How Long Do Little Trees Air Fresheners Last?

How Long Do Little Trees Air Fresheners Last

Our car can be polluted by foul odors at any time. It is a normal occurrence in life. What matters is how you get rid of the odor.

Air fresheners were developed to counteract the foul odors in the air in restricted spaces such as cars, rooms, and other places. Little Trees Air Fresheners is one such product. It is not enough to get an air freshener but will it last? How long do Little Trees air fresheners last?

Little Trees car air fresheners can last for 7 weeks with proper usage.

Do Little Trees Air Fresheners Last Long?

Before talking about Little Trees Air Fresheners, we need to understand what air fresheners do and how they work.

Air fresheners have been used for decades to remove unpleasant odors. Either by compressing such odors with their own scent or by absorbing the odors.

Early times had aerosols used as air fresheners. Once they were released into the air, a mist of sweet-smelling smell filled the space.

With time, it was discovered that aerosols posed health and environmental hazards to the atmosphere and so it was discarded by many people.

Producers of air fresheners then reacted by manufacturing air fresheners that can be used as scented oils and gels.

Many air fresheners consist of essential oils and a variety of scents. Scents or fragrances are chemical mixtures that have good odors. Essential oils are usually gotten from plants such as cinnamon, lavender, and pine.

Talking about liquid and solid air fresheners, liquid air fresheners consist of essential oils and fragrances mixed together in a liquid solution (alcohol). When this solvent evaporated, it spreads a pleasant odor into the air.

Solid air fresheners, such as the Little Trees air freshener are built with wax which contains the fragrance.

Air fresheners are made to induce a pleasant aroma into the air and environment to compress odors. As helpful as they seem, air fresheners pose a great danger to the environment due to the composition of some chemicals in them.

Little Trees car air fresheners are shaped in a very iconic and popular tree shape. They are disposable air fresheners that have the shape of an evergreen tree. Used in vehicles, they are usually hung on the rear-view mirror.

They contain a uniquely designed absorbent material that comes in various sizes and colors. They are produced in Switzerland for use in Europe. The Little Trees air freshener is a global brand that has risen in popularity over the years.

Back to the question, do Little Trees air fresheners last long? The answer is yes, they do compare to other car air fresheners.

How Long Do Little Trees Air Fresheners Last?

A pack of Little Trees air fresheners contains 24 trees. A single tree can last up to seven (7) weeks before needing to be changed.

Little Trees air fresheners are light, cheap, easy to use, and come in a variety of fragrances. If you use them properly, they will last for a long time.

You might not be using Little Trees car air fresheners for your car so how do you make your air fresheners last? We all hate it when we get a new air freshener and it works for a few weeks only for the scent to fade off after a few weeks.

There are a few things to do to make the smell last longer.

  • Do not remove the air freshener completely from the pack.
  • Whenever you get a new car air freshener, as soon as you want to use it, open the pack halfway only.
  • Just take out the loop to hang it anywhere in your car and use it like that.
  • When you notice that the scent is beginning to reduce, then you can open it fully. It works like magic!
  • Make use of baking soda or activated charcoal.

Many air fresheners finish so fast. If you are tired of spending so much and getting little benefit from it, you can try activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal and baking sods can be used to freshen up the air in your car. They do not release sweet-smelling scents but they eliminate odors in the air.

Recharge Your Air Fresheners

Ever heard of recharging air fresheners? Yes, there is something like that. You can recharge your Little Trees (or any cardboard) air fresheners by dropping some drops of essential oils onto the cardboard.

Afterward, give it some time to absorb fully into the air freshener. Once that is done, you can hand it back and enjoy the nice scent.

Let in Fresh Air

Most of the time, we use the air conditioner in our cars. Doing this with an air freshener in the car will speed up the consumption of the air freshener.

What is the Longest Lasting Air Freshener?

The longest-lasting air freshener in the world currently is the PURGGO Car Air Freshener. It can last for over a year and still be working really well.

It actually makes use of bamboo charcoal to absorb foul odors instead of using a strong scent to cover up smells.

Built to be minimalistic, PURGGO car air freshener is purely natural and it purifies as well as freshens its environment.

It is made with only bamboo charcoal. It is really popular because of its ability to absorb and eliminate odor instead of compressing it.

If you are disturbed by the lingering odor in your environment, tired of spending money to replace short-life air fresheners, irritated by the scent of air fresheners,s or worried about the harmful effects of artificial air fresheners, PURGGO Car Air Freshener is the way forward. Get it and enjoy your environment.

Pros of Using Little Tree Air Fresheners

Using Little Tree car air fresheners comes with a lot of benefits. You will enjoy the product. Briefly, we consider what you gain by using Little Trees car air fresheners.

  • Long-lasting: Little Trees car air fresheners last for a relatively long period of time. You only need to hang the product in your car and enjoy the scent for a long time. Imagine how beautiful it will be to put Little Tree Air Freshener in your 2015 GMC Sierra. It will be awesome.
  • Light and Inexpensive: As much as air fresheners get, no one likes a really large product. Little Trees car air fresheners are lightweight, you can place them anywhere easily and the fragrance will saturate the room. Also, they are quite cheap, you can get a pack of 6 for 7.27 pounds on Amazon.
  • Easy to Dispose of: Little Trees car air freshener is not difficult to trash. You can easily toss it in the garbage can.
  • Biodegradable

Cons of Using Little Trees Air Fresheners

In as much as Little Trees air fresheners can be so helpful, they pose a major hazard to people.

  • They May Cause Allergic Skin Reactions: Not everyone is comfortable with air fresheners around. Some people with sensitive skin get irritated when they come in contact with the body of the Little Trees air freshener.
  • Toxic to Aquatic Life with Long-lasting Effects: If disposed of in water bodies (which is wrong, though), Little Trees car air freshener will destroy and kill living things in the water. The chemicals in the air freshener are toxic to aquatic life, very toxic in fact. And so, you should never put the air freshener into the water bodies for any reason at all.


Little Trees car air fresheners are able to last for a long time with good use. From time to time, drive with the windows open to conserve the scent.

Then, you should apply some essential oils to the surface of the air freshener when you notice that the scent is vanishing. Doing this will make it last longer.