Can You Register a Car Online in Florida? (Yes or No)

Can You Register a Car Online in Florida

Car registration is as important as owning the car itself. You may not drive the streets of Florida with an unregistered car. If you are caught, you can be fined for it.

In case you are here with an Out- of–State car in Florida, you are required to get the registration done in less than 30 days before you may tour the streets of Florida confidently. So, can you register a car online in Florida?

You can do an initial registration without getting to visit a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office, but a renewal registration can be done online. If you are also new to the state, a stricter rule will require you have some paper works to secure your residence before the car can be up for registration.

Must Cars Be Registered In Florida?

Yes, you can’t tour the streets of Florida without your car being registered, whether you are a resident or an out-of-state; a vehicle registration is required before you may drive around in your car on the streets of Florida.

A break in this law cans results in a fine of about $500 or 60 days in jail.

There is always enough time to handle the registration process if you are out of state, a minimum of 30days countdown is enough to get a title and a license but if you are just in for a renewal of a registered car, a 10days time stretch is also enough to help you renew your registration.

Can you Register a Car Online in Florida?

Florida is a big place with big rules. You can’t have your car registered online without reaching the office, but you can renew your registration online.

If you are interested in renewing your registration online, it will require you to provide much information to identify you as the owner of the vehicle.

To get this right, every detail you will be required to submit online must be clear and true. A bridge in any details will prevent you from completing your registration.

Also speaking, a title transfer can also be done online in Florida without having to join the line. It is a straightforward process you can try if you wouldn’t want to go through the entire stress of having to see a person before your title transfer is completed.

What Are The Requirement To Register A Car Online In Florida?

Registration of a car in Florida will require you to submit quite a lot of information before you are totally free.

In Florida, you are good as a citizen if your car isn’t registered, aside from you breaking the law, if you are caught, you might be fined and required to pay a hefty sum to bail yourself out. Avoiding this is a good way to prevent unnecessary money losses.

Registrations can either be an initial one or a renewal. If you just got a car or you are new in Florida, an initial registration process is what you will do, which might be quite expensive.

A $225 initial registration payment is required to get you a license plate registered in your name.

In case you need to renew your previous registration for a year or two, you can use a Mobile Application that will require you to provide much information like your vehicle registration number (VIN), insurance documents, and a few other things.

This sometimes can fail because of many reasons, maybe incorrect data or other glitches. If you cannot do a renewal online, visit one of the offices and request a renewal.

How to Register Cars Online In Florida

Renewing your registration is simple. Maybe you woke up so early in the morning and you realize your registration is expired and needs renewal.

You don’t want to go in person; you can always have it done online if your details are up-to-date with the FLDHSMV.

If they are up to date, you can take a renewal as late as that very day and as early as 90days before your birthday (Note: Birthdays are days when your vehicle registration is expired in the state of Florida).

To register online using the eTags renewal tool, you will need to do:

  • Enter vehicle information: vehicle information is needed to prove your ownership of the car.
  • Enter a date of birth: A date your vehicle expired is also required as a part of the registration process.
  • Enter your 4 social digits security code.
  • Use your debit or credit card to pay the renewal fee and likewise the convenience fee.

Pros of Registering Your Car Online In Florida

You can be just like anyone else, trying to seek the best reason for doing a thing. Aside from visiting a local station to have your registration renewed, there are some special advantages to getting it done online:

1. It is Easy

See it as picking or buying shopping items using a grocery list. You wouldn’t have to rack your head to know what to buy; you already have the list with you.

The same applies to doing your registrations online, you know which documents are needed and which aren’t needed.

As for a physical meeting, you might forget a few documents which will probably shift your schedule ahead. Online saves you time.

2. It is Fast

How fast can things get? In minutes, everything can be settled provided you have your documents intact. A physical registration will require you to take turns after others and that is quite time-consuming.

3. It can Drain

You might not be as patient as anyone else; you can lose your cool trying to pile up the required documents needed to ensure you have your registrations done. Soughing out these registrations can be frustrating.

Cons of Registering Your Car Online In Florida

It can’t be that good if some still feel getting it done in person is the best move to make. Here are a few reasons doing your registrations online can be a little unbearable:

1. It is More Expensive

Registering a car online requires extra charges to be paid if you want to get it done online. Even if peace has a price, there are extra charges you will be needed to pay which aren’t included if you choose to do it in person.

2. You Need a Complete Document

Just as you can’t do a new registration online, to do a renewal, you will need to have up-to-date data with the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (FLDHSMV).

Without up-to-date data, you will probably have to get there in person to get things settled out.

What Other Ways Can I Register My Car In Florida?

There are other ways registrations can be done aside from going in person and using the mobile app.

Florida registration by mail: This is also another way to get your renewal fixed without having to visit the office or go through the rigorous process of getting your documents submitted online.

In Florida, you are only permitted to have a renewal using your mail when your registration reminder shows so. This offer is only as limited as its chances. It isn’t available to all Florida drivers, and nor is it available in all Florida states.

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Car in Florida?

If you are doing an initial registration, a fee of about $225 will be paid to get a license plate registered in your name.

There are various reasons why the registration fee of a car in Florida might vary and one of them is the weight of the car.

It doesn’t matter much if the car is out-of-state or not, a weight factor is always considered without forgetting your initial fee to not be less than $225.

After registrations, annual fees which are always yearly or every two years come with a much lower price.

Final Thoughts

You practically just need time and a few documents containing your vehicle registration, which should contain your license place document, are needed to get your car registered in Florida. Getting a renew registration done online isn’t a dangerous move, but be sure all data are intact with highway safety motor vehicles (FLDHSMV).