How to Turn Off Headlights While Car is Running

How to Turn Off Headlights While Car is Running

The headlights of a car are very important. This feature was added for safety reasons so that it can provide some illumination when a vehicle is being driven at night and when the weather is bad or there’s not much light around where you’re driving.

You’ve been driving around with your headlights on all day long, and you’re tired of it. Headlights usually go off when the car is turned off. Although in some cars the headlights stay on for a few seconds after the engine has been off before going off.

Can You Turn Off Headlights While Car is Running?

Yes, you can turn off the headlights while the car is running. It’s a common misconception that the driver must stop their vehicle before turning on the headlights, but this isn’t true.

No laws prevent you from driving while your headlights are off (unless they’re very dim or non-existent).

As long as your headlights aren’t excessively bright and other drivers don’t complain about them being too bright, there shouldn’t be any issues with doing so if it helps save on gas costs or reduces stress levels in general, especially when one is tired after a long day at work.

Turning off the headlights of your car doesn’t have to be a problem, when the weather is good and everywhere’s still illuminated, there’s no reason to have your headlights on.

The headlights should not be turned off while driving down a dark road or highway, because you could crash into an object in front of you before noticing that something is wrong with your car’s lights and that could be very dangerous for everyone involved.

It is not recommended to turn your headlights on and off while driving when they are not needed because they can cause damage to the battery as well as other components of your car, including the brake lights and tail lights. If you have a battery charger, it may damage the battery too.

The best way to conserve energy is by turning off all lights when they are not needed (such as during sunny days and times when everywhere is bright). This will help reduce standby power consumption by about 30 percent.

How to Turn Off Headlights While Car is Running

Headlights are designed to be used with the engine running. When you turn on your headlights, they will illuminate the battery in your car and provide plenty of light while driving at night.

However, if you’re not driving and want to turn off your headlights while a battery still powers them, then this can be done by simply pressing down on a button on top of them (or turning them off manually).

There are two ways that this can happen: either pressing down on the button or turning it off manually.

  • You’ll find the headlight switch on the steering column, near your right knee. Flip it so that it is in the neutral position and you can see that each switch is marked with either a red or green light.
  • The high beam position will have a red light, while the low beam will be green
  • The headlight switch is located on the center console. Press it twice or thrice as soon as you put your foot on the brake to shift out of the park.

Check if headlights are still on by looking through your side mirrors; if they aren’t, check whether there’s any sign that someone has turned them off.

If you press down on the button repeatedly until it clicks twice within two seconds and turns back on again after that period has passed then this means that you’ve successfully turned off your headlights.

Check your owner’s manual if any of these methods don’t work. If you’re not sure how to do it, consult the manual and see if there’s an instruction on turning off headlights while the car is running.

Pros of Turing Off Headlights While Car is Running

Here are the pros of turning off headlights while your car is running:

Reduced Energy Consumption

When you turn off your headlights, you’re not only saving energy but also money. You’ll be able to drive more miles on a tank of gas and still come home with the same amount of money in your wallet.

Save More Money

Turning off headlights while driving reduces the consumption of energy. It is estimated that a driver who does this can save $150 per month in fuel costs.

Reduced Accident Rate

If you go for long drives at night or have trouble seeing the road at night, having lights on during dark hours can be very dangerous for both yourself and other drivers.

Turning off your headlights will allow you to see better while driving through areas where there are fewer lights along the way so that fewer accidents occur due to driver error or lack of visibility.

Battery Life is Extended

When the headlights are turned off while the car is running and they’re not in use, the battery is less stressed, so it lasts longer. This way, you’ll never have to worry about overcharging or undercharging your car’s batteries again.

They Come on Automatically

This means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch your headlights back on because they would come on automatically once the car starts again.

Cons of Turing Off Headlights While Car is Running

It’s More Stressful for Some People

Every time you turn off the car, you’ll have to manually turn off your headlights. This can be inconvenient for other people in the car and can be a stressful process for some car drivers.

Increased Accident Rate

Headlights are a safety feature that comes with cars and they enable the driver to see what’s coming ahead of them while they’re driving in not-so-illuminated areas.

It’s important to remember that when you turn off your headlights while your car is running, you’re not going to be able to see where you’re going. This could lead to an accident or worse, a crash.

Risk of Getting Fined

When you switch off your headlamps or even parking lights when you should not, in some states and you’re spotted by law enforcement officials, you would be required to stop and can even be fined for not driving with your headlights on.

It is required that in some weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, fleet, etc everyone turns on their headlights while driving.


You should always try to turn off your headlights when they’re not in use so that you can save from the usual amount you spend on gas.

However, you should always try to keep your headlights on when you’re driving in places where there’s not enough illumination naturally or from street lights to avoid getting into accidents or causing accidents.

The best thing to do is simply turn them off when you need to drive in low light conditions without being seen by other drivers.