Do You Get a Ticket in the Mail for Passing a School Bus?

Do You Get a Ticket in the Mail for Passing a School Bus

Right from time, state laws frown passenger vehicles from passing a school bus when it comes to a stop, to ensure students crosses the road with no fear of being knocked down by an oncoming vehicle. So, do you get a ticket in the mail for passing a school bus?

You can get a ticket in the mail for passing a school bus as long as the school bus camera captured you doing so and the driver reported it, even if you flee the scene, you will get a ticket in the mail.

Other states have also taken it a duty to drop off students along the side of the road, so there won’t be a need for students to cross the road.

Do You Get A Ticket In The Mail For Passing A School Bus?

Yes, you will get a ticket sited in your mail when you pass a school if your offense was caught by the camera.

Before legitimate reasons are hooked around your neck and nailed as a crime, you must be sure if you truly violated any law associated with passing a school bus.

Different flashes for different reasons. If a school bus flashes a yellow light, it is a trigger response to drivers behind to be cautioned of their intention to stop. It serves as a “Get ready” instruction manual to drivers before the bus finally stops.

A red flash also shows the halt button. At the sight of this, drivers within should know the intention of the bus driver to stop at a junction close enough.

Passing the school bus after it flashes its light for a stop is against the law, hence a ticket. The best thing to do is to stop and there should be at least 20 feet of separation between the school bus and your vehicles.

Why Would You Get A Ticket In The Mail For Passing A School Bus?

The essense of making a law around passing a school bus is to ensure the safety of students when alighting from the school bus or crossing over to the other side of the road.

The intention is to ensure students are safe from any sudden threat to life and well-being. It then becomes a crime if you drive past a school bus.

As easy as this might sound, the consequences are severe and it can cause you some funds to exonerate yourself. The DMV has recorded a higher passenger of student casualties because of crossing the road after alighting from the school bus.

What Should You Do After Getting a Ticket in the Mail for Passing a School Bus?

Passing a school bus may sound petty, but it is also one of the most frowned upon traffic offenses by a judge or a prosecuting officer. You really want to handle this matter with utmost attention, like every other offense.

If you get a ticket in the mail to pass a school bus, it means there is evidence of the fact that you committed the crime and punched some traffic laws in the face. Now that you are guilty, speak to your legal adviser or attorney about what next to do.

The judges can hook you into paying a higher fine; it can be 12 months in jail, as high as $1000.00, or probation. It is also time-consuming to engage in cases like this.

Aside from having to discuss with your attorney or getting to court to defend yourself and possibly accepting the consequences of your action, you may also be enrolled in taking driving courses which is time-consuming.

If you find yourself with a ticket in your mail, get your attorney or legal adviser to be sure of your stand and next move.

Cons Of Getting A Ticket In The Mail For Passing A School Bus?

There are many stiff reasons that can frustrate you if you get caught committing this traffic offense. A few of them include:

1. Severe Fines

Most times, you can’t escape paying a monetary fine to get yourself exonerated. Having this ticket in your mail can cost $250 as a first ticket, $275 in 18 months as the second ticket, and you also can’t escape $300 for every subsequent ticket you get for the 18months time frame.

In case you think to escape from these fines, you also get extra fine luggage. If you make your payments late, call it “Late payment fees”.

These monetary fines are a burden especially when such a person earns below the minimum wage. It drains to pay fines and still pay debts.

2. A Stain in Your Driving Record

You need to have a clear and neat driving record away from crimes. Whenever you break a traffic law, you gain demerit driving records.

Having excessive driving records will cause you probation. If you want to have a good driving experience, you need to avoid breaking driving laws.

3. You May Get a Jail Sentence

Jail sentences are most times because of not being able to bail yourself out. Driving past a school bus can get you a 30, 90, or 180day sentence.

There is no exact number, depending on the judge and how friendly the judge appears, but be sure driving past a school bus can get you some jail sentence, most especially on buses that has a camera and your car and the license plate were taken.

4. License Suspension

Your license can be suspended if your vehicle drives past a school bus. During the time of suspension, you may be enrolled to take more lessons on driving instructions to be sure you won’t be committing more of those crimes.


Driving past a school bus is offensive and can get you ticketed in your mail. It might go well that you escape severe consequences, but be sure there are consequences for breaking this side of the law. Ensure you adhere strictly to the law.