Does the Lexus NX Have a Spare Tire? (Yes or No)

Does the Lexus NX Have a Spare Tire

Driving without worries and having no vehicle issues is very nice and the same cannot be said about the opposite. Encountering problems with your vehicle while driving is not comfortable and can be frustrating.

What’s even more uncomfortable? Getting a flat tire while driving and not having a spare to replace it with. Therefore, does the Lexus NX have a spare tire?

Yes, all models of Lexus NX have a compact or a run-flat spare tire that comes with it which is located underneath the floor of the vehicle’s trunk.

What Is a Spare Tire?

A spare tire is an extra tire present in a vehicle for use as a replacement in the event of a puncture, flat tire, and tire blowout.

A spare tire is important and necessary in emergency tire situations when a mechanic is not nearby and you probably have a deadline to meet or something to do in time and delay is not a favorable option.

The spare tire in vehicles is usually stored in a part of the trunk of the vehicle when the spare tire is not in use.

What Car Is the Lexus NX?

The Lexus NX is a luxurious crossover Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) model produced by Lexus, Toyota. It was introduced in August 2014. The NX in the Lexus NX stands for “Nimble Crossover” according to Lexus.

The Lexus NX, a compact luxury crossover SUV class has a 5-door body style and a front-engine, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive layout. It has the model years from 2015 to the present.

The Lexus NX, a luxury car has generations of productions and is not limited to a single or basic style, features, and design.

It had sales success showing to be a best-selling Lexus model in Europe, and also the best-selling luxury car in Russia.

This vehicle type is a sports utility vehicle with poised handling, a posh and comfy interior, a user-friendly touch screen, and a whole lot more standard features.

The Lexus NX has less space compared to other vehicles but that is its design. It was created to have lesser space. It is a 5-seater vehicle with horsepower between 203 and 275.

How Many Generations Is the Lexus NX?

The Lexus NX car has two generations, the first generation, and the second generation. The first generation has a set that underwent face lifting. Each generation has different year models and counting.

The layout of the generations of the Lexus NX compact SUV is shown below:

  • The First Generation. (AZ10)
  • Production Years: August 2014 – 2021
  • 1st gen (AZ10) pre-facelift
  • Model Years: 2015 – 2017
  • 1st gen (AZ10) facelift
  • Model Years: 2018-2021
  • First generation car models: AZ10 NX 200t, AZ10 200t F SPORT, AZ10 NX 300, AZ10 NX 300 F SPORT, AZ10 NX 300 Luxury.
  • The Second Generation. (AZ20)
  • Production Years: 2022 – Present.
  • Second generation car models: AZ20 NX 250, AZ20 NX 250 Premium, AZ20 NX 350, AZ20 NX 250 Luxury, AZ20 NX 350 Premium, AZ20 NX 350 F SPORT Handling, AZ20 NX 350 Luxury.

Does The Lexus NX Have a Spare Tire?

Yes, the Lexus NX has a spare tire that accompanies it. The spare tire is for temporary use and is best used only in emergencies.

The spare tire that comes with the Lexus NX car varies for the years they were produced.

The Lexus NX cars produced in the first generation, model years 2015 – 2021, come with a compact spare tire. The compact spare tire is slightly bigger than the newer year spare tire.

The Lexus NX cars produced in the second generation, the model year 2022, come with a run-flat spare tire. Lexus swapped the compact spare tire for a run-flat tire in its newer models whose production started in 2021.

The reason for the swap is because of the vehicle design. The newer Lexus NX has a sporty design and to balance gas mileage, the run-flat spare tire design has less weight than the compact spare tire.

The run-flat spare tire is smaller and more temporary. The compact spare tire of the previous model years is bigger and more durable.

However, the reason why Lexus changed from compact spare tires to run-flat spare tires on their NX models is basically because of gas mileage.

They needed a spare tire that is light for a lighter run-flat option so that your vehicle won’t have too much weight attached to it.

Where Is the Spare Tire on The Lexus NX?

The Lexus NX spare tire is located in the trunk under the floor. When you open the trunk, on the floor is a mat. To access the spare tire, go ahead to raise the mat and you will see a handle underneath the mat.

Lifting the handle will reveal the spare tire and, in some models, a Styrofoam. Raising the Styrofoam will reveal the spare tire.

Importance of a Spare Tire in a Car

Spare tires are generally known and designed to help in tire problems situations such as punctures, flats, and blowouts.

A spare tire allows the driver to replace a flat tire and drive on. The necessity of spare tires cannot be overemphasized in emergencies.

  • It prevents you from being stranded while on the road and one of your tires develops a problem.
  • In a sudden blowout situation where there is no garage nearby or a mechanic, a spare tire comes in handy and will get you to a repair shop in time.
  • You can also make use of a spare tire when one of the vehicle’s tires becomes punctured.

As important as spare tires are, they are only for temporary purposes. They can only be driven for short miles. Longer distances can become risky and cause a collision or wears on the tire.

Final Thoughts

SUVs come with a temporal purpose run-flat spare tire usually located in the trunk of the vehicle. The Lexus NX fits this description. If you want to purchase a Lexus NX and you were wondering if it has a spare tire, yes it does.