How to Tell if a Car Has been Smoked In (The Easy Way)

How to Tell if a Car Has been Smoked In

Getting a fairly used car is cheaper but stressful, it comes with the fear of taking a financial risk. Most times it is like buying a good-looking car with clean interiors.

Questions like, what is the nature of the car? How long has it been used before now? Does it have an accident in history? How decent is the previous owner? Was he or she a smoker? If yes, how do I tell if a car has been smoked in?

How to tell if a car has been smoked in is by perceiving the smell of the cigarette or checking for smoke ashes in the car. If indeed a car has been smoked in, there will be leftover smoke ashes in the car.

However, if it has been long since the car was smoked in and was washed since then, it may be difficult finding out if the said car has been smoked in just by trying to perceive the smell of a cigarette.

If indeed the car was thoroughly washed afterward, it may be difficult to see smoke ashes. But you should try looking to know if you can find one. Do well to install a smoke sensor in the car.

What Does It Mean For A Vehicle To Be Smoked In?

Smoke in a vehicle can come from a careless person who finds pleasure in the cigarette even in a car or a broken pipe exhaust, releasing dangerous smoke into the car and atmosphere.

When a vehicle shows signs of smoked in, it shows that the car has an incomplete service history or a hidden problem.

This problem can be caused by different things and different smokes have their sources. You would need a clear understanding to know the reason for this.

Smoking in a car is wrong but common in our society. It endangers your life and puts whoever comes into the car afterward a chance to be exposed to cancer-causing particles. Before buying a car, it is important you are sure of this.

Can You Tell If A Car Has Been Smoked In?

Yes, there are visible signs to know if your car has some smoke in it, be it because of a broken pipe exhaust or because someone found pleasure with the cigarette in your car.

You can easily smell the smoke or visible traces on your car roof, in form of discoloration. If you notice this, it probably means your car has been smoked in.

How to Tell If a Car Has Been Smoked In?

The most significant way to know a car has been smoked in is by perceiving the smell or checking for smoke ashes in the car.

The smell is the only way to get to the end of the problem but buying a fairly used vehicle can sometimes be more dangerous, the dealer can be strategic to hide the smell by using air fresheners, or by letting in natural air into the car.

This way, the dealer can hide the true nature of the car’s condition and aside from that, you can easily tell by checking through the interiors of the car.

The interior will show dust around the navigation screen, and the car roof for discoloration. It is easier to get the smell away, but taking away the smell doesn’t stop the car from being dangerous to the health of whoever gets in touch.

It can be odorless toxins in your car. It is better to do a good check before buying a fairly used car, but if you find it too stressful, just get a new one if you can afford it.

Does Smoking In A Car Depreciate The Value?

Yes, smoke in cars is literarily an agent that spreads dangerous toxins to the driver or whoever stays in the car long enough. Nobody wants to get hooked up with such an experience. Hence, the value depreciates.

It is stated that the value of a car decreases by 7.7% or 9% in worth when the car is smoked in compared to when it is completely free from smoke.

Depending on who wants to buy the car, a smoked-in car can depreciate for as much as 30% or 40%. The older the car, the more depreciating it becomes.

The value depends on who is buying it. Some will want to take the risk and buy at a more subsidized price, while some won’t buy at all. It depends…

How Long Does Smoke Smell Stay in A Car?

Letting in fresh air by unwinding the glasses is one way to let out the smoke in your car.

Practically, depending on how concentrated and how much recycling air is available, it will take about 24-48hours to eradicate the smell completely from your vehicle.

Remember, taking away the smell doesn’t assure safety from dangerous toxins because there is an odorless smoke that travels through our veins, and many times we don’t know when this happens.

Disadvantages of Smoking in a Car

As stated earlier, there are reasons exposures and sudden accumulations of these toxins can cause to the human system.

Smoking in your car is dangerous and here are a few of the disadvantages:

1. It Endangers the Health

According to the British medical association, when smoking is done in a car, it increases the toxins level 11 times greater than in a smoky bar.

Most especially when there is an accumulation of these smoked and the car is shut away from ventilation, it keeps it intoxicating and health hazardous.

2. It Reduces the Value of the Vehicle

You wouldn’t be able to sell at a higher price anymore. If you have been driving a vehicle for a long and smoke in it consistently, signs of discoloration will appear on the carpet and the roof of the car interiors.

If the seller is a little good sales agent, he or she can sell at a more appreciable value rate, but most times, the value of a car with traces of consistent smoking is a loss to the seller.

3. It Attracts Extra Cost

Aside from spending on keeping yourself healthy, to hide the effect of the smoke in your car, you will settle in to spend more on getting car fresheners and other devices that keep the car moisturized with decent smells.

Aside from a few coins on car fresheners, the bigger price goes to trying to maintain the interior beauty of the vehicle.

Smoke leaves a few discolorations with time. To ensure the value still sells a little higher than its depreciating price; fix a few things before selling, which is an extra cost on your side.’

Final Thought

Smoking in your car isn’t healthy; you should avoid it as much as you can. In case you need a car and you can’t afford a new one, getting a fairly used car will require you to check if it is smoked in or not. If it is, avoid it and if it is not, you can freely use your credit card.