Is My Hyundai Still Under Warranty? (Yes or No)

Is My Hyundai Still Under Warranty

Hyundai is one of the best and most popular automakers, and just like others, gives a warranty in place for its customers.

These warranties are of different forms and for various purposes. As a new Hyundai owner or someone buying a pre-owned Hyundai, you will want to know if your vehicle is still under warranty. So, is my Hyundai still under warranty?

Your Hyundai is still under warranty if you’re the first owner, if the car has not been used for a long time, and if you’ve not done any modifications on the car.

Do Hyundai Car Models Come with a Warranty?

Yes, Hyundai car models come with a Warranty known as ‘Assurance by Hyundai’. This warranty is the after-sale cover and offers given by Hyundai to a new vehicle owner in the event that something goes wrong with the vehicle.

The warranty given depends on various parts of the vehicle, you don’t get the same offer for all parts of the vehicle.

There are two major warranties given by Hyundai; the ‘bumper to bumper warranty and the ‘powertrain warranty’.

Other warranty includes;

  • Federal Emission Control Systems Warranties
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty
  • Anti-Perforation Limited Warranty, and
  • The California Emission Control Systems Warranties

The clause to Hyundai warranty is that it isn’t really comprehensive as it doesn’t cover some important parts of a vehicle and routine vehicle maintenance is also not included.

Once you decide to make some modifications to any part of the vehicle, you will likely lose the warranty coverage. You get all that the warranty offers under the condition that the vehicle remains as it was from the time of purchase.

Hyundai’s warranty is said to offer more benefits than other manufacturers’ warranties. If your warranty expires and you which to get more protection, you can always get an ‘Extended Warranty’.

Is My Hyundai Still Under Warranty?

Most of Hyundai’s new models come with a warranty whether it’s the bumper-to-bumper, powertrain, or any of the other types of warranty offered by Hyundai.

It may be easy for a new car owner to know if their Hyundai is still under warranty but may not so for someone buying a pre-used Hyundai especially if the warranty is transferable. The good news is you can check if your Hyundai is still under warranty.

One of the easiest ways to check if your Hyundai is still under warranty is by using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), all vehicles registered with the Department of Motor Vehicle have a VIN.

With your VIN handy, you can put a call through to a Hyundai dealer, it is better if it is one you got your car from.

Give them your VIN and your vehicle’s purchase date will be looked up, all information regarding the services you’ve performed since the time of purchase will be drawn up and with it, you will be able to determine if your Hyundai is still under warranty or how much longer you have.

What Does the Hyundai Warranty Cover?

Hyundai warranties are of different types with each one covering different parts of a car. Let’s take an in-depth look into the different types of Hyundai warranties and what each cover.


A bumper-to-bumper warranty is also known as ‘New Vehicle Limited Warranty. This type of warranty covers defects in materials and the repairs of almost all electrical and mechanical components of a car, it usually lasts 5 years or 60,000 miles before expiration.

An exemption to this is the time coverage for the paint job, the paint is covered for 36,000 miles or 3 years, whichever comes first.

Some basic service and accessories adjustments are also covered for the first 12,000 miles or first year. Another exception to this coverage is routine maintenance services such as; fluid change, wiper blades, etc.

Powertrain Warranty

As the name implies, the powertrain warranty covers the vehicle’s powerhouse, the engine transmission, and other parts of the engine responsible for transferring power to the wheels, it usually spans across 100,000 miles or 10 years.

This warranty does not cover normal wear items like the clutch lining present in vehicles with manual transmission or spark plugs.

The downside to the powertrain warranty is that it can only be used by the original owner and cannot be transferred to subsequent buyers. Although the next owner gets 60,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first.

Anti-Perforation Warranty

The anti-perforation warranty provides a guarantee against holes in a Hyundai body panel as a result of rust, normal use, or workmanship defect.

Coverage for holes due to rust is for 7 years while coverage due to cosmetic corrosion on body panel is for 36,000 miles or 3 years.

Anti-perforation warranty does not cover for holes in other parts of the vehicle such as; the underbody floor pan or the exhaust system.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Warranty

For Hyundai’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric vehicles, there is coverage for 100,000 miles or 10 years.

This warranty covers the charging hardware, and electric batteries because Hyundai acknowledges the fact that electric car batteries go through degradation with time.

Complimentary Maintenance

Just like other automakers, Hyundai also offers complimentary maintenance. This is provided in order for the vehicles to get the needed attention for effective performance. Hyundai’s complimentary maintenance lasts for 36,000 miles or 3 years.

Federal Emission Defect and Performance Warranty

This warranty usually lasts 80,000 miles or 8 years and it covers the total replacement or repairs of some emission control parts such as the engine control module, catalytic converter assembly, etc.

Some other emission components are covered for 60,000 miles or 5 years.

How to Void Hyundai Warranty

Eligibility and access to any Hyundai warranty hinge on some conditions, failure to meet any of these conditions render the warranty null and void. When your Hyundai warranty is void, it means you no longer have access or a claim to it.

Here are some ways to void the Hyundai warranty:

  • If the car was involved in an accident and thereby declared a total loss
  • Misuse of the vehicle in whatever form
  • Usage of fluids not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Damage as a result of environmental factors
  • If modifications of any kind are done to the vehicle

How Do I Know If My Hyundai is Still Under Warranty?

There are various ways to check if your Hyundai is still under warranty. One of the simplest is checking on online by using the service of Carfax, you input your VIN on the website and it brings out the necessary information.

It can also be checked through the auto-dealer, you provide them with your Vehicle Identification Number and the necessary details are drawn up for you.


Almost all Hyundai model’s warranty is transferable, but if you are still in doubt you can always ask your vehicle’s dealer or check the owner’s manual.

The number of miles or years transferred to subsequent owners will depend on how long the original owner used the vehicle for.