How to Tell What Kind of Remote Start You Have?

How to Tell What Kind of Remote Start You Have

Remote start as the name implies is a system that allows you to remotely run activities such as warm-up, cool off, starting a car, and unlocking the door of a car. Remote starts can either be factory or aftermarket.

It may interest you to know that not all cars can use a remote start, some cars are not designed to use remote starts.

While purchasing or after purchasing, you may get curious as to the kind of remote start your car uses and seek to get answers.

One way to get answers to questions as it relates to your car is by looking through your owner’s manual. For a car that uses a remote start, you are sure to get all the details.

Do All Cars Come with the Same Remote Start?

No, all car does not come with the same remote start. It is important to know that not all cars come with remote start and those that do have one unique to them.

For aftermarket remote start it is highly likely for a wide range of cars to use the same remote.

The use of remote start varies according to car models and types, cars from the same brand are likely to use the same remote.

How to Tell What Kind of Remote Start you have?

Knowing the kind of remote start you have is important to know how it works and its features. It is very possible that you got a car newly or you’ve been using it for some time without knowing the kind of remote you have.

There are ways to check the kind of remote start you have:

The first place to check should be your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual usually has comprehensive details about a car, so you can be sure to get information about your remote start in there and instructions on how to use it.

There is a symbol in the remote you got after purchasing the car, the symbol looks like a “Ω“. The symbol shows you have a remote start car. However, this symbol may vary from one car brand to another.

At the time of purchase, you can ask the car dealer the kind of remote start the car uses. They are in the best position to answer questions regarding the car. And if the car was not bought newly, you can always ask the seller for details.

For those using Lexus, you can press your lock key on your remote three times and hold it and if the car starts by itself without you entering and starting the car by yourself, then you have a remote start.

Remember that having a remote key is not the same thing as having a remote start. They are different and if you don’t understand the process, you can watch a YouTube video made by Steven Welch. He explained everything you need to know. Don’t forget to like his video.

How Do I Know if My Car has Aftermarket Remote Start?

An aftermarket remote start is one that was installed after the car has been bought. You wouldn’t need to know if your car has an aftermarket remote start if you got it newly, cars gotten newly most times come with a factory remote start.

On the other hand, you may need to ask, car dealers or previous owners in the event that you have a pre-used car and may decide to install a remote start in a car that doesn’t come with one from the manufacturer. This may be done to increase the car’s selling point.

It is quite easy to identify a car with an aftermarket remote start. Asking the seller may be your first option as they are in a good position to answer.

You can check under the dashboard if the remote start installed was an aftermarket, you can easily detect from the wire connection under the dashboard.

The wire connections are usually cheesy looking because the splices used are often times not of good quality compared to a factory wiring. You are sure to get your answer by looking at the wiring under the dashboard if there’s any.

Aftermarket remote start usually has more features than factory remote start, such as; a 2-way LED display, keyless entry, etc.

Advantages of Remote Start

Remote starts whether factory or aftermarket is of great advantage to car owners. Some of these advantages are stated below;

1. It Affords Convenience

A remote start makes it possible for you to start your car from wherever you are as long as it’s a considerable distance, with this, you don’t have to look for car keys in your bag especially in the dark before unlocking the door.

You also get to warm up or cool down your car from a safe distance without necessarily being inside it. Doing all of this from a comfortable place like your home or office makes the car ready for driving as soon as you get inside

2. You can have the Car Unlocked with a Full Hand

A remote start comes in handy for times when you have your hands full with groceries or other things. You can easily unlock the car door or boot as the case may be without having to put the things in your hand down.

3. You can have the Car Running while it’s Locked

On days when you have to warm up your car without being there physically, you can be sure that your car won’t be stolen because it is better than leaving your key in the ignition.

4. Ease of Locating your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot

With the remote control, you can easily locate your car in a crowded parking lot. Can a car with a remote start be easily stolen.

No, even after you started the car while trying to locate it if a thief opens the door, the car will shut off itself thereby preventing theft.

5. The Possibility of Monitoring your Car’s Movement

Some remote start enables GPS tracking this makes it possible for you to know where your car is at the time.

Disadvantages of Remote Start

Before deciding on the use of remote start, you should know that just as they have great advantages there are also disadvantages.

  • Fuel Wastage and Reduced Fuel Economy: The engine consumes fuel for every activity done in the car, warming and cooling of the car inclusive. Your fuel economy also reduces with the frequent use of a remote start.
  • It is Not Good for the Engine: Using a remote start isn’t good for the engine, it can be rough on it with too much idling. It is advisable to only use the remote start at intervals.
  • A Lot of Things can go Wrong: Because remotes are oftentimes used when you are not close to the car, a lot can happen without your permission and you won’t be around to stop it, especially if your car uses a manual transmission.


Be sure to know the pros and cons of a remote start before you start using or installing one, it will save you a lot of stress. So many people prefer the after-market remote to the factory remote because of its many features. The features you get, however, depend on the price range.