How Much Horsepower Does a Cold Air Intake Add to a V8?

How Much Horsepower Does a Cold Air Intake Add to a V8

A cold air intake is a proven procedure that is supported by science, and it is always installed outside the engine compartment, away from any part of the engine that produces heat.

It is an aftermarket part that assists in bringing over cool air into the internal combustion engine of a vehicle.

There are many superb advantages a cool air intake will do to a V8 aside from adding to its horsepower; it also has the tendency to improve the Engine roar, acceleration, and MPG. But how much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a V8?

There are no exact figures for the amount of horsepower increase a cold air intake will add to your V8 engine, but there is a range of about 15-20 horsepower gain. 

What Is The Essence Of A Cold Air Intake?

Perhaps you were advised to do a cold air intake to improve your engine performance and you wonder what it is and how it will help your engine do better, here’s how.

Envision a heater that has been plugged and left for a while, it increases in heat the more you use it. To keep things cool or at a temperature, the body can bare, you’ll need to add a little cold water or let the heat escape out.

The same is the function of a cold air intake. A car engine is known to boil up at every point in time after ignition.

The component of the engine produces too much heat which most times cause the car to function lesser of its ability.  Cold air is a procedure in which cooler air is directed from outside the engine compartment into the engine.

A cold air intake is always installed outside the engine compartment and then directed into the engine, which introduces cooler air in form of oxygen into the engine, it causes the engine to have more active power.

The major essence of a cold air intake to a car engine is the introduction of cooler air and you must know that cooler air, keeps the engine in a good health. If the engine is in good order, it allows the effectiveness of every other part of the car.

What is a V8 engine?

Recently, a friend asked, “What is a V8 engine?” Particularly, many car owners cannot tell the difference between the engine types. The V8, the V6, and others all have peculiar factors that make them superb and exceptionally great.

A V8 engine is common in the 21st century and way back. It is one of the best, at least based on its ability to produce high torque and a powerful roar. If you own a luxurious car, you probably have a sitting V8 in your car but it isn’t so common in non-luxurious cars.

A V8 engine is a type of engine with eight cylinders, divided into halves with each halves containing an equal number of cylinders.

The construction of a V8 is designed so that each halves are as functional as the other. If the cylinder of the first cylinder is at the top dead, the other gets into a downward stroke to strike a primary force balance.

You could easily compare a V8 engine to that of any 4-stroke internal combustion.

A V8 engine offers a lot more than a higher horsepower rate; it is also a good engine for acceleration. Basically, a V8 is known for its power and acceleration, if what you need in a car is to feel the power when you step on the accelerator, you should consider a vehicle with a V8 engine.

How Much Horsepower Does A Cold Air Intake Add To A V8?

When your V8 engine takes in cooler air from the cold air intake, it causes a horsepower gain of about 5 to 20 horsepower in almost every car.

However, it is important to note that the exact amount of horsepower a cold air intake adds to a V8 cannot be assumed but it falls within that range. This makes your driving experience as blissful as ever.

Is Cold Air Intake Worth The Money?

It has been a trend amongst new auto lovers s who just got behind the wheel that “there isn’t any benefit to having a cold air intake”. Truth be told, sometimes the benefit of a cold air intake isn’t visible but it is there anyways.

You possibly cannot tell that your horsepower has been improved if you’re not a person that pays attention to every tiny change that occurs with your car and why they happen.

To save you of this plight, here’s a list of what a cold air intake will help improve in your car, so when you see these things happen after a cold air intake, you can give the needed credit to the process.

It Increases The Engine Performance

As stated earlier, a cold intake majorly gives your vehicle more oxygen to function with. An improved airflow is more like a complete growth diet for the car.

It becomes more efficient when this engine modification is mixed with other engine modifications like adding a new exhaust systems or installing a turbocharger.

Either way, a cold intake gives more oxygen via releasing cold air to the engine thereby increasing the horsepower.

It Also Have The Tendency To Increase Horsepower

This is same as what is explained earlier. A horsepower is related to the amount of energy an engine can work with at a specified time.

If the engine gets cooler air, it makes the engine component function at a good condition. A car’s engine is known to emit heat at a heightened level, with a cooler airflow, it becomes easy for it to function better.

Manufacturers concluded that a cold air intake is able to produce an extra of about 5-20HP to your car’s engine.

If the process is mixed with other engine modifications, it gives your engine a superb ability. Getting one done isn’t a bad idea.

Benefits of using a V8 engine

The advantages of using a V8 engine are:

1. It Requires A Low Maintenance Cost

Amongst the many reasons to why a V8 fits well for many car owners, being able to manage cost during maintenance is a huge advantage.

A V8 engine is easy to maintain and its design makes it easy for the mechanic to touch without having to force things to happen.

2. The V8 Is More Powerful

Without doubt, a V8 is a rugged fellow with tendency to withstand toughness. Whether you drive an SUV or you own a cargo van on a work site, a V8 engine provides exceptional engine power to get through the day.

3. A V8 Engine Provides Speed At Its Peak

If you’re a fan of driving excellently, then you must care about “Fast Cars”. Everyone who wants speed will desire a V8 engine because it’s an excellent engine to keep the nitro going all out.

A V8 engine allows you run distances in seconds but be sure to drive safe and don’t be carried away by the swiftness of the V8 engine provides.

4. A V8 Engine Provides A Reasonable Sound When Accelerating

When your engine produces awkward sounds, how cool do you find it? A V8 engine is designed to produce sounds that are pleasing, more like a roar, and it gears up a desire to drive even faster.

If you’re the fast type behind the wheels, a V8 will not only provide a smoothening sound at the detriment of a fast tires, a V8 provides both speed and a considerable sound.

Cons of Using A V8 Engine

A friend will always say to me “You can’t jump on the good and leave the bad behind”, same is anything that’s manufactured. A V8 engine also has its own disadvantages, here’s a few.

They Are Good Consumer Of Fuel

A V8 engine uses more than 4 cylinders which makes it consumptions twice higher than that of a normal car. You want a good engine that connotes Power and Speed; you’ve got one with a tendency to consume more fuel. If you resent a fueling station, avoid a V8 engine.

Due To Its Heavy Engine, It Affects Suspension

A V8 contains 8 cylinders, designed to be heavy in which if affects other engine parts like the Shock absorber, the ball joints and the shafts and this is because of the impact of the weight of the engine when driving.

This happens majorly when you drive a car with a V8 engine consistently on a rough road.

Does Cold Air Intake Make Car Louder?

Yes, a cold air intake will make your car louder. It allows you to hear clearly how air moves into your car engine most especially at specific times when you tend to release the throttle or when there is a gear shift.

You shouldn’t feel bothered as this is a very pleasing sound, though aggressive but still conducive for the ear. I use a K&N cold air intake in my 2001 Lexus IS300 and it makes the car sound better when accelerating.


A cold air intake pushes cooler air that contains oxygen into your engine which makes the engine perform a little better than the former and amongst the noticeable improvements is the horsepower. A V8 is a strong engine known for power and speed, a cold intake will add more to its explicit qualities.