How Much HP Does a K&N Cold Air Intake Add?

How Much HP Does a K&N Cold Air Intake Add?

Horsepower is practically the amount of power an engine has per time. The amount of horsepower a K&N cold air intake produces depends on various factors, which are; the makings of the car, the model, the engine size, and also the state of health of your engine.

This implies a lot, we can simply say, “if an engine is in a good condition, it can simply cause your K&N cold air intake to add a little more horsepower”

A K&N cold air intake can add up between the ranges of 5-10 horsepower to your engine. This isn’t a direct figure as the above-listed factors can alter the figures. A vehicle with its engine in good condition will provide more horsepower than another with its engine in a pretty bad condition.

What Is A K&N Cold Air Intake?

K&N Cold air intake

A K&N cold air intake is a premium aftermarket product that is developed to cause your engine to improve in power and also to make possible a more enjoyable driving experience.

Due to their years in service, they have made a K&N cold air intake, easy to install, customer friendly, effectiveness in increasing engine horsepower.

There are other cold air intakes aside from that of a K&N like the Spectre Cold Air intake but a K&N has more years of experience.

How much HP does A K&N Cold Air Intake Add?

Depending on what model you drive, a K&N cold air intake will not geometrically increase your vehicle horsepower, it can only add a little to it. A range of 10-20/25Hp can be added after a K&N cold air intake.

There are specific predictable figures for different car models, like the 2009- 2017 Dodge challenger R/T 5.7L Hemi, installing a K&N cold air intake can produce an extra 14.13  – 15horsepower.

This figure hangs on various factors and they are different in engine types and vehicle models. If you want a geometric increase in Horsepower, consider a turbocharger.

In case you wonder how exactly this process works, here’s the simple magical process.  After the cold air intake has introduced enormous cold air into the combustion system, the engine is able to burn fuel accurately which in sense produces more horsepower.

Is A K&N Cold Air Intake Worth It?

Yes, a K&N cold air intake is worth the use. I use it on my 2001 Lexus IS300 and I’ve never regretted it. Below are the reasons why the K&N cold air intake is worth the hype.

It’s Easy To Install

Amongst the many reasons why K&N cold air intake is quite appreciated is because it’s very easy to install. There will be no need to get a mechanic suited in a weird overall with strange color blends and a backpack filled with tools before you can install a K&N cold air intake.

You can simply get it done in minutes, right in your garage, with pajamas or a skimpy dress. Who cares about what you wear in your garage?

You don’t want to be frustrated, you know? So, it’s important you find a cold air intake that allows you a swift and easy installation.

For easy installation, you should consider a cold air intake that will not require you to cut or drill while trying to install, a factory hole’s cold air intake is a good fit to avoid these rigorous processes.

A K&N cold air intake has an easy-to-understand installation guide and reference to the reviews made by those who have tried installing a K&N cold air intake, it took them a little less than an hour which isn’t so bad.

An improvement in Sound

This is a visible trait after installing your cold air intake. There is a sound improvement and this isn’t a hard nut to crack, the sound is loud and you can easily spot the difference between when there was no cold air intake and there is one.

Though, everyone wants to do a cold air intake in other to increase a vehicle’s horsepower which is relatable, who doesn’t want an extra engine power? But the range of 5-15 doesn’t really sound excessive to me.

A more tangible reason aside from having an increase in horsepower is the softening sound your engine befits to produce after installing a cold air intake. The exciting part about this is that it makes a better driving experience.

A K&N cold air intake is the best bet; it is known to provide one of the best sound improvements after installation. Don’t take my word for it, ensure you check out customers’ reviews. I’m sure after checking one or two, you’ll buy me a coffee.

Horsepower Gain

Why do I feel you’ve been patiently waiting for me to get to talk about this? Well, a cold air intake will sure boost your engine’s horsepower a little between 10-20hp depending on various factors like the model of the car, the condition of the engine, and possibly the efficiency of the cold air intake to be used.

As stated earlier, a cold air intake won’t give you that massive result when it involves boosting up your horsepower, if you want better figures other than a range of 10-20 which is ridiculously small, you should consider installing turbochargers, and this will cause an upward lift to your horsepower.

Pros of Using A K&N Cold Air Intake?

Everyone wants a better product; I am also not left out. A K&N cold air intake has a lot of reason attached to it that makes it much more acceptable in the market compared to the others.

Perhaps, you are wondering why you should use a K&N cold air intake instead of another, here’s why.

A K&N Cold Air Intake Provides A Warranty

You can possibly trust the effectiveness of a product based on the warranty attached to it and a K&N cold air intake did a good job with its warranty description.

A K&N cold air intake provides a warranty that allows you to save money and time. Unlike others, a K&N cold air intake filter can be washed and reused as many times as possible.

Air filter tends to get stained at most after 10,000-15,000 thousand miles. Imagine if you’ll have to buy a new air filter for every 15,0000 distance traveled, even if you have a safe with stacks of cash, you will likely still find it dissatisfying in the long run.

A K&N cold air intake allows you to do a simple cleaning and fixing back without needing any technical support. You can as well get it done in your garage.

But, if you are a complete freshman to cars, and you feel the instructional guides are not the best to direct you, K&C has a technical support system you can reach out to. They are easily accessible.

A K&N Cold Air Intake Is Easy To Install

You shouldn’t get too tired of listening to this because I find this super helpful. Imagine if you have to install a cold air intake and have to be on it for hours. You’ll get bored, tired, and frustrated and sometimes you might sleep off in your garage.

What you need are a screwdriver and some wrenches. With this, you’re good to go.

Installing a cold air intake might pull some law strings, depending on the state you’re in. It’s important that every air intake is tested and also that it complies with the current emissions standards.

A K&N cold air intake provides a complete street legal for all 50 states which also have in attachment the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the Executive Order (EO) which is applicable to the kit, year, and car model it can be installed to.

You should be intentional about ensuring your cold air intake is street legal and the best way to avoid going through different stress to figure this out is to simply get a K&N cold air intake.

Cons of Using A K&N Cold Air Intake?

The disadvantages of using a K&N cold air intake are:

1. You Possibly Might Experience a Reduction In Engine Power

You might be wondering if this doesn’t contradict the words that have been spoken about the K&N cold air intake, yes! It doesn’t contradict.

Cold air intake uses an air filter, and in most cases, if washing isn’t done when due, it can result in clogging. Dirt and dust affect the air filter which at the very end causes the engine to be a little drowsy.

2. You Could Also Experience An Hydro-Locking Issue

There is a tendency that moisture will one way or the other gets trapped in the engine cylinder and when this happens, it has a direct effect on the hydro-locking system.

There are really no special flaws to installing a K&N cold air intake. You are in safe hands if you intend to have one installed.

Which Cold Intake Adds the Most Horsepower?

The options are numerous; you could possibly pick out 10 very great performing air intake that guarantees a reasonable increase in horsepower and finds out the overall best two. This list is piled up based on customer reviews.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

Same as the Spectre intake kit, a K&N cold air intake kit also allows up to 100,000 miles before cleaning will be required. But this moves further by improving not just the acceleration but also adding up a soothing sound to your engine.

The K&N cold air intake filter is also reusable after cleaning with a strong warranty of 10 years and an approximate 1 million miles traveled.

It also offers a relatable horsepower increment depending on various factors like the ( car model, engine type, and others.)

The Spectre Performance Intake Kit

A Spectre performance is a good one because it allows you to travel 100,000 miles before you get to conduct a filter clean.

It’s also designed to provide 50 percent additional horsepower and torque more than any factory box air pipes or any intake pipes. It has a 4.5 rating over 5.


A cold air intake is important to the performance of your car engine. Aside from an increase in Horsepower, the K&N Cold air intake also adds some reasonable sound to your engine. It makes it a perfect move for anyone. Ensure you check it out.