It will be time-saving if you have the required documents available.

You will need to provide your vehicle identification number, car title, and registration for proof of ownership. With all this information, you help the locksmith identify the key that will work perfectly for the car.

The cost of getting a new car key will depend on the year it was manufactured and the kind of key it uses. For a car that uses a specialized or electronic key, you will spend more to have them replaced, the same goes for cars with chips and transponders.

Can You Get a Key Code from a VIN Number?

Yes, you can get a key code from a VIN number. A key code is a set of numbers and letters or just numbers specific to a lock. The key code means only with this set of numbers will you be able to cut a key for a car lock. The codes could be blind orbiting.

Key codes can be found and gotten through various means, one of which is through the VIN. By using the vehicle identification number, an auto dealer or locksmith will be able to retrieve a car’s key code.

Key codes are usually car specific, with each car having its own. Without it, getting a new car key may prove difficult.

Where Can I Find a Key Code for my Car?

It is important to know the places where you can find your vehicle’s key code, this is for the event where you need to have the car key replaced.

The easiest place to find a key code will be the owner’s manual, the manual contains information about your vehicle. If the car was purchased new, then you should have one.

In the event that the car was pre-owned and you couldn’t find an owner’s manual, you can go to a locksmith with proof of car ownership and the VIN. Using the VIN, the locksmith will be able to retrieve the key code.

The key code could be on a metal plate in the vehicle’s glove compartment or somewhere else in the vehicle.

It could also be on the lock’s housing, although in most cases this isn’t usually the complete code and you’d have to first remove the lock in order to access the code.


VIN always comes with a vehicle at purchase and at all costs you shouldn’t do anything to tamper with it. The loss of the VIN will require a very long process to retrieve, coupled with the fact that a lot of things can go wrong within that period such as; the need to replace a car key that’s not working. Just as VIN are specific to vehicles, the same goes for keycodes being specific to vehicles.