How Much are Showers at Truck Stops?

How Much are Showers at Truck Stops

Many people on the road for days need to have showers, and they can’t do it in their cars, or by the roadside. This is why truck stops have provided a way out for truck drivers and even regular drivers to get a shower.

Now, if you are taking a very long journey and would need to be on the road for several days, you don’t need to worry about where to take a shower, because chances are, if you are driving for hours, you would drive by a truck stop that has a shower. Therefore, how much are showers at truck stops?

You will spend between $12 to $15 to get a shower at a truck stop, and this depends on the exact truck stop you go to. The least amount you’d get a shower for is $12.

Do Truck Stops Have Showers?

Yes, truck stops have showers. Truck stops have recognized the need to have showers provided to truck drivers who are usually on the road, going on interstate journeys, and they have accorded the same service to regular drivers.

This is to help drivers generally to keep proper hygiene and feel comfortable. Imagine a driver who needs to go to the toilet as soon as possible, and he doesn’t have a place to do that.

With truck stops having shower services, he can simply stop by one of the truck stops on his way and use their service.

Truck stops having showers have proven to be convenient, and it is also a profitable business, as the truck stop owners render this important service for a fee.

Also, drivers never have to worry about where to take a shower or ease themselves when they know they won’t be reaching their destination within a day.

How Much are Showers at Truck Stops?

Usually, truck stops charge between $12 to $15 for a shower at their stop, but this varies.

The cost of showers at truck stops depends on a whole lot of things, such as where you are taking the shower, the precise location, the system you are using, as well as whether you are a regular customer of the truck stop company.

Different truck companies have different prices they charge for a shower. For example, Pilot charges $12 for a shower, and Loves also charges $12 for a shower, however, Little America charges $15 for a shower.

Different truck stops have different prices for different reasons. Some truck stop showers offer more services than others.

Many times, the price of a shower at a truck stop can also reduce according to the amount of fuel you have purchased at the truck stop company within the month.

You can even get free showers at a truck stop like Pilot if you have filled up to 500 gallons of fuel in a month.

Also, using an app can get the amount you will pay for a shower at a truck stop company reduced.

How Can You use Showers at Truck Stops?

When you have been driving for a long time, perhaps for more than a day and you need to take a shower, or simply use a restroom to freshen up, you can simply pull up at the next truck stop you approach.

Once you pull up, go to the counter where the attendant would be waiting and ready to receive drivers, and ask to use the shower.

Depending on the truck stop, the counter might be the same one as where you go to pay for gas, or they might have set up a completely different counter for showers.

Once you ask the attendant to use the shower, you have to pay the required amount the attendant tells you to pay, which is usually $12 to $15. It can even be as low as $10 or as high as $18, all depending on various factors.

After settling the fee, you will be given a ticket that boldly has a number assigned to you written on it. It is usually a waiting number. Once it is your turn, you will be asked to go in and enjoy the service.

Can You Shower Together at Truck Stops?

Yes you can, but it is always advisable to ask the attendant, so he or she can make certain that your partner, or whoever it is you are going into the shower with is completely consenting.

Some attendants are always reserved about taking showers together in a public shower service like truck stop showers, but it is allowed, as long as all the parties involved are agreeable.

Must You Shower at Truck Stops?

No. It is not a must for you to shower at truck stops, but it is advisable to keep very healthy hygiene and get a place, like a truck stop to take a shower if you have been on the road for a very long time.

Many people are not comfortable using a public shower, and they prefer to go without having a shower until they get to their destination, and that is completely fine.

It is never a must to have your shower, at truck stops, or even anywhere at all, however, it is a good thing to be clean, and refreshed, as it is of benefit to you and everyone around you.

If there is another place where you can take a shower and it isn’t a truck stop, then why not? Taking a shower at a truck stop is not a must.

If you are driving through different states, and you have a family in-between states, you can use their house for your shower instead of using a truck stop.

Also, you could be comfortable going for days and not having a shower. If that is the case, then go right ahead. It is not a must to shower at truck stops. Just do whatever you can to keep healthy hygiene.

Benefits of Showering at Truck Stops

There are a lot of benefits that are derived from having showers at truck stops. Here are a few:

  • Drivers are More Alert: When drivers take a shower at truck stops after driving for many hours, they become more alert and energized to start the journey again.
  • A Form of Relaxation: After driving for too long, drivers might want to take a break from driving and relax, so they stop at a truck stop for a shower.
  • It is Healthy: Stopping to take a shower at truck stops after long hours of driving is very healthy. It helps to improve the health of drivers and gives them the sound mental faculty they need to continue the journey.
  • Reduces Accidents on the Road: Many accidents that have happened could have been prevented had the drivers stopped and taken a shower to refresh their brains, and rest their eyes and bodies. Showering at truck stops makes the road a little safer.
  • Prevents Depression: Yes, driving for days, or long hours can take its mental toll and can cause depression, especially when you are alone in the car or truck. Stopping to take a shower at a truck stop will help prevent or at least reduce depression.
  • Provides Good Hygiene: Showering after long hours is healthy and hygienic. If drivers don’t take a shower, once they get to their destination, they would be far from desirable, and if it is a driver going to deliver a good on behalf of a company, that can color the perception of the customers.


Showers at truck stops are not very expensive. They cost at the very least, $12 and at most $15 depending on what company you are having your shower at.

It is never worth it to forsake your hygiene, your health, and your safety by not having a shower when you are journeying for days, for long hours.