Does Jump Starting a Car Damage the Computer?

Does Jump Starting a Car Damage the Computer

The computer is one of the electrical components of a car; it gives every modern car the splendor of “Technology” at some point. Jumpstarting a vehicle could revive your dead or dying battery, but if done wrong will cause more wrong to your electrical system.

Before a move to jumpstart your modern vehicle, a close watch needs to be made on the tiny fragments that make the jumpstarting happen.

The Jumper leads should be in order, the jumper car needs to be efficient, and the car to be jumped needs to be in good order, if these are done properly, your car computer should be in good order.

However, the question is, does jump starting a car damage the computer of the car?

Jumpstarting a car can damage the computer if the jumpstarting is done wrong. It can cause a power surge that can automatically tamper with the electrical well-being of your car’s computer, affecting the onboard computer’s effectiveness.

What Is A Car Computer?

With no technical jargon, a car computer is a computer that functions in a car, claiming a responsive size, power consumption, and other components that can find a place in a vehicle.

Every modern car developed now contains one or more computers and one of them ensures engine emission and engine capacity can be monitored at all times.

A car computer as it may sound isn’t a lone wolf nor is it the only ant that feeds on the ice cubes, a car computer works hand in hand with other components of the car and receive information from verities of sensors in other to display the required information, out of the many sensors are the Oxygen sensors, The Knock Sensor, The engine Temperature Sensors and many others.

With every sensor feeding the car computer with information, the car computer can control vital aspects of a car like the fuelling injector, speed, and spark plugs, among others.

Does Jump Starting a Car Damage the Computer?

Jumpstarting a car can cause a power surge which will automatically tamper with the electrical well-being of your car’s computer.

Modern cars can withstand any electrical surge but even with that, a modern vehicle is quite vulnerable and a mistake cancan damages the car’s computer.

A car computer, also known as ECU (Electronic Control Unit), when damaged, mounts a higher bill on the car owner, which is more reason it should be handled with the utmost attention and care.

The ECU can gather the information needed to control a car’s engine, the braking system, and many other aspects of a vehicle. A wrong jumpstart can cause damage to the entire car’s engine.

How Do You Jump Start a Car Without Damaging the Computer?

Jumpstarting a car should be done right. In case you have a nearly dead battery and jumpstarting it the right way, here is a guideline you should note:

  • It will require you to have a battery jump box. A battery jump box is needed to enable the jumpstarting process to go smoothly, with little or no damaging risk to the starter or the alternator.
  • After getting a battery jumpstart box, the next move is to have another car with a good battery to engage the jumpstarting process.
  • After selecting the magnificent car to balance the jumpstarting process, ensure the car producing the jumpstarting is turned off with the key out of the ignition.
  • Connect the jumper cables appropriately and bring back to life the dying battery.

What Other Things Can Damage Car Computers?

The ECU controls the engine; it is the inbuilt computer of your vehicle that controls many functions of your car’s engine, the braking system, the fuel injection, the crankshaft positioning sensor, etc, that is why it is very important to know what will damage your Car computer.

Find out the other ways your car’s computer can be damaged.

1. Corrosion

A covering is used to seal the car computer from any form of exposure that may cause it harm. This seal might be strong, but with time it can fade gradually, allowing moisture to have a way into the car’s computer, which in no time will cause the car’s computer to malfunction as time passes.

2. Unequal Voltage

Voltage can also be a problem that causes your car’s computer to malfunction. A car computer will require at least 9 volts with an extension to at most 12 volts.

A car’s computer will require an equal amount of voltage coming in, excess voltage or shortage of voltage will in no time damage the car’s computer and cause it to malfunction.

3. Temperature

Even a high temperature can cause the human skin to melt; the same applies to how effective a temperature can be on the wires of a car’s computer. It will cause it to melt, which causes the car’s computer to malfunction.

4. Short-Circuit

When you jumpstart or have a faulty alternator because of a short circuit, it can cause a car’s computer to go haywire. Because of excessive voltage, a short circuit can happen, which causes the wiring and every electrical component of the vehicle to be in danger.

How Much To Fix A Car Computer?

You can’t by any chance repair your car computer with your basic knowledge of electronics because car computers are inbuilt and this will be a demanding job for even the technicians.

I would have loved it if the car’s computer is easy to replace without breaking some cash. Just as you know how important it is to fix your car’s computer, a replacement would cost about $900 to $1300, which solely depends on the model, makings, the technicians, and where you intend to do the fixing.


Jumpstarting your car can cause havoc on the electrical components of your vehicle. Your car computer is at risk of going bad if the jumping process is done wrong.