Do F1 Drivers Wear Diapers? (YES OR NO)

Do F1 Drivers Wear Diapers

Formula One (F1) is a widely-watched sport. Many people derive great pleasure from watching the event. F1 drivers are trained professionals to partake in car races on specific tracks. The event lasts for as long as 2 hours.

The vehicles and drivers are sponsored by various car brands. During the event, it is not possible for F1 drivers to stop to relieve themselves so, do F1 drivers wear diapers? 

Some F1 drivers wear diapers to enable them to ease themselves during the race. With the diaper, the drivers can poop and urinate when racing to prevent them from getting distracted.

Who are the F1 Drivers?

F1 drivers partake in what is known as F1 racing. Formula One (F1) is a popular sport in the world. It is the foremost class of international racing for 1-seat formula racing cars.

Formula One is managed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) established on the 20th of June, 1904.

Formula One races take place on specific tracks certified by the FIA. Many of these tracks are located in remote areas.

Some of the Formula One races are done on close public roads such as the Singapore Grand Prix and the British Grand Prix.

Formula One draws large audiences from around the world and it is a pure source of entertainment for many people.

Formula One drivers are required to possess a valid Super License which is issued by the FIA.

Do F1 Drivers Wear Diapers?

Yes, Formula One drivers wear diapers during races.

Why Do Some F1 Drivers Wear Diapers?

Formula One drivers sometimes wear diapers for the following reasons:

To Avoid High–Speed Accidents

In Formula One racing, there are zero margins for error. The sport is so intense that there are heavy physical effects on the drivers because of the high–performance vehicles involved.

As skilled and courageous as Formula One drivers are, one of the weaknesses they face is avoiding high–speed accidents.

You can not blame them for that though, it is very difficult to race through the Monaco Grand Prix or Indy 500 without crashing your vehicle. This is one of the reasons Formula One drivers wear diapers when they race.

This is a real fact, professional drivers like Mark Webber and Rubens Barrichello admitted that they use adult diapers when they drive.

They do not wear the diapers in public but they wear them during the qualifying runs and practice rounds so that they are used to the intensity of racing.

It Stops Drivers from Being Distracted

Formula One drivers are humans just like you and me. It is possible for them to feel the need to poo or pee during a race. This is one of the reasons they wear diapers during races.

Mark Webber who has worked with Porsche and Red Bull said that wearing a diaper is “the safest thing to do” because it helps drivers focus on the race instead of toilet demands.

Many other drivers have also publicly said that they wear diapers while racing. It seems ridiculous but many of them said that it helps them focus on winning the race than answering the call of nature.

These are the major reasons Formula One drivers wear diapers during races.

A Formula One driver always wants to feel like they are one piece with the vehicles they drive. To do this, they need to wear a lot of protective gear, wearing adult diapers possibly adds to the feeling of being separated from the vehicle.

Most drivers pee in their suits if they feel the urge to, during a race. Hence the need for diapers.

Do F1 Drivers Pee in their Pants?

The answer to this is yes and no. Many Formula One drivers have said that they do not pee in their cars so it makes you wonder how they do it since they cannot come out of the vehicles during racing.

Formula One drivers might drink while driving but during the race, he sweats it all out. It does not have to pass out via urine.

Many of the fluids they take are passed out in form of sweat. So, it is very possible for Formula One drivers not to pee in their pants.

So how do they pee when they feel the urge to? Formula One drivers make use of a special device, which is built with the driver’s outfit. It is connected with a tube that runs up their back and through their shoulder. However, will this device also work with female F1 drivers?

There is a container with a valve at the end of this tube. It makes it easy for Formula One drivers to relieve themselves when they feel the urge to, without stepping out of the car or pulling off clothes.

Do F1 Drivers Poop Themselves?

Formula One drivers are trained professionals. They follow a strict meal plan that has been designed for them. It is highly that they poop in their cars while racing.

By the way, before the start of every race, Formula One drivers are made to go to the restroom. This is to aid them in relieving themselves of possible poo or pee during the race. So, they try to make themselves as light as possible to maintain their body balance during the race.

Another thing to note here is that Formula One drivers do not eat while driving. They might drink certain liquids but they do not eat while driving. And since they have used the toilet before the start of the race, there should be no need to poop during the race.

What Do F1 Drivers Do if they Need to Poop?

Formula One drivers sometimes feel the need to defecate mid-race. An F1 race is 2 hours long and drivers do not have the option to park mid-race and relieve themselves. So, what do Formula One drivers do if they need to poop?

That is why many F1 drivers make use of adult diapers.

They use it to take care of the pee and poo. As listed above, Barichello and Webber stated in the past that they use adult diapers to relieve themselves while racing.

Some other drivers do not like the idea of it because it takes away the feeling of being together with their cars.

However, many Formula One drivers do not feel the urge to poop while they are racing. The reason is simple. They are trained professionals and they have a strict diet they follow.

If this diet is followed strictly, they will not feel the need to defecate during a race event because their bowels will be empty. They are also required to visit the restroom before the start of events to pass out any poop or pee.

Final Thoughts

F1 drivers need to wear diapers to feel more comfortable in case they need to pee. Many professional drivers admitted to using adult diapers during events so it is not a new thing. It is possible for drivers not to feel any urge to pee or poop at all during the event because they are required to use the restroom at the start.