Does OnStar Keep Location History? (Yes or No)

Does OnStar Keep Location History

Technology is a lifesaver and has made so many things easy. One of the ways technology has blessed us is the possibility of tracking your car location even when you are not there through the use of OnStar.

The use of OnStar is based on a monthly subscription which grants you access to tracking services, security within the vehicle, and emergency services that allows you to get first-hand help in whatever form it is needed.

Since OnStar can track one’s location, can it as well keep the location history for future purposes? Does OnStar keep location history?

Yes, OnStar does keep location history. With the OnStar app, you can able to get a history of the locations the car has been to.

Can OnStar Track Where a Vehicle has Been?

Yes, OnStar can track where a vehicle has been. One of the many features of OnStar is its ability to track where your car has been over a period of time, it could be tracking where it has been within a day, week, or even month.

This tracking, however, isn’t automatic. Since OnStar is based on subscription, the car owner must have subscribed for the month in order to gain access to the tracking feature also called “location manager”.

However, OnStar can still keep tabs on your location even when your subscription has ended. To prevent your location from being monitored after canceling, you have to manually disable it in your car.

Having measure in place that makes it possible for you to retrace your step and journey to the places you’ve been in the course of the day, or week could come in handy when you least expect it.

People for lots of reasons have had to check their location history; it could be due to forgetfulness, to clear your name with the authorities, a nosy partner, etc.

Does OnStar Keep Location History?

Yes, OnStar keeps location history. The OnStar app can show a good preview of where you’ve been throughout the day. This information is kept private by the company and can only be released upon request by the court or police.

In a case where the subscription is coupled with a Family Link, other members of the family can see your car location and possibly the location history.

One of the good things about OnStar is that you don’t lose access to your location record after a day, you can always go back to it when the need arises.

Also, even if the subscription expires, the car driver can still have access to emergency services. OnStar can still locate your car even if you don’t have a subscription, except you completely cancel the service, that’s when they will stop.

What Does OnStar Record?

OnStar gains access to a lot of information and data about your car and how you use it upon subscription.

When you subscribe, you are giving OnStar access to record your movement from one point to the other and all that you do within those times as long as it is related to the car.

The things OnStar can record are:

  • The places your car has been within a period of time (location history)
  • The location of your car even when it’s not in use
  • Whether you use your seat belt while driving
  • Your speed limit per time
  • OnStar can also record conversations held within the confines of the car

Can My Husband Track my Car with OnStar?

Yes, your husband can track your car with OnStar.  Usually tracking and information about a person isn’t divulged to a third party other than the Police or authorities, but this is made possible through the recent development of OnStar called Family Link.

The Family Link allows a family member to track the location of another member’s car. This service however comes at a cost to the party that wants to get the information, in addition to the monthly subscription done.

This tracking can be done through email or SMS notifications, it could also be by accessing a map through Family Link online. The SMS /email notification sends you the exact location of a car at a particular time while the map shows you the location.

How Does OnStar Tracking Work?

OnStar comes with a series of buttons, with each button serving a different purpose. There’s the blue button, red button, and white dot.

The blue button makes it possible for you to place a call to an online/virtual advisor, the red button for emergencies and the white dot is for when you want to make phone calls hands-free.

When a call is placed to OnStar Center for an advisor, the call goes through the cellular tower from where it gets to the OnStar Center.

Since the car information and location has been sent beforehand when the call was placed, the advisor available at the time will be the one to answer and attend to the driver in whatever way necessary.

How Accurate is OnStar Vehicle Locator?

Often times OnStar locator is accurate, however, a lot of factors come into play when considering its accuracy. One of the important things OnStar works with is a GPS which makes use of a cell tower in your location.

For a car’s location to be determined with accuracy, it helps if the car is out in the open and not in a place where it will be hard to locate. When the car’s location isn’t pinned accurately, it will likely be by a few feet from the car.

The location accuracy is largely dependent on your location and the number of cell towers in the vicinity.

What Triggers OnStar?

Majorly OnStar is triggered when any of its buttons are pressed inside the car, however, there are ways to trigger OnStar remotely.

For instance, in the case of a car whose key was locked inside, the car owner can activate OnStar on the phone by contacting a virtual advisor in order to unlock the car.

How Does OnStar Know When You Crash?

In the event of a crash or collision with another vehicle, OnStar is notified by the sensors within the car of the collision.

OnStar is able to determine the severity of the crash, then notify an OnStar advisor of the situation on the ground with the car location and information.

With the information provided by OnStar, the advisor is able to take appropriate measures to help where necessary.

Does OnStar Share Information with Insurance Company?

Yes, OnStar can share information with the Insurance Company, however, this isn’t done without your permission.

Your information with OnStar is safe and won’t be shared with a third party even your insurance company. The insurance company only has access to your driving record, and credit report when permitted.


The majority of car models have OnStar as part of its package, it is usually a part of the car at the time of purchase. Information collected during subscription is to help OnStar ensure your safety and security as it concerns you and your car.

OnStar offers much help beyond tracking location, it can help when you are unable to open your car with its key or help you find your car among the lot.

It is worthy of note that OnStar can still work when your subscription expires. This however is only possible when there is an emergency, you can get connected to an advisor.