Do Rental Cars Have Smoke Sensors? (Yes or No)

Do Rental Cars Have Smoke Sensors

If you are a renter, or a hirer of cars from rental companies, by now, you should know that companies are increasingly clamping down on renters smoking in their cars. Many of these companies have even gone ahead to include a no-smoking rule in their car renting policies and charge fees from renters if discovered.

It doesn’t have to even be the renter himself that smokes. As long as a smoking activity went on in the car while the car was with the renter, it is the responsibility of the renter, and he or she will be liable to extra fees, paid to clean up the ashes that dropped into the car from the smoke.

And if damage to the car has been affected due to the smoking activity, the hirer is liable to pay for whatever repair or maintenance fees that will be generated as a result of the damage.

Although these steps have discouraged people and stopped them from smoking, still, some folks go-ahead to smoke even while driving a rented car. Many renters who wonder how rental companies discover that they smoked ask a common question; do rental cars have smoke sensors?

No, rental cars don’t have smoke sensors in their rented cars but they will know if you smoked in their car through manual inspection checking for evidence such as ash residues, odor from the smoke, burns on the leather of the car, etc.

What are Smoke Sensors?

Smoke Sensors, also called smoke detectors are devices fitted in different structures and assets such as houses, hotels, offices, cars, halls, etc., to detect the existence, occurrence, or incidence of smoke in those places.

Majorly, the smoke sensor is attached to an alarm that helps people in the structure/building know that there is a probably fire threat in the building and that they need to vacate.

It is important to note that smoke sensors and smoke alarms are two different things. Smoke sensors can work without needing to ring out an alarm, but a smoke alarm, for it to work, needs to be triggered by the smoke sensor.

You can use only smoke sensors for report purposes, or detective purposes, to trigger an alarm once it detects smoke, etc.

For detective purposes in that, you don’t want it to trigger an alarm, but you want to know if a person or group of people have smoked in a particular place.

For example, you want to know, or you know already and just want to get proof that your employees smoke in the company cars, you use cigarette smoke detectors. They are highly sensitive detectors that have a storage device that stores whenever the device goes into alarm.

And so, it is easier to know who smoked, when they smoked and even the amount of times the smoke sensor has been triggered to take the appropriate action against the offender.

Do Rental Cars have Smoke Sensors?

No, they don’t. Rental cars do not have smoke sensors or detectors.

How Do Rental Companies Tell if a Car Has Been Smoked in?

What they simply do that lets them know for certain if a renter has smoked in their car is to inspect the car manually. They check for ash residues, they check for the odor, they check for burns on the leather of the car, and several other things that inform them whether a hirer smoked in the car or not.

For a diligent rental company officer who inspects patiently, even if the odor of the smoke has been dried out, or absorbed by a coffee box, he will always find particles of ashes at different corners, as ashes from cigarettes have a way of hiding themselves in different parts of the car, unbeknownst to the driver.

Therefore, rental cars do not have smoke sensors or smoke detectors as the officers are trained experts in detecting these things, and they prefer to go about it the manual way.

It was because of the fact that after renting a car, people still smoke in them that made most rental cars to be using the same cleaning product to clean the car to get rid of the bad smell. That is majorly one of the reason why most rental cars have the same smell.

Advantages of Smoke Sensors

1. Better Assurance for Safety

With smoke sensors/detectors in a structure such as a building or a car, there is better assurance for safety, compared to a building that has no smoke sensor.

Smoke sensors, affixed with a smoke alarm, alert occupants of a building or a car that there is smoke in the building, which can also be equivalent to telling them that something is burning somewhere in their environment, therefore helping them evacuate on time before the smoke aggravates into a full-blown fire.

2. Used to Trigger Alarm System

Smoke sensors are used to trigger a fire alarm system, informing occupants of the building or structure it is affixed to that there is cause for alarm, and that it would be in their best interest to evacuate the building. A fire alarm without a smoke detector is utterly useless.

3. Reduced Risk of Fire Injuries or Damages

The probability for a fire to occur in a building or a car that has fire detectors is minimal. Except there are technical issues, and the smoke sensor doesn’t work, or the building is empty, and so nobody hears or is attuned by the alarm caused by the smoke detector, the chances that a building structure or a car with a smoke sensor would be damaged by fire is next to zero.

4. Proper Monitoring

Now, there are smart sensors that are connected to technology, such that once they detect smoke, the technology is informed, and whoever is handling it will be immediately aware of the threat.

This way, even when the building is empty, or there are no passengers in the car, whoever is responsible for the technology, even though a hundred miles away from the venue, will be informed and necessary actions will be taken.

This means that smoke sensors have made it possible for assets to be monitored and protected, every minute of every day.

Do Enterprise Rental Cars Have Smoke Detectors?

No, Enterprise Rental Cars do not have smoke detectors. They have professional officers who inspect the car upon return by the renter to know whether the car has been smoked in or not. They check for the residue of ashes from the smoke, the smell of smoke, burns on parts of the car, etc.

If after inspecting, they conclude that the car has been smoked in, the renter will be charged extra fees to clean up the car, and depending on the damage done by the smoking, such a renter might be liable for a penalty.


Although Rental Car companies don’t have smoke sensors or detectors, to be on a safer side, it is better not to smoke in a car that you rented, and if you have to smoke in the rented car without it smelling, ensure you are extra careful not to let ashes from the cigarette fall into the car, also, you should ensure the smoke don’t damage any part of the car to avoid paying for damages.