How to Tell if a Parking Lot Has Cameras

How to Tell if a Parking Lot Has Cameras

The evolution of technology has made it easy to curb crimes to an extent by having self-recording cameras everywhere even in parking lots. Therefore, what is the best way how to tell if a parking lot has cameras?

To tell if a parking lot has cameras, look around, you may be able to find places the security camera are installed. You can also look for places that can capture almost every portion of the parking lot

A poster notifying people of the presence of a camera in a parking lot has proven to reduce the rate of crime in the past few years.

Do Parking Lots Usually Have Cameras?

Yes, parking lots have cameras because they have proven to reduce crime rates in the past few years.

Not all parking lots make use of a security camera, but in modernized states and cities, it is vital to have a security camera mounted at parking lots to monitor every activity.

The high rate of threats to lives and properties requires more advances to curb its effect. A security camera is no doubt a head start in reducing the effect of these approaches on parking lots.

How to Tell If a Parking Lot Has Cameras?

Parking lot cameras are not hidden from your sight. It wasn’t created to be hidden from you. In some special cases, some parking lots show an active security camera so you can know what to do and what not to do.

You can always tell when there is a camera in a parking lot by looking around for places that can capture almost every portion of the parking lot.

Cameras are mounted at the entrance and exits of most parking lots and somewhere inside the parking lots that can capture everything that goes on while you are in.

Cameras in parking lots are most of the time visible to everyone, when you get to a parking lot, you can do a quick eye scan at the entrance and exit, and somewhere in the park that has the tendency of capturing almost every portion of the parking lots.

Pros of Camera in a Parking Lot

Cameras in parking lots have proven to cause peace in the heart of many, most especially those who leave their cars in commercial parking lots for longer than 12hours or overnight.

In case you are wondering what are the benefits of having a camera in your parking lot. Here are a few you should consider:

1. For Security Reasons

The major reason we have cameras in parking lots is to prevent the high rate of theft. When people are conscious they are being watched, they hardly get to commit the crime.

See your security camera as the eye that monitors when the guards are asleep or on a trip to dreamland. Therefore, even though most parking lot security cameras don’t read license plates, they still provide security for cars parked.

2. To Prevent Trespassing

People are likely to trespass on people’s property, which is wrong. A security camera allows you to monitor whatever movement that goes In and out of your parking lot.

If the cameras are placed in the right positions like at entry and exit points, you can easily tell who goes in, when they went in and who goes out. It limits trespassing.

3. It Comes With a Peaceful Paycheck

For having a security camera, you are paid for a peaceful sleep. Many times, leaving a vehicle in a commercial parking lot is as dangerous as leaving a tiny spark of light in a house.

The feeling that your property is safe will allow you to sleep soundly. Even if things go wrong, it is very easy to track down because a recording can be played and you can easily tell who trespassed. You can confidently have a peaceful night.

Cons of Camera in a Parking Lot

As seasonal and juicy as it sounds to have a camera in your parking lots, consider a few reasons it can also go wrong to get the exact result you need:

1. You Need a Better One

There are various versions and types of parking lot cameras you can use, but if you need a good recording and visuals, you need to pay a good price.

A security camera doesn’t come cheap; upgrading it also will cost you some money. Aside from how much it can do for you, you also need to consider if you can afford to get a decent one right now.

2. The Intrusion of Privacy

Sometimes you might just want to do things that only you can see. A camera can’t speak, and nor is it sensitive enough to face another location.

There is always an intrusion into privacy whenever we have cameras almost everywhere. This sometimes can be quite annoying.

3. You are Likely to Need Over One

For effectiveness, depending on what location you are mounting it to, you will probably need over one camera to have control over your parking space.

If the camera only captures a certain part of the parking space, other parts become vulnerable. If one is expensive, imagine spending money on getting two or three.

How Long Do Parking Lot Cameras Keep Footage?

It can take a long time and sometimes it can be discarded as soon as possible. A general timing is 90days but it can be more or less depending on the organization’s systems.

Everyone has their policies. There isn’t any super legal rule as to how short or how long you should keep your recordings, but you are sure to at least keep them beyond 31days for security reasons.


Cameras in parking lots are not hidden from the public; they are as visible as the cars parked in the garage. Checking the entrance and scanning through the garage, you can easily see the cameras. Having a camera in your garage will reduce the crime rate, but it is quite expensive.