How Many Junk Cars Can You Have on Your Property?

How Many Junk Cars Can You Have on Your Property

The number of junk cars you can have on your property is one, having one, however, is provided it is at all-time kept in an enclosed structure so it doesn’t become an eyesore to the public.

In every neighborhood, at least 6 out of 10 houseowner have a car, we can even have more cars than the house occupants.

It does not matter how good and perfect a car is for you, it will depreciate in value over time and some or all of its part becomes nonfunctional.

When it gets to this point, the owners are left with the option to sell the parts as scrap or leave it parked on their property until they can decide what to do with it.

With all the occupants of a house owning and driving a car, there is a high probability that some of the cars become useless at the same time and get discarded.

Abandoning a car is one thing but having enough space to keep them is another. When it comes to the point of discarding a car, you have questions like where do I park them? and how many can I park on my property? to ensure I do not violate any law.

What are Junk Cars?

Junk cars can be explained to mean a car that meets some of these requirements; Is five years or older, damaged beyond repairs, can no longer be driven around, or can only be sold by its scrap.

Simply put, a junk car is a damaged vehicle that is no longer worthy of being repaired or fixed, and spending money on such cars will be a total waste of resources.

Junk cars are also known as Scrap cars. Here are basic things to help you identify a junk car

  • It has been parked on the street or property for a long time
  • It is no longer road worthy
  • The price of repairing is more than its value
  • Cannot be moved from one place to the other
  • Nobody wants to buy it as a whole
  • An insurance company doesn’t want to repair the car
  • It has totally disassembled essential parts including the engine, transmission, battery, gas tank etc.
  • Damaged beyond repairs

How many Junk Cars Can You Have on your Property?

If it can be helped none. To be candid the disadvantages of keeping a junk car far surpass the benefits.

Keeping a junk car on your property is toxic and dangerous, a rusting car has sharp edges that can injure anyone, fluids from the car are also dangerous both to humans and the ground.

This can be really dangerous for children who don’t know what to play with and what not to

When push turns to shove and you don’t have much choice but to keep it on your property, one junk car is allowed provided it will be kept out of sight in an enclosed structure.

All regulations regarding junk cars, their storage, and disposal are for the safety of all. It’s not as if your car can be towed for parking in front of your house.

Why Do People Keep Junk Cars in their Yard?

Having to get rid of a property in whatever form it is can be a tough decision, this is something that has served you and your family for the longest of time. In most cases car owners are not always ready to part with it, hence, they decide to keep it around for a little longer.

Below are some reasons why people decide to keep junk cars in their yard;

  • The fond memories and adventure had with the car in time past
  • They hope to get it fixed sometime in the future
  • Getting a better deal on the scrap
  • The scrap from the old car can be used as a spare for another car in the household
  • They care more about it than the new car
  • Can’t afford the cost of having it removed
  • They just love it
  • It is one of their hobbies to collect old cars
  • The plan to create something else out of it
  • It was their first car

Can a House Have Too Many Cars?

No, a house cannot have too many cars. If you have a property big enough to accommodate and a fat bank account, you can get as many cars as you want. There is really no law against the number of cars to have per house.

The neighbors however can have a problem with it when your car starts taking up space on their property.

Don’t buy so many cars with hopes of parking them on someone else’s property, that will be unfair and is unneighborly even when your neighbors are friendly people that allow it.

Some neighbors might not be okay with it though, which might lead to their taking legal actions.

Some people are natural car lovers, when there’s a new car model they want to get it, while some just want cars for various occasions.

People have their reasons for getting many cars and should not be faulted for that and thank goodness there are no laws against it.

How Many Cars Can I Finance Under my Name?

No limit. You have the money, spend it. There’s no limit to the number of cars you can finance in your name, as long as you are able to cover the taxes and necessary insurance expenses.

The problem related to the number of cars you can have under your name isn’t usually at the time of purchase or registration, it is with selling multiple cars.

No law anywhere dictates the number of cars you can have, that decision is solely dependent on you, all the authorities are after is that you register the vehicles as proof of ownership.


A junk car does not necessarily mean an abandoned car. When you neglect your car without proper maintenance over time, it can lead to its rot and spoiling beyond repairs.

In order to preserve the life of your car for a longer period, perform maintenance regularly, replace important fluids, check the car tire, change oil, etc.

If you try spending money to repair a junk car, you will end up spending money that you can recover. Junk cars oftentimes are considered a lost cause.

Irrespective of the condition of a junk car money can still be, made from it through; sales of usable parts, refurbishing, and selling to auto repair shops.

A junk car that has been actively repaired can be parked in the driveway of the property provided the owner has notified the Police Department of the intent to actively repair the vehicle and ensure the repairs are completed within 30days of the notification.