9 Cheap Ways to Increase Horsepower in a Truck (Explained)

Cheap Ways to Increase Horsepower in a Truck

Trucks in all forms are designed for towing, hauling, off-roading, etc., and therefore require engine power more than the usual cars.

Horsepower is important when measuring an engine’s performance, this can reduce as a result of the use or lack of maintenance over time, hence, the need to continuously increase engine performance.

There are cheap ways to increase horsepower in a truck without breaking the bank. Some of them are;

The cheapest way to increase horsepower in a truck is by using synthetic fluid, installing aftermarket turbochargers or superchargers, changing the exhaust, and installing a high-flow air filter, etc. 

Can You Increase Horsepower in a Truck?

Yes, you can increase horsepower in a truck.

Horsepower in any vehicle means the power and its performance. For vehicles classified as trucks, there is a need for continuous up to per performance. Horsepower in a vehicle ensures an increase in acceleration when necessary.

Cheap Ways to Increase Horsepower in a Truck

The truck can become slower than it used to be over time due to usage. This can be frustrating as it won’t go at the speed you want it to. Not to worry, there are ways you can increase the horsepower that won’t lighten your pocket.

1. Having a High Flow Air Filter in Place

The high-flow air filter helps the engine to breathe better by increasing the quality of air that enters it.

When cool uncontaminated air gets inside the engine, all its various components will feel it. This in turn contributes to the effective running of these parts as well as an increase in their horsepower.

2. Changing All Fluids in the Engine to Synthetic Fluids

Synthetic fluids such as synthetic oil are considered a better option for lubricating engine parts; this is because it allows free movement of the parts and also reduces friction.

Restricted movement and friction between engine parts can cause a reduction in engine horsepower because the engine is exerting too much force in working.

3. Tire Tweaking

Tweaking the tires here and there can also help to increase horsepower. You can tweak the tires by getting shorter ones, this may however require that you change to light wheels.

Shorter tires are sure to increase the horsepower although the whole process can lighten your pockets a bit.

4. Changing Rotors, Spark Plugs Wire, and Coils

Over time, as the spark plugs, coils and rotors wear out the truck’s horsepower reduces. In this case, one effective way to get the horsepower back up is to change them as often as possible.

5. Changing the Throttle Body

To increase horsepower you can replace the throttle body with a high-flowing one to allow more air to get into the engine intake manifold.

The throttle body is an opener into the engine intake manifold therefore, it is a major determinant of how much air will be let into the engine intake.

6. After Market Supercharger Installation

Superchargers are forced-induced systems that increase horsepower by delivering compressed air to the engine.

They are considered to be more dependent than turbochargers because there is no delay between when the air is delivered and the throttle response.

There are superchargers designed to be used by any brand of a vehicle while others are brand specific.

7. Aftermarket Exhaust

The exhaust that comes with the truck from the manufacturer may not do a good job of giving you the desired horsepower, therefore, you should consider an aftermarket exhaust. Installing an aftermarket exhaust is another cheap way of increasing horsepower in a truck.

8. Regular Tune-ups

Regular tune-ups are necessary to ensure that the engine is working properly with increased horsepower.

Tune-ups can be said to be the same as vehicle maintenance, you get to clean dirty systems, change fluids, and oil, and replace dirty filters when necessary.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups ensure that the engine parts are well lubricated which in turn increases its performance.

9. Get an Engine Tuner

The engine tuner helps to re-modify the engine control unit (ECU) to increase horsepower, durability, and fuel economy.

The increase in horsepower depends on your engine type and size. However, irrespective of your engine type you should be able to see between 10-50 increase in horsepower.

Pros of Increasing Your Trucks Horsepower

Without adequate engine power (horsepower), driving won’t be enjoyable hence the need to increase horsepower at every opportunity.

Besides the benefit of enjoying a ride that comes with increased horsepower, other advantages are:

  • Increase in Work Potential: Increase in horsepower equals an increase in speed. Increased speed and acceleration are important aspects when measuring an engine’s performance. The general work potential of an engine also increases with an increase in horsepower.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: As part of increasing horsepower, there may be a need to clean out clogged filters that have been causing the engine to exert itself and use more fuel than usual. Although the main purpose of increasing horsepower is to improve the engine’s performance, an added advantage is that you also get an improvement in engine performance.
  • It Becomes More Reliable when Towing: Trucks are designed for hauling and towing purposes and it can be difficult to do any of this if there is a reduction in the engine power. Therefore, increasing the horsepower assures you that the truck will work as it should.

Cons of Increasing your Trucks Horsepower

Increasing a truck’s horsepower is no doubt good and beneficial to both the driver and vehicle but it is important to note that there are also some disadvantages to doing so

  • It May Lightens your Pocket: Although there are cheap ways of increasing a truck’s horsepower, there are also expensive ways to achieve the same purpose. Depending on the method you choose to increase the horsepower, you may need to spend a lot of money. For instance, if you decide to increase horsepower by getting an engine tuner. Engine tuners do not come cheap.
  • Some Damages may be Done to the Engine: Some ways of increasing horsepower require that some parts of the engine be removed completely, altered, or changed. If any of these altercations are not done by an expert, damages may be done to other parts of the engine. One way to prevent this from happening is to employ the services of an expert.


Ensure to weigh the various options of increasing your truck’s horsepower before proceeding with any. It is also important to employ the services of an expert because wrong installation or connections can cause serious problems in the engine.

You should also bear in mind that some methods are more costly than others, and not all methods of increasing horsepower are cheap.