How Long Can Police Impound Your Car?

How Long Can Police Impound Your Car

Sometimes, we wish police officers can be lenient on how they handle matters when it involves a seized vehicle. It is frustrating and really expensive if your car is seized by the police.

Police may impound your vehicle for as long as they want. You probably have little right to seek a release articulately when the reason for the impoundment is crime-related. So, how long can police impound your car?

The police can impound your car for 28 days and if investigations exceed 28days without a definite conclusion, your car can stay impounded for as long as your case is still open. 

Is It Possible For Police To Impound Your Car?

Yes, your vehicle can be impounded by any police officer legally for as long as it can in order to solve a criminal involvement or offense.

There are various reasons why a car can be impounded but the most prominent of them all is if the car is linked to a crime scene or the vehicle has been involved in many traffic offenses, the vehicle can be impounded, searched, and placed in custody until you are cleared or fined from all allegations.

How Long Can Police Impound Your Car?

It takes as long as 28days to have your car released from impoundment, sometimes it can be more.

Impoundment to drivers isn’t in any way an advantage. Aside from the hectic day, you will have to patrol the police officers; it will require you to pay fines, towing fees, and some other petty payments, which, in sum, can be really expensive.

Avoiding impoundment by obeying traffic rules and fleeing away from crime is safer and less expensive if you ask me.

28days or more without your vehicle is frustrating. If it takes longer than that, it becomes more expensive and frustrating to have it all settled out.

What Can You Do To Make Police Impound Your Vehicle?

A police officer is a beholder of truth, at least most of them. If your car is impounded, be sure you violated a few rules and get set to be paid the price of time, effort, and resources.

Nothing skips the heart faster than the siren of a police officer alerting you to stop, you wonder what you did, and it isn’t always as scary as it may sound but if your car is impounded, it means one of these laws has been broken by you.

1. You Drove with a Suspended License

See it as an act of committing treason to the government; it is that serious when you drive with a suspended license.

A suspended license, no license, a revoked license, whichever of these crimes is relating to why your car is impounded, can cost you a lot to have it released.

2. Your Car was Involved in a Crime

It is easy for police to justify your impoundment if your car is linked to a crime. It might not be something so serious, it can be a consistent break in traffic laws, and you are caught, the car can be impounded and once it is seized, a police officer can search through it.

If a driver is arrested for a crime, he can be taken to the station without the care provided there is someone around who can help with driving the car to a safer area but if there isn’t anyone around, the police officer can have the car moved to prevent it from posing a threat to people.

3. Evidence of a Crime

This is once in a decade. It doesn’t really happen most of the time. This is when a car contains in it evidence of a crime or the car itself is the evidence.

A few common but unusual crimes can be vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving, a theft scene involving the car, or other crime-related scenarios that might involve police involvement.

If the police officers presume the car contains evidence to solve a crime scene, they may impound the car until every investigation is completed.

Imagine overspeeding in a blind intersection and hitting someone so bad and speeding off without leaving a note or talking to the person, once the evidence of the crime is seen by the police, they can have your car impounded for hitting and running away.

4. Improper Parking

Parking in wrong and unsafe places is a good way to have your car impounded.

Abandoned vehicles, parking in wrong lanes, and posing a threat to a free driving experience for civilians will cost you to visit the station to see your impounded car.

Leaving your car in the wrong place that is a threat to the highway will cause a police officer to have it towed away.

What Should You Do After Your Car Is Impounded?

Your car can stay impounded for 28 days and after that, it can be auctioned out to cover up its expenses. You can find this cruel and act fast before your car is auctioned.

In case you are lost in how to get started with getting your car out of impoundment, try:

Locate the Vehicle

If you were there during the impoundment, good for you, there won’t be a need to locate your car but if your vehicle was impounded in your absence, you will need to make a few calls to a clerk’s office or your local parking authorities to check if your car is on impoundment.

This can cost you more time than expected. You might require a VIN and a license plate if your car will be by the local authorities.

2. Reach Out to the Impound Lot Where the Car was Taken

Getting the location of where the Lot is and how to get there is something you would like to ask about.

A confirmation call is needed to make sure they have your car before you begin your journey to finding and submitting the necessary documents to have your car retrieved.

3. Get your Documents Submitted

Get a list of what and what documents are required to have your car retrieved but be sure a title, car registration, insurance, etc. will be needed.

In case your documents are lying in the car in one space in your car, you can take permission which is sure to be granted to you to pick up your documents to ensure you can retrieve your vehicle.

4. Pay Your Dues

You sure can’t go freely; you will need to make a release fee which can be costly depending on how long your car has stayed in the impoundment.

Impoundments fee can be charged for every 12hour or 24hours, none of it comes cheap. If your car is being impounded, acting fast is a good way to minimize costs.

Reasons You Should Avoid Having Your Car Impounded By the Police

I don’t see any traces of advantage to having your car impounded by the police, in case you are not so cautioned, here is quick for you:

It is Expensive

Getting your car out of impoundment is expensive, regardless of what jurisdiction or local law binds you. It is expensive and as a car owner; it isn’t worth the carelessness.

The impoundment fee is most likely 24hours or 12hours per cycle, whichever one it is in your state, it doesn’t change the fact that leaving your car so long in impoundment will keep increasing your fee.

If Too Long, your Car Can be Auctioned

Your car is likely to be auctioned out to cover up your expenses if it exceeds 28days. Letting your vehicle stay longer in impoundment is more or less a suicidal financial mission. You should avoid it as much as you can.

It is a Good Way to Waste your Time

Nothing is so frustrating and time-draining, as trying to retrieve your car when it has already been impounded. You are likely to be under the pressure of getting your car back to your driveway so you visit the station as much as you can, seeking solutions.

Nobody has that luxury of time to waste; avoiding an impoundment is your best bet.

Tips On How to Avoid Your Car from Being Impounded By the Police

You don’t do crimes; you drive well and obey the traffic laws, and you are not so much of a violent runner, well good for you. The best way to avoid having your car impounded is to prevent it from being towed.

There are various reasons why your car can be towed, a few of them are:

  1. Unauthorized parking
  2. Car abandonment
  3. Seized license

Avoiding these can exempt you from having your car towed or impounded, but in case you get caught up, don’t be scared. You can always have it retrieved quickly enough.

If eventually, your car was impounded while you are not around, you can authorize someone else to get your car out of impound. You just need to provide the person with the necessary documents needed to do so.


There are various reasons why your vehicle can be impounded; it can be because you violated a traffic law, illegal parking, or other criminal offenses. Every time your vehicle is impounded, the police officers have the legal right to perform a search.

It is expensive leaving your car to stay long in the impoundment, if after every precaution you got caught up with breaking a rule or tow and your car is impounded, have your car located, get your sues ready and get your car out as soon as you can.