Jeep Grand Cherokee Years to Avoid (With Reasons)

Jeep Grand Cherokee Years to Avoid

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an SUV known for its off-roading capabilities among its other amazing features. Like other brands of SUVs, the Grand Cherokee cuts across many models and generations with varying features.

Over the years, there have been problems and complaints on some of the Jeep Grand Cherokee generations resulting in people recommending what year of the Grand Cherokee to go for and those to avoid. Below are Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2011, 2014, and 2015 are considered to be the years to avoid for good reasons, while the years 1998, 1999, 2005, 2017, and 2018 are known as the reliable ones.

What Car is the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a type of sport utility vehicle (SUVs) but on a mid-size. It is known for its space and off-roading features.

The jeep grand Cherokee is a 5-door SUV with a four-wheel drive and front engine with its origin dating far back as 1983.

There has been improvement in the grand Cherokee across its various generations and it is said to be the first automobile to use an HFC-134a refrigerant instead of an HCFC-12 for its HVAC system.

Over the years, some generations of the Jeep Grand Cherokee have been recalled for reasons such as; alternator failure, fuel system integrity, and improperly installed brake shields in some of the vehicles.

In all, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is considered to be a strong vehicle also suitable for different occasions and with enough sitting capacity.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Have a lot of Problems?

Although the jeep grand Cherokee is considered good for off-roading because of its strong features, over time there have been complaints from various owners having to deal with different problems arising from their vehicle.

Because of the numerous complaints, some models have been recalled from the market in order to have them fixed or improve their features.

Here are some of the problems and complaints over the years:

Engine Starting and Stalling

This complaint was made on the 2011 model, because of this problem, the manufacturers had to recall the integrated power module in all 2011 to 2013 models.

The problem was caused because the fuse box has a faulty fuel pump that prevents the engine from starting.

Transmission Problem

There were also complaints about the inability of the gear to shift in the 2014 and 2015 models. Drivers were having to deal with their cars rolling away because the SUV is unable to warn them to put their cars in PARK before exiting.

The 2016 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was also recalled because of a shift interlock solenoid-related problem. No one wants to drive a vehicle with transmission problems.

Ignition Switch Fault

This was a common problem with the 2005 to 2008 model. The faulty ignition switch allows a car’s key to off at will even while driving. This has caused a lot of drivers to lose control when driving and also loss of power to steer the vehicle.

These and more are some of the problems the Grand Cherokee had cutting across various models and generations which has led to its recall over the year since its production.

What Jeep Grand Cherokee Year to Avoid?

There are Jeep Grand Cherokee models according to the year of production that you should avoid at all cost, this is because of the number of complaints that has been gotten regarding them, cost of maintenance, etc.

The following years should be avoided;

  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2015

Below are reasons why these years should be avoided


The 2011 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the first of the fourth generation and is considered to be the first to be avoided because of the numerous complaints received regarding it.

Some of the problems reported were electrical, interior accessories, and engine related but the major concern was with the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM).

This was a big issue to the point where owners filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Because of this issue, the vehicle was unable to start.

Some of the other reasons to avoid the 2011 model are because of its brakes, fuel system, and transmission.

Due to some of these problems the 2011 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was recalled up to 6 times. Here are some reasons for its recall at different times;

  • Between April 2014 and September 2017: The reason for the recall within this period was that the ‘brake booster shield’ was susceptible to corrosion.
  • Between July 2014 and December 2015: The reason for the recall during this period was the ‘wiring’.


The 2014 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was an improvement on the previous model but it was also not without problems hence, the need to avoid it. The major problem with this year is its transmission, and difficulty in shifting gear.

This model was also recalled a few times for some technical reasons;

  • Between March 2014 and September 2017: This model also had a ‘brake booster shield’ problem which allowed water inside and limited the brake efficiency.
  • June 2014: ‘Speed Control’, the owners of this model were unable to control the speed of the vehicle which poses a great danger to everyone around.


This model should also be avoided, although there were no engine problems as opposed to the other models which had a transmission problem. One of its major problems was unreliable shifting and poor transmission performance a couple of miles in.

The 2015 model was also recalled for some reasons such as;

  • Rear Suspension (July 2015)
  • Software Vulnerability issues (July 2015)
  • Service brakes (March 2016)
  • Wiring System (May 2018)

What Year Jeep Grand Cherokee is Reliable?

Not all years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are bad. There are years that are good and reliable. Some people are of the opinion that the most reliable models of the Grand Cherokee are the old models.

So, if you are looking for a reliable model to get you should consider the 90s model, especially 1998 and 1999. They are considered to be reliable because they are faster and better for off-roading.

You can also consider the 2000s, 2005 to be specific. This model is known for its great on-road and off-road capabilities.

You may also be interested in the 2017 and 2018 models as they are known for their modern features and good leather seats.


Knowing what year of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to avoid and the one to go for will also depend on your ability to do your due diligence by finding out about them. Some people may even go to the extent of carrying out a pre-purchase inspection.