Does EGR Delete Increase Horsepower? (Yes or No)

Does EGR Delete Increase Horsepower

In newer cars, the EGR comes as part of an engine and is designed to work together with the engine. Therefore, removing EGR in newer cars may pose a problem.

EGR delete has some disadvantages as well as benefits such as an increase in fuel efficiency as well as a reduction in money spent on maintenance but Does EGR delete increase horsepower?

EGR delete increases horsepower because deleting the EGR will boost the oxygen density in the air-fuel mixture which will increase the horsepower of the vehicle. However, the increase isn’t that much, more like a 1% increase in horsepower.

Can You Remote EGR?

Yes, you can remote EGR. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a valve responsible for increasing fuel efficiency and lowering NOx emission by returning a precise amount of exhaust gas back to the intake system.

The EGR valve can be open or closed depending on whether the engine is running or idle.

Does EGR Delete Increase Horsepower?

Yes, EGR delete increases horsepower. To delete the EGR means you are removing the vehicle’s EGR valve so as to prevent it from redirecting exhaust gas back into the intake system, this removal is done by using an aftermarket performance kit.

One of the benefits of removing the EGR is increased horsepower, this is because it will boost the oxygen density in the air-fuel mixture. A boost in air and fuel mixture automatically increases the power produced by the engine.

Although removing the EGR will increase the engine’s power, the increase isn’t that much, more like a 1% increase in horsepower. Therefore, it may be hard to notice the increase, some may even miss it.

What Can EGR Delete Do to Your Car?

EGR delete can do a lot of good to a car just has its presence in the car isn’t so bad. Here are some things you should know about an EGR delete

  • It Can Damage Your Car Engine: Damage to some parts of the engine will probably happen in a case where the car engine is built with an EGR system. If the engine is designed and built with an EGR system then they are meant to work together. Its removal will cause some parts to malfunction
  • Failing an Emission Test: If you are in a state where car owners are occasionally required to take exhaust emission and car safety tests, your vehicle will fail and declare unfit to be driven on the road, especially in states where it is illegal to remove the EGR.
  • It Will Most Likely Trigger the Check Engine Light: When the EGR is removed, the check engine light will most likely be triggered to come on. In this case, you already know the reason so all you need to do is find a way to make the light go off.
  • Improved Throttle Response: The removal of the EGR improves the rate at which there is a change in the engine power level. The engine’s response time is faster with the EGR removed than when it is in place.

Does EGR Delete Need Tune?

Yes, EGR delete needs tuned. An EGR delete tune is basically designed to ensure that all running issues associated with the EGR are deleted as well as the functionality of the EGR valve.

The EGR will need tune in the case where the EGR is electronically controlled by the ECU. The tune also helps for when the check engine light comes on after the EGR removal.

Are EGR Deletes Illegal?

EGR delete may or may not be illegal depending on your state of residence. In certain states like the US, it is illegal to remove the EGR, its removal will put you in trouble with the authorities and of course, you will have to pay a fine.

However, in other states you can do as you wish with the EGR, you can decide to remove it or not.

Does EGR Delete Increase MPG?

Yes, EGR delete increases MPG. However, this increase depends on whether you are using a gasoline or diesel engine and your driving style after the delete.

Deleting the EGR means you are indirectly restoring the engine’s fuel economy and efficiency. Depending on what delete kit you are using, the increase in fuel efficiency may be up to 20%.

What Are the Benefits of EGR Delete?

Having an EGR in the car is good and beneficial to an extent but due to some reasons such as; the difficulty in cleaning it or the high cost of repair amongst others, an EGR delete may be considered.

If you have decided to have an EGR deleted you should know that you are not alone and there are benefits you get to enjoy. Some of the benefits of EGR delete will be considered below

1. There Will Be a Reduction in Exhaust Smoke Coming Out

The EGR accumulates soot over time which has to be let out through the exhaust pipe. Due to a large amount of soot present in the valve, the same will be released into the air. Removal of the EGR means the exhaust smoke let out will be reduced.

2. A Reduction in the Engine’s Temperature

EGR in the car means there will be a continuous presence of soot in the valve. A valve blocked/clogged with soot causes a circulation of exhaust gas in the intake system, this will in turn result in a rise in the engine’s temperature.

When the EGR is removed, you do not have to deal with the increase in engine temperature provided there’s nothing wrong somewhere in the engine that can cause it to heat up.

3. Increase in the Horsepower

The recirculation of burned gas in the engine intake system makes the engine work more thereby reducing the engine power.

Once this has been removed there will be a boost in the mixture of air and fuel resulting in an increase in the engine’s power.

4. Less Money to be Spent on Repairs and Maintenance

Having an EGR valve in a vehicle means you will have to constantly clean it out and ensure it is in good condition.

EGRs are not designed to last long, therefore, you will also have to replace them as often as required. When removed, you no longer have to spend on maintenance and repairs.

5. The Engine Runs Clean

Another benefit of the EGR delete is that the engine runs clean now that exhaust gases are no longer returned inside.

The EGR valve is often time clogged with soot and some of this soot usually finds its way into the engine thereby making it dirty and also getting into other parts of the engine.


Before proceeding with an EGR delete, check to know if it is a part of the engine and designed to function as such. You may need to visit your car expert to do so. If you do not do this, you may end up spending more money on repairs and replacements.