How to Reset Tire Pressure Light on Honda Civic 2016

How to Reset Tire Pressure Light on Honda Civic 2016

This is one general issue with Honda cars, particularly. Sometimes the tire pressure light on the dashboard, controlled by the TPMS, can come on, indicating that your tire pressure is low, when in fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your tires.

It remains on, alerting you of nothing until you reset it. This is where many Honda owners encounter problems. They have no idea how to reset the tire pressure.

They aren’t even sure it is possible to do so, and this is what this article has been written to address. We will discuss how to reset tire pressure light on Honda Civic 2016

To reset the tire pressure light on Honda Civic 2016, you need to:

  • Ignite your vehicle engine
  • Go to the screen on your 2016 Honda Civic dashboard
  • Click on the Settings option on your home screen
  • Click on the vehicle option
  • Click on the calibrate option and allow it to calibrate
  • Once the notification clears, click on OK

Can You Reset Tire Pressure Light On Honda Civic 2016?

Yes, you can reset the tire pressure light on Honda Civic 2016. Resetting the tire pressure light that blinks as a notification on the dashboard of your car is a very easy thing to do.

Usually, the tire pressure light in Honda Civic takes about 35 miles of driving before it comes back to normal after pumping your tires, so your tire pressure light might be on because it is yet to recalibrate itself after you fixed your tires.

Once your pressure light is on, and you have confirmed to see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your tires, or that there is no reason why the pressure light should be on, you can reset it yourself by simply navigating through the menu on the home screen on your dashboard.

You should bear in mind that once your tire pressure is on, there is no need to panic. All you need to do is locate the nearest stop, park and reset the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) of your Honda Civic 2016.

How to Reset Tire Pressure Light On Honda Civic 2016

Again, resetting the tire pressure light on Honda Civic 2016 can be done simply by navigating the home screen on your dashboard.

Usually, you have to go through this process after adjusting the pressure of your tires, or fixing them one way or another.

Once you notice that the low-pressure light is on and you have confirmed it is a false alarm, or you’re simply trying to reset, i.e. recalibrate after an adjustment in the tires, you should follow these simple steps:

Switch on Ignition

First, you have to ignite your vehicle’s engine to do anything at all. However, let your car know that although you are switching the ignition on, you are not driving, and you should do this by putting the transmission on ‘Park’ and setting the parking brake. Ensure your car isn’t driving or moving.

Homescreen Button

Once the ignition is on, go to the screen on your Honda Civic 2016 dashboard. You will find a set of on-screen buttons arranged vertically on the left side of the screen.

One of the buttons is labeled Home. You click on the button, and it will take you to the homepage of your vehicle where you will be presented with several options of actions to take.


One of the options on your homepage is the settings option. Remember you are trying to perform a settings (reset) action, so this is where your concerns should be.

Click on the settings and it will present you with the several options that you are permitted by the manufacturer to set on your own. There are options like a clock, info, smartphone, phone, audio, Bluetooth, system, vehicle, etc.


You click on the vehicle option. There are settings relating to the hardware of the vehicle. This is where the option to recalibrate your tire pressure monitoring system is located.

There are also other things to set under the vehicle option such as meter setup, keyless access setup, lighting setup, door/window setup, etc. Since your business is with the TPMS, you guessed right! Click on the TPMS Calibration.

TPMS Calibration

This is where you take the final action to calibrate the tire pressure light. There are only two options here; cancel and calibrate.

Since you are looking to calibrate, you click on the calibrate option, and it automatically tells you that calibration has started.

Once the notification clears, click on OK, and you have successfully reset your tire pressure light. You would notice that by now, the low-pressure light on your dashboard has disappeared.

How to Maintain Your Honda Civic 2016 Tire

Here are several ways to maintain your Honda Civic 2016 Tires:

1. Regular Rotation of Your Tires

One sure way to maintain your Honda tires is to rotate them regularly. This means that you should swap the rear tires for the front ones, or the right side for the left side tires. You should do it evenly, and occasionally to ensure that there is balanced wear and tear on the tires.

2. Proper Pressure in Your Tires

Ensure that your tires are always properly pumped. There should be proper pressure in the tires, and each of the tires should have the same amount of pressure in them.

Once you notice they are deflated, or there is a right indication of low pressure, do well to take care of the problem by inflating your tires back to the appropriate pressure.

3. Moisturize Your Tires Occasionally

While going this route, ascertain that you are using a premium moisturizer or conditioner to properly moisturize the tires, make them run smoothly on the ground, and prevent them from hastened wear and tear. It also gives a beautiful look and feels to your tires.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure that the tires of your vehicle are in perfect condition. When your low-pressure light comes on on your dashboard, stop as soon as you can if you’re already driving to inspect your tires.

If you have ascertained that there’s nothing wrong with your tires, recalibrate your tire pressure light from the screen of your Honda Civic 2016 and you are good to go.