How to Change Vehicle Color on Registration (2 Easy Ways)

How to Change Vehicle Color on Registration

Change of vehicle color on registration is a requirement in all states if you must change the color of your car. You can’t wake up one morning and decide you want to change your car color.

Depending on your state of residence, the change process varies and may require that you show up physically at the DVM while in others you may do it online.

However, irrespective of the requirement and states of residence, one thing that is common is that changing a vehicle’s color on registration is not free.

Can You Change Vehicle Color on Registration?

Yes, you can change a vehicle’s color on Registration. In the course of registering your vehicle with the appropriate body after purchase, one of the information that will be documented is the color of your vehicle.

Due to whatever reason, a vehicle owner may decide to fully change the paint job or just some parts of the vehicle’s color like the hood.

In a case where you want to completely change the color, you definitely need to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles (DVM) and follow the right process of documenting the change.

However, informing the Department of Motor Vehicle isn’t really necessary when you are only changing a small part of the vehicle and the majority of the other parts still maintain the color.

Changing a vehicle color isn’t free as you will be required to pay a Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC). This charge is the fee for processing the change of color and it can also cover other changes in the vehicle such as; change of engine, change of chassis, etc.

It is important to change your vehicle color on registration to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities.

How to Change Vehicle Color on Registration

It is worthy of note that the process of changing a vehicle’s color on registration differs from state to state and also depending on the state you may have to be physically present at the DVM or fill out a form online.

Here, we will look into the process of changing a vehicle’s color

Get All the Required Documents

Getting all the required documents is the first step in getting your vehicle’s change of color registered, without them you will be able to do nothing. Some of the documents you will need are as follows;

  • Certificate of Registration: You will need to present the original as well as a photocopy of your vehicle’s certificate of registration, this serves as proof that the car has initially been registered.
  • A Receipt of the Motor Vehicle’s User Charge (MVUC): The MVUC is charged by the DVM as a fee for processing the change. The original copy and a photocopy will also be needed.
  • Affidavit of Change of Color: Affidavit of change of color from the Vehicle Owner and the painter that changed the color
  • A PNP TMG Clearance: Getting a PNP TMG clearance doesn’t come free with the amount varying from state to state. You will also be required to present some documents like your certificate of registration in order to get it
  • A Motor Vehicle Inspection Report: This report shows that the vehicle has been inspected and proven to be in good condition if otherwise, you may have to fix the problems before the change of color can be put in effect.
  • TPIN: Tax Payer’s Identification Number

Proceed to the DVM

With all the documents in hand, you can proceed to the DVM for your vehicle’s change of color. When you get there, they will tell you the necessary procedures to follow.

Pros of Changing Your Vehicle Color on Registration

Changing a vehicle’s color on registration may seem like the right thing to do but does it come with some benefits. Let’s consider some benefits here;

Driving Around Without Fear of Getting Caught

Changing a vehicle’s color on registration affords you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about getting caught by the authorities.

Even if you are stopped at police stops, you can be sure it’s not because you had your vehicle color changed.

You Get to Have the Paint Job for Longer

If you get stopped by the Police and they realize you are having a different color, you may be forced to have the paint removed on the stop especially if you have decals installed. Changing the vehicle color on registration prevents any of this from happening.

Cons of Not Changing Your Vehicle Color on Registration

If you want to change your vehicle color but don’t want to have it changed on registration, here are some disadvantages you should know about. 

  • Trouble With the Authorities: Not changing your vehicle color on registration will most likely get you in trouble with the authorities. Your registration indicates the color of your vehicle, if you get stopped by the police and the registration has a color other than what is on your vehicle, you will be in trouble.
  • You Will be Forced to Spend More: Often times, people do not bother to change their vehicle color on registration because of the money involved.

They may end up paying and spending more when they get caught by the police because they will eventually have the change of color registered, get penalized with a fine, or even have the paint (decal) removed by the police which will cost money to replace.

What to do If I Want to Change the Color of My Car?

Making a decision to change the color of a car isn’t enough, there are certain things and factors that should also be put into consideration. Here are some things you should do if you want the change your car color;

  • Check to know what the requirement for changing a car’s color is for your state. This is an important thing to do, different states have different requirements and processes for changing car colors.
  • Decide on the type of paint and color you want. There are different types of paint jobs, would you like a change of color using a spray can or have decals installed. The cost of the different types may also be helpful in helping you make a final decision. Also, consider the benefits and downside to each one.
  • Take the car to a paint shop with the necessary information and details.
  • Change the car color on registration. Most states require that you change your car color on registration. This is done so the new color will be documented and to avoid future problems.


Do not proceed to change your vehicle color blindly without knowing the requirement for doing so in your state of residence. Not changing a vehicle color on registration often times doesn’t end well for the vehicle owner especially when caught by the authorities.