How to Catch Someone Who Broke into Your Car

How to Catch Someone Who Broke into Your Car

With the rise of technology and security camera in almost all the cities of the state, yet, car break-ins and car jarking have been the order of the day. Does it mean that these young men and women are not aware of these technologies or they just don’t care?

If someone broke into your car, what should you do? In this article, we will be discussing the best way and tips on how to catch someone who broke into your car.

Can You Catch Someone Who Broke into Your Car?

Yes, you can catch someone who broke into your car if you do it the right way. You can’t just catch the person just like that, there must be security measures taken by you before the incident happens which will assist in catching the culprit.

In fact, the security measures will determine if the perpetrator will be caught or not. These security measures are discussed below.

How to Catch Someone Who Broke into Your Car

To catch someone who broke into your car, follow these procedures:

1. Check Your Dashcam

Checking your dashcam is the best way to catch someone who broke into your car. This is because your dashcam must have recorded the event when it was unfolding.

If you have a very good dashcam, it will record the person’s face in HD and if the perpetrator said something in the process, the dashcam will also record it.

This is the reason why having a dashcam in your car is very important. Don’t tell me you don’t have one.

Well, if you don’t have one in your car, I suggest you purchase one. It is best to purchase a dashcam that can record both front and back in HD and also record voice as well.

2. Check CCTV Cameras Around

For those that don’t have dashcams in their cars, you can check for parking lot cameras or security cameras around where the incident happened. The chances are that, if there are security cameras around, they will record the event as well.

If you are not sure about any security cameras in the street, you can ask someone around for more information. Even if you have a dashcam, you can request the CCTV footage to get more information per to the incident.

3. Check for People Security/Doorbell Camera

If there is no dashcam and security camera around, you can ask people for help. If the brake in happened in a residential area, chances are that, people’s doorbells or security cameras must have recorded the event.

Kindly request they assist you with the footage. If they are good people, they will help you.

4. Check for Other Subscriptions

This is for those with monitoring and car tracking subscription, you can inform them to assist you.

For example, if you have a subscription with OnStar, and someone breaks into your car, because Onstar keeps location history, they can be able to assist the way they can.

Remember that Onstar has cameras too. Just contact where you subscribed and know if you can be of help.

5. Involve the Police

Involving the police is the smartest thing you should do. Except you have exhibited in your car. The police will be the ones to catch the person.

Moreover, even if your dashcam recorded the event, you cannot catch the person yourself, you will still take the matter to the police because it is their responsibility to ensure that law and order are obeyed which includes making sure that lawbreakers suffer the consequences of their actions.

Go to the police station and file a report. It is as simple as A, B, and C.

6. Check for Any Physical Evidence

If you are lucky enough, you might see someone that witnessed the crime. The person can help you in explaining how it happened. If peradventure the matter is brought to court, the person can still stand in as a witness.

How Do You Stop Someone From Breaking into Your Car?

To stop someone from breaking into your car:

1. Ensure your Car Security is Working

Ensure you install security in your car that will go off when someone tries either open the car door without a key or boot. Some car security will go off as soon as someone notices pressure on the car.

This alarm will make the person run away. This is one of the best ways to deter someone from breaking into your car.

2. Don’t Leave Your Car in a Secluded Area

Parking anyhow can make someone break into your car. If you want to park, park where so many people are. With so much around, nobody will have the thought of breaking into your car.

3. Ensure You Doors and Windows are Properly Locked

Before leaving your car, ensure that your door and windows are properly locked. With this, it may be difficult for someone to break into your car. Don’t make your car to be an easy target.

4. Be Conscious of Your Area

Don’t park overnight in an area that is known for car break-ins if you drive an expensive car. Doing so means that you are inviting the bad boys to do the needful.

If you drive an expensive car and want to park overnight in a neighborhood that is not safe, it is advisable to go park in a good parking lot with security where you are sure your car is secured.

What are Thieves Looking For When they Break into Your Car?

  • Valuable Items: The thieves could be looking for valuable items they grab and sell for cash
  • To Highjack the Car: The thief can break into your car to highjack the car
  • Money: For someone that is caught up in his own mess, the person who sighting money inside your car, can break in to take the money.
  • Nothing: Someone might not be looking for something. Some might just do it because they are used to committing crimes. They can stay without committing crimes.

Final Thoughts

It’s one thing to have your car vandalized, is another thing to catch the perpetrators. If you want to catch them, then you must employ all the security features discussed in this article as well as the police. Check your dashcam, and the security footage around, and involve the police.