Can You Register a Car Without a License in Michigan?

Can You Register a Car Without a License in Michigan

Michigan is a lawful place to be. You have a few laws hanging around that need to be obeyed. Maybe you have some stacked cash and you head over to a car dealer to get yourself a pleasant ride. After selecting a choice, you cruised around with your new ride. This isn’t wrong.

However, now that you have the ride, your next move should be registering the car so that legally you can have it titled in your name and can have yourself at peace that your car is safe and traceable.

But the question is, can you register a car without a license in Michigan?

No, a car cannot be registered in Michigan without a license because car registrations in Michigan require identification, title, and proof of Michigan no-fault insurance coverage, which requires a valid driver’s license.

Your registration isn’t complete without a valid license. To have your vehicle registered and legally ready to travel freely around the highways, insurance coverage is needed which practically will require you to present a driver’s license.

Can You Own A Car Without A License In Michigan?

Nobody will punish you for choosing to get yourself a car without a license. Owning a car is a choice, and the dealer isn’t so much bothered about your license. Getting a car requires a transaction between you and the seller. If your conditions are properly stated and you make your payment; you are free to have your car.

A few coins spent to buy a car don’t give you the full right to drive it around until when registered. We can as well say the most important part of ownership isn’t much about the purchase; it is more about the registration.

You can have the car moved away from the dealer’s shop, but you can’t drive it around without having it registered.

Owning a car cannot be concluded by paying for it. In law terms, you own it when you have it registered.

If spending a few dollars gives you the impression that the car is fully yours, it is an error you shouldn’t commit because without a complete registration and you get pulled over, you will be regarded as someone who broke the law and there is a price for it.

Can You Register A Car Without A License In Michigan?

For you to register a car in Michigan, you should at least have a license because registration of cars in Michigan requires identification, title, and proof of Michigan no-fault insurance coverage, therefore, doing this requires you have your license with you.

You can’t be safe driving without a valid license in Michigan because anytime you have the cops pull you over, they always check in to be sure you have your license, without it, you will probably be jailed for a few days or you pay a fine of $50 upwards.

Registration is necessary to prove your identity and certify you as the legal owner of the vehicle, which mostly will contain vital information about the vehicle, like the model, the year, color.

A License plate proves that your registration isn’t complete without a valid registration; you are not yet a legal car owner. A license is proof you need to submit to fully have your car registered.

I call it luck to have cars registered. In a world where we have the same car toying around, without having it titled in your name and labeled with enough documents, you can easily lose the car without any way of tracing it or having it restored.

Can You Register A Car With A Suspended License in Michigan?

Yes, you can register a car with a suspended license in Michigan and all other states in the United States.

A suspended license is still a license and can still perform its functions well. A suspended license is only high rated when you break the law, you can buy a car with a suspended license, and your dealer is not so much concerned if you are under probation or not.

He needs the money; you need the car. Neither does it matter when doing your registration. The only time it matters is having you drive with a suspended license. If caught in the act; you will be fined or practically jailed for breaking the law.

Moreover, you can have your car registered online in Michigan. It will be stressful to have many people waiting in line just to get their car registered in this present time and with the high level of technology hanging everywhere in the universe.

A larger percentage of your registration can be done online without having to visit the office, documents can be sent via mails and printed at any self-service stations but sometimes, you would need to be there in person to finish the processing but more of the stress is absent because of a faster reach to the online space.

Requirements to Register a Car in Michigan

The requirements to complete your car registration in Michigan are:

  • A completed Michigan vehicle title form
  • Mode of identification (Driver’s license, identity card)
  • A no-fault insurance proof
  • A few cash which includes:
  • $15 title fee
  • A License plate fee (New /Old) – $5-$8
  • Out-of-state vehicle title/ Registration
  • Vehicle ownership proof

How to Register a Car in Michigan

The following are a few steps to guide you in having your car registered in Michigan. They include:

  • Step one: Make an appointment at the nearest SOS office.
  • Submit all necessary documents, including your ID, insurance proof, and every payment receipt.
  • Get a temporary title with a license plate.
  • Step Two: Get your Michigan vehicle title and registration documents through your mail and have them printed out. Registration isn’t so hard to pull through.
  • Follow the due process and have it done as soon as you can.


Driving without a license is a punishable offense. License is important for owning a car in any country. It supports the registration process and gives you the legal right to move anywhere with your car.

You can own a car without a license, we can’t stop the dealers from making their money, and neither will you be stopped from purchasing your favorite ride, just that without registration you can’t freely drive your car.

Wouldn’t it be best if you have all paper works intact to avoid getting stopped and finned for breaking any law?