Can You Register a Car Online in NJ? (New Jersey)

Can You Register a Car Online in NJ

New Jersey is one out of the 50 states in the United States and also one of the most populated. It is also referred to as the dinner capital of the world and in the city of Newark in New Jersey it’s reported that more cars are stolen in Newark than in any other city in New Jersey.

New Jersey has a policy for car owners stating that to register their vehicles either new or old, the vehicle owners must do so in person. Hence the question, can you register a car online in NJ?

New Jersey does not accept the registration of vehicles online or via mail. Hence, it is impossible to register any car either new or old online in New Jersey for accountability and for proof of ownership that the person registering the car is the real owner of the vehicle. 

Can I Drive an Unregistered Car in NJ?

 If you’re a new resident of New Jersey and your vehicle registration is expired it’s unsafe to drive it in New Jersey so as to avoid your car being impounded and can also be subjected to a fine between 50 and 100 dollars.

If you are a new resident and old alike, it’s criminal not to get your car registered also for new residents, you need to update your registration and this has to be done within the first 60 days or sooner.

If the registration from your previous state is expired and due for renewal and if your car gets impounded in New Jersey it takes a lot of procedures to get it back some of which include you having to get another vehicle to get you to your destination, you also have to renew your registration before getting your car back and also pay the allocated fine.

For new residents in New Jersey it’s also expected that after registering their cars, the vehicles are also inspected.

Can You Register a Car Online in New Jersey?

It is impossible to register cars online in New Jersey. Cars registration is done only in person and this is the only guarantee and way to successfully register cars in New Jersey.

To appropriately register your car in New Jersey you need to book an appointment with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to register your vehicle.

The only difference with this is that unlike car registration which cannot be done online for an appointment with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle commission you can book an appointment online to then go and register your vehicle in person.

How Do I Register a Car in New Jersey?

To get your vehicle registered in New Jersey you have to go in person to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to register your vehicle and then you follow all necessary procedures to get your vehicle registered to save you embarrassment from the police and also impounding of your vehicle as well as Fine.

It is best and safe to always have your vehicle registered at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission if you are a resident of New Jersey.

What are the Requirements to Register a Car in New Jersey?

To get your vehicle registered the vehicle owner must go to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and depending on whether you just bought your car or you just moved in from another city your registration varies.

Below are the requirements to get your car registered in New Jersey:

  • A New Jersey Insurance Identification card and proof of Insurance
  • A New Jersey driver’s license
  • Your Vehicle odometer reading
  • Submit Application for Vehicle Registration
  • Pay the required registration fee

These are some of the criteria needed for vehicle registration in New Jersey to appropriately get your vehicle registered and also to be free from police impounding your vehicle and free from fines as a result of not registering your vehicle.

Do I Need an Appointment at the DMV NJ to Register a Car?

You definitely can’t walk into any New Jersey Motor commission department without booking an appointment. Appointments can be made 30 days in advance.

Hence, if appointments are not made prior to the day of registration one won’t be able to get his or her vehicle registered at any branch of the New Jersey Motor Commission.

Due to the pandemic and outbreak of COVID 19 agencies such as Licensing and vehicle centers have been created to aid easy access for Vehicle Registration.

The Vehicle Registration is basically for vehicle new registration, license plate registration, and also renewal of vehicle registration but to get access to all of this registration you must first book an appointment.

Vehicle centers are open all through the week aside from Sunday. Also, remember to ensure your car has a title on it because you cannot register a car with a bill of sale and no title.

Can I Schedule a DMV Appointment Online in NJ?

Vehicle owners can book appointments with New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission online. NJ DMV allows vehicle owners to book appointments either by phone, mail, or online, and booking online is the convenient and fastest of all others listed and there’s a guarantee to book a space to register your vehicle after getting an appointment.

Below are the appointments you can book with DMV NJ:

DMV Appointment is not restricted to only car registration but also renewal of license and application of permit and also knowledge and road test for those moving to the new and existing residence in New Jersey.

Is NJ DMV by Appointment Only?

At DMV New Jersey all appointments for vehicle registration and all reservations for everything that pertained to getting an appointment for vehicle registration are done online.

For new and existing vehicle owners the only access to book an appointment for vehicle registration in New Jersey can only be done online.

To get an appointment for car registration in New Jersey you can either book an appointment online, via phone, or by mail, this would guarantee you a spot in the registration of your vehicle or renewal of any sort.


New Jersey, one of the most populated cities in the United States, is peculiar much more about their citizen’s safety as well as reducing the cause of car theft.

There is a scheme to make sure vehicle owners register their vehicle in person so as to show real ownership and accountability of their vehicle.

The New Jersey Motor commission department has seen to it that vehicle registration is much easier by booking an appointment online so vehicle owners can then come in person to register their vehicles or do any other registration such as license renewal, permit application and renewal, acquiring vehicle Id amongst others.

It is also important to note that your car registration cannot be done online but the booking of an appointment with the New Jersey Motor commission department can be done online and then you come in person for the further processing of your vehicle registration which would be done at the New Jersey Motor commission office.