Do Golf Carts Have a Title? (Yes or No)

Do Golf Carts Have a Title

Golf carts are common on golf courses, they are needed for ease of transportation. Besides driving a golf cart on a golf course, they can also be driven around some neighborhoods and even on public roads depending on the state’s regulations.

But the question is, do golf carts have a title?

Golf carts do not have a title however, there are instances where you will need to get a title for them. For a golf cart to get a title then it must be road worthy i.e. it must be modified

What is a Title?

A title simply means the right to own something, it could be a vehicle, building, land, etc., backed by law. It is a document showing that you are the legal owner of an asset usually issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in a state.

 Do Golf Carts Have a Title?

No, golf carts do not have titles. Golf carts are designed to be driven on a golf course and sometimes in the neighborhood but not on public roads therefore there is no need to get a title.

Getting a certificate of title for a golf cart will be a waste of time and resources except for exceptional situations that require it.

When Does a Golf Cart Require a Title?

It has been established that golf carts do not need a title, however, there are times when you will be required to get one.

You are required to get a title for a golf cart if it is being modified into a low-speed vehicle (LSV).

Modifying a golf cart into an LSV means you are making it roadworthy i.e. it can be driven on a public road as against the normal golf cart that can’t be driven on public roads.

When Do You Not Need a Title for Golf Carts?

You do not need a title for a golf cart if it will be driven only on golf courses and sometimes within the neighborhood according to its design.

Pros of Having a Title on your Golf Carts

Although golf carts do not necessarily require a title to operate there are benefits you enjoy when you apply for one.

Proof of Ownership

Lots of trouble can arise with law enforcement agents as regards ownership or other identity verification process, getting a title for your golf cart will save you all the trouble.

A certificate of title is a legal way to prove that the golf cart is rightfully yours. It is advisable to go around with the title as there will be no way to prove your ownership of the golf cart without you presenting it.

It Ensures You are Not Buying a Stolen Golf Cart

It is very possible for a stolen golf cart to be sold to someone else, however, this can only happen if you do not buy from a trusted dealer.

If you are buying from a private individual, it will be very easy to request to see the title in order to confirm the ownership before proceeding with the purchase.

In a nutshell, having a certificate of title will help you confirm the legality of ownership of a golf cart in the event that you are buying a pre-used one.

Difficulty of Theft

Having a title makes it very difficult for the golf cart to be stolen, and if by chance it gets stolen you can easily report and have it traced as it will be in the record at the DMV that you are the legal owner.

Cons of Having a Title on Your Golf Carts

  • The Title Can be Used for Title Washing: Title washing is when a vehicle’s salvage status is removed and made to appear new as though nothing is wrong with it. Although this is a rare situation that can only happen if the golf cart and title get stolen. Title washing can be done digitally or physically.
  • The Stress of Getting a Title: If you do not have the required documents ready, getting a title can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

How to Get a Title for your Golf Cart

Having decided to make a golf cart road worthy by modifying it to an LSV, you should proceed to get a title. The procedure for getting a title will vary from state to state, but irrespective of the state here is a basic guide on how to get it.

  • Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Submit an affidavit of physical inspection, ensure that the inspection is done by a certified law enforcement officer
  • Present the invoice you got from the dealer
  • Pay the applicable fees such as; mortgage recordation, and title handling.
  • Applicable use/sales tax
  • Proof of insurance (liability)
  • A personal statement from the owner that indicates that (i) the golf cart contains all the necessary equipment (ii) only a licensed driver will operate the vehicle (iii) and the designated passage for the golf cart. This statement will also be signed by the owner.

Do Golf Carts Have VIN Numbers or Serial Numbers?

Golf carts can have both VIN numbers and serial numbers depending on their use. Generally, the majority of golf carts have serial numbers given by their manufacturer, serial numbers are given to all golf carts as a way to track and trace back details.

Golf carts that are used solely for the purpose of transporting the owner and golf equipment on the golf course do not have a VIN number, however, the same cannot be said for golf carts that have been modified to be road worthy.

Just like every other vehicle on a public road, once a golf cart has been modified it will get a VIN number. Therefore, the singular fact of modification will determine if a golf cart will have just a serial number or serial number and VIN number.

Where is the Model or Serial Number on a Golf Cart?

The location of serial numbers on a golf cart varies according to model and they are usually on a silver plate. To locate the model or serial number on a golf cart,

  • You should check “in the passenger side glove box
  • Under the passenger side glove box and the “base of the steering column
  • The serial number usually includes the model year with the last two digits being the year of production.

For some other models, the serial number can be found under the rear bumper, under the seat, or on the vehicle frame.

Do you Need a Title to Sell a Golf Cart?

No, you do not need a title to sell a golf cart, however, this depends on whether the vehicle was road worthy before the decision to sell or not. If it was road worthy then it definitely has a title that can be transferred to the new owner.

In a case where the vehicle was used solely for golf activities, the owner does not have a title therefore it won’t be necessary when selling.


It is important to find out what the requirement for titling a golf cart is for your state so as to be better prepared for the whole process. There’s no need to get a title for a golf cart that will only be used on the golf course.