How Many Miles Can You Drive a Hertz Rental Car?

How Many Miles Can You Drive a Hertz Rental Car

Hertz Global Holdings Incorporated has been around for a little over ninety years, delivering quality car rental services to people who don’t have a car, or who for one reason or the other, have to rent a car to commute themselves.

Travelers or first-time visitors in different states are usually the most patronizers of this rental service, as whenever they visit a new town, especially if they are flying in from a faraway place, they always resort to hiring a Hertz rental car to help them navigate the new town.

Also, regular residents of different towns have to resort to renting a car from time to time probably as a result of their damaged car, or simply because they don’t have a car at all.

This is to say that at every point, a Hertz rental car will always be needed, and this is why Hertz Global Holdings now operates in just about twelve thousand (12,000) corporations and franchise locations nationally and internationally.

As a result of the widespread demand or request for a Hertz rental car by people, a lot of questions have been raised concerning the cars that are being rented out by the company.

Customer drivers want to know how many miles a day can the rented car be driven to make better decisions. This article will grant you a better understanding of the number of miles a Hertz rental car can be driven after renting.

How Many Miles Can You Drive a Hertz Rental Car?

The amount of miles you can drive a Hertz rental car depends on the type of mileage you select when you are in the process of renting the car.

Usually, you are given two options to choose from between the limited mileage or the unlimited mileage. Once you choose the limited mileage, your car will be set at a mileage ceiling.

This means that the rented car gets a mileage cap such that if you exceed the cap and you continue to drive, you will be charged – or penalized with a fee – for every mile you use over the mileage cap.

However, for unlimited miles, you never have to worry about the mileage as it is unlimited, and the amount you even pay is the same, irrespective of the number of miles the car has driven for. People who want to travel a very long distance opt for the unlimited mileage rental car.

For better understanding, these two options have been further explained below:

Limited Mileage Rental Car

This is a rental car with a mileage cap. It determines how far you can drive and how many miles you have on your odometer.

You should only select this type of rental car if there is certainty regarding the miles you are going to drive, or if your journey is very short.

On occasions where drivers exceed the mileage cap, the rental company will charge an extra cost for every mile that was exceeded.

The extra charge per mile ranges between ten cents ($0.10) and thirty cents ($0.30). If you are not sure of the miles you are driving, or the distance of your journey, it is often better to opt for unlimited mileage.

Unlimited Mileage Rental Car

As the name implies, it has no mileage restriction. It is unlimited and can go a very long distance, and for an unlimited duration. You don’t have to worry about your mileage finishing, or about the amount of money you would be paying extra if you exceed the ‘mileage cap’, and this is because there is no ‘mileage cap’ to begin with.

It is reasonable to opt for Hertz unlimited mileage for rental if you are going out of state, or going on a long one-way trip.

Many cars have this kind of option available for them, except for vans with a large cargo, or luxury cars.

However, if you are looking for an everyday car, just a means of transporting yourself and a few other people, you can get an unlimited mileage rental car.

Usually, unlimited mileage rental cars are charged at a higher rate than the limited ones.

Does Hertz Charge Mileage on One-Way Rentals?

For individuals who are regular customers and use Hertz rental cars for personal purposes, Hertz does not charge mileage fees on a one-way rental.

However, Hertz charges mileage on a one-way rental for corporations under contracts, operating on a contract code.

Usually, an individual customer gets a rental time of twenty-four hours, with about one hundred and fifty (150) free miles and even complimentary refueling.

The most use of a one-way rental of Hertz cars is for individuals who have just arrived at an airport, who don’t have people waiting to receive them. They would need conveyance to their destination, and many people are comfortable driving themselves, especially if they are not too tired from the trip.

They get a one-way rental that sees them picking up the Hertz car at the airport and delivering it to the nearest Hertz location close to their destination without having to worry about mileage costs/fees.

Do Rental Companies Charge for Mileage?

Yes, rental companies charge for mileage. You have to pay for mileage on a rented car, whether limited mileage or unlimited mileage.

Part of the amount of money you pay to rent the car from the rental company accounts for the mileage of the car you are renting.

Paying for mileage on a rental car gives you access to the car. If you are paying for limited mileage, you get a mileage cap such that once you exceed the cap, you will be charged extra for every additional mile you exhaust, however, if you are paying for unlimited mileage, you pay more, but you never have to worry about exceeding the mileage cap.

What is the National Car Rental Mileage Limit?

The daily limit for a National car rental is three hundred and seventy-five (375) miles. However, you can get a cheap limit for as low as a 175-mile cap. This is the cheapest car rental limit available at national.

Asides from this, National also gives an option for unlimited mileage on cars, just as Hertz Rental Company does. An additional incentive is the year-round bonuses/discounts that are given to customers on all types of cars.

Car Rental Companies with Unlimited Mileage

Here is a list of car rental companies offering customers unlimited mileage in the country:

  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Hertz Rental
  • Budget Rent a Car
  • National Car Rental
  • Avis Rent A Car
  • Rent-A-Wreck
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Turo
  • Dollar Rent A Car
  • ACE Rent A Car


Before renting a car at Hertz, you have to identify the kind of trip you want to embark on, that is, your purpose for renting the car before going ahead to do so. This will help you decide whether to go for the unlimited mileage or the limited mileage.

A long-distance journey with uncertain miles might require that you opt for unlimited mileage, while a short journey with certain miles might just push you to go with the limited mileage. Understanding this will help you make better rental decisions, thereby putting you in a better financial situation.