How Long Will Tapping the Starter Work?

How Long Will Tapping the Starter Work

A starter (also known as a starter motor) is an electrical device that if used will rotate or crank an internal combustion engine to initiate the engine and make it start.

When the rotation function of the starter motor ceases to work, it is then that a clogging problem has occurred and the vehicle will not start. A tap on the starter releases the clog and gives another attempt at starting the vehicle.

Tapping the starter will get the motor to work but how long will tapping the starter work for?

Tapping the starter will get your vehicle to work and save you from being stranded a few times but eventually, it will not work in event of deterioration in the long run.

Can I Tap My starter To Make It Work?

Yes, you can tap your starter to make it work by using a heavy object. Tapping the starter will make the brushes that got stuck become free and the motor will start.

A popular failure performance associated with starter motors occurs when the brushes cause wear on the coil rotating around where the brushes ride. This causes the motor to stiffen and not rotate.

In the situation where the motor stiffens and the starter does not work, the car will not start. And so, tapping on the case sometimes causes the brushes that got stuck to become free and the motor will start.

How Long Will Tapping The Starter Work?

There is no absolute time frame for the efficiency of tapping the starter. Tapping the starter will get it to work over a few times of doing so but it is not a good idea to keep on tapping the starter without fixing what is wrong with it.

Oftentimes, the problem with the starter is in the attached solenoid that had gotten worn down by the brushes in the starter motor.

The solenoid receives the tapping through the starter case and simply fixing the solenoid by replacing it solves the problem.

Continuous tapping may prove to be effective. You can tap the starter today and get it to work and the following day it does not.

Tapping too hard can cause further damage, for instance, you could break a magnet in the starter and this could result in you needing a whole new starter and carrying the cost of getting one.

Pros Of Tapping The Starter

Tapping the starter provides some advantages and can get you and your vehicle out of uncomfortable situations sometimes.

Free Stuck Brushes

When the brushes in the starter wear down the coil winding where they ride, the motor will not rotate. Sometimes tapping on the starter case causes the stuck brushes to shake free.

This will ensure proper contact between the brushes and the commutator, letting electricity flow and the motor will start.

Cog Release

The bent teeth of a flywheel ring gear could prevent the turning of the motor. A tap on the starter motor could release the cog and enable another attempt at starting the motor.

Fixes The Solenoid

The starter motor has a solenoid that engages the cogs before rotation and sometimes can have loose connections that can be restored by tapping the starter.

Being stranded is one of the most uncomfortable situations one can be in and having vehicle starting issues can be disappointing.

Tapping the starter can keep you from getting stranded a few times or for as long as the tapping keeps working.

Cons Of Tapping The Starter

Tapping the starter can also be harmful to the starter and in turn to yourself. While tapping the starter, it is advisable to not tap too hard to prevent causing further damage to the starter.

If you tap the starter too hard, a magnet in the starter could get broken and something else could even be further damaged and then the whole starter would have to be replaced.

You would have to bear the cost of buying a new starter to replace the old one that had gotten damaged. Replacing a worn-out solenoid will cost even less than replacing the whole starter and will enable you to save more and spend less.

How Do I Make My Starter Work Temporarily?

A bad starter is a common fault found in vehicles when you’re unable to start the vehicle. In light of this, there are several ways you can make your starter work temporarily to get your vehicle running.

Analyze The Solenoid

The solenoid can be faulty and be responsible for the bad starter and its effect on the vehicle. Check the solenoid and if you discover rusting on the solenoid, you can make the starter work by connecting the cable from the battery to the location of the connection between the solenoid and the starter motor.

Tap The Starter With A Hard Object.

Another way to make your starter work temporarily is by tapping the starter case with a hard object. While tapping the starter, also switch the ignition of the car on, this makes tapping the starter work efficiently.

Check The Connections.

Another reason for a fault in the function of a starter could be loose and unsecured connections. Try to find out where there are loose connections, if the connection is loose, tighten the terminals of the battery to ensure that the connection of the battery and starter are good enough.

Examine The Engine For Corrosion.

The cables and connectors of the battery and solenoid may be prone to corrosion as a result of a lack of proper caution.

The cables and connectors should be examined because corroded cables cannot conduct which in turn will prevent the starter from working.

Clean the terminals and connectors with a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate, then rinse with hot water only. This will get rid of corrosion.

Where Should You Tap The Starter To Make It Work?

Tapping the main body of the starter will do the trick while turning the key to start the vehicle at the same time. Tapping the starter on plastic areas or fragile parts will do more damage to the starter.

Final Thoughts

In general, tapping a starter will make it work, and if it does make it work, it does not fix the problem and the problem remains there. Hence, the starter needs to be properly repaired and if needed replaced.

Also, ensure to always check your vehicle connections and fastenings and take precautions where necessary.