How to Use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner (A Step by Step Guide)

How to Use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel injectors make sure that there’s always fuel in the car engine by consistently spraying fuel into the engine through electronically controlled valves that can open and close multiple times in a second due to how fast they move.

These valves have a nozzle that evenly distributes the petrol or diesel for clean and efficient combustion.

However, fuel injector cleaners are used to remove the non-combustible by-products that build up in fuel injectors over time.

They are a very important part of the engine of any car, they ensure clean and efficient combustion by delivering fuel at the right time.

Is Lucas a Good Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner is good because it cleans the fuel injectors or carburetors as the case may be and allows the fuel to burn exhaustively so that the engine is provided with more power with lesser fuel consumption.

Lucas fuel injector cleaner contains a combination of super slick oils and some other additives that have a high detergent action which allows your car’s engine to function at its utmost efficiency level.

It is also very cost-effective and it does a very good job at keeping injectors lubricated, it also fixes and controls the rate at which the car burns fuel.

It come as at a very affordable price with so many qualities and the fact that one injector can work on different engine types makes it one of the best fuel injector cleaners.

Should I Use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner for My Car?

You should use Lucas fuel injector cleaner because it effectively cleans the fuel injectors and lubricates the fuel system of your car without any side effects.

Lucas fuel injector cleaner is compliant with the federal requirement which implies that fuel injector cleaners should have a low sulfur content which helps it to annul the adverse effects of low sulfur diesel fuels.

The fuel injector cleaner is of good quality so it preserves and increases the lifespan of your car’s fuel injectors.

Lucas fuel injector cleaner is recommended because it is very effective in helping the engines burn excess exhaust emissions which in turn increases the power that is provided and miles per gallon.

How to Use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

The fuel injector is responsible for cleaning, transporting, and supplying fuel to the car’s engine to provide power and allow efficient combustion. It plays a very important role which is why it needs to be cleaned.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Lucas Fuel injector cleaner:

  • Step One: The first thing to do is drive to the nearest store around you and purchase Lucas Fuel injector cleaner or check for online sites and place an order for Lucas fuel Injector Cleaner.
  • Step Two: After you have purchased Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner or it has been successfully delivered to you. The recommended proportion to be used is 2/3 ounces of the fuel injector cleaner to 10 gallons of diesel or gasoline fuel. Remove the gas cap of your car, open the cap of the fuel injector’s bottle and empty the content into the fuel tank.
  • Step Three: Fill up your gas tank. It is advisable to use the fuel injector cleaner when your car’s tank is almost empty so that as you refill your fuel tank the fuel injector cleaner is properly mixed with the fuel, that way the fuel injector cleaner gets to the fuel injectors faster.

When Should I Use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner on my Car?

Lucas Fuel injector cleaner can be used every time you want to fill up your fuel tank because it doesn’t contain any solvent, which makes it perfectly safe for continuous usage.

Lucas Fuel injector cleaner is even more efficient when it is added to your gas tank right before you add fuel into the tank so that the fuel injector cleaner completely mixes with the fuel and flows into the fuel injectors as soon as you start the car.

If you are unable to add the injector cleaner to your tank before a fill-up, you could add it to your tank every 1,500 to 3,000 miles or preferably whenever you get an oil change.

It is important to note that the Lucas fuel injector cleaner should not be added to the gas tank while the car is running.

What Happens if You Use Too Much Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Exceeding the recommended fuel injector cleaner usage doesn’t have any harmful effect on your car, although using way beyond the advised amount can be harmful.

When you use too much Lucas Fuel Injector cleaner at once, you put the metal lining of your fuel tank at risk because it can get damaged from an overdose of fuel injector cleaner.

It can also cause the performance of your engine to reduce drastically. You will start experiemcing a  reduced engine power. Another result you get from excess usage is that fuel efficiency is also reduced.

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t use too much is because the detergent in the fuel injector cleaner is very concentrated and it can damage the rubber parts in the fuel system and cause them to fail.


It is very important to maintain the fuel injectors of your car.

The fuel injector is the part of the fuel system that injects fuel into the engine and when it’s not properly maintained fuel is not properly supplied into your car’s engine.

Lucas fuel injector cleaner is a very effective fuel injector cleaner because it allows your car to perform optimally by cleaning out all the clogged debris in the fuel injector.

It is also rated among the best fuel injector cleaners which means it has been certified and it is very safe for use, and with the aid of the easy-to-use steps listed within this article, you’d have no difficulty in using it.