Toyota Camry Years to Avoid (MUST AVOID)

Toyota Camry Years to Avoid

Toyota Camry is one of the models from Toyota that is topping the market. Since 1982, Toyota Camry has been in the game and people have been appreciating it.

However, the fact that Toyota cars are always classified to be reliable doesn’t mean it is always like that. There are some years of Toyota Camry you should not bother buying and in this article, we will tell you those years and reasons why you shouldn’t both buying the Toyota Camry made that year,

Toyota Camry Years to Avoid

The Toyota Camry years to avoid are the 2007 Toyota Camry, 2008 Toyota Camry, and 2009 Toyota Camry. These are the Toyota Camry’s you should avoid at all cost.

Reasons To Avoid 2007 Toyota Camry

2007 Toyota Camry comes with amazing design with amazing features which made people embrace it a lot. Afterall, it is a Toyota. But, it was sooner that people began to realize the facts the Toyota Camry comes with. These faults are:

Transmission Problem

Among all the years Toyota has been making the Camry models, it was until 2007 that the company got too many feedback from users about how bad the transmission gets overtime.

According to the report stated in, the transmission problem was more prominent to those using the automatic transmission.

They complained that the transmission lagged a lot and that it is more prominent when you are accelerating.

If you think that having a transmission problem is not an issue at, wait until you take it to the repair shop and hear the amount it will take you to fix the issue.

Apart from lagging transmission, users also complained about missed shifting which should not be overlooked.

Power Steering Issue

I’ve heard a power steering issue with my Lexus cars in the past and I can confidently tell you that it’s not what you want to experience.

Power steering issues means that you will not be able to fully utilize your steering wheel. Turning left and right will be hard as a result of the fact that the steering had become too strong to turn.

You cannot even use one hand to rotate the steering without having to put too much pressure thereby depriving you the fun of using one hand to rotate the steering wheel.

Also, power steering issue is not something that is cheap to fix. I know how much I spent fixing mine and how long it took for me to get back my car from the repair shop.

Check Engine Light

Users of the 2007 Toyota Camry also complained of Faulty check engine light which is always flashing to their face. If you are a car user, then you will know how uncomfortable it is to see the check engine light warning on your dashboard.

I have friends who owns the 2007 Toyota Camry and they are enjoying it. The thing is that, whenever the issue comes, they get it fixed and continued enjoying their car. Remember, it is a Toyota.

Reasons To Avoid 2008 Toyota Camry

The 2008 Toyota Camry is another year to look out for and the reason is not far fetched. If not for anything, for the fact that it still had the same transmission problem year did have which made it look like Toyota did not into consideration the transmission complaint made by 2007 users when making the 2008 model.

The check engine light of the previous model was also prominent in the 2008 model.

Another notable problem with the 2008 Toyota Camry is the ignition coil which would start and fail. As scary as this may be, you don’t have to worry. The problem only starts when you hit 100,000 miles.

Therefore, if your friend or neighbor want to sell his or her 2008 Toyota Camry to you, ensure that the mileage is not above 100k. If it is, you should be getting ready to fix the ignition coil and if its not, then you will still be able to enjoy the car for a long time before the issue starts.

This issues are not too drastic to deprive you from getting the car if that’s what you want. The thing is that, you should be aware of this problems so that whenever it happens, you can quickly have it fixed, or better still go for years that are more reliable.

Reasons To Avoid 2009 Toyota Camry

The 2009 Toyota Camry is another year to watch out for when buying a used Toyota Camry. Its just had the reoccurring issues from the previous years such as the transmission problems and check engine light issues.

The users of the 2009 Toyota Camry also made a shocking revelation of sludge buildups around the engine which comes as a result of an unchanged oil. Therefore, if you are using the 2009 Toyota Camry, ensure to always change the engine oil when needed.

Toyota Camry Reliable Years

  • 2004 Toyota Camry: This year is more reliable than the aforementioned years. If you don’t and wouldn’t want the old model, you can for the newer model.
  • 2014 Toyota Camry: This is another year that is quite reliable. I have a friend that still uses his 2014 Toyota Camry till today and he has been 100 satisfied with it.
  • 2015 Toyota Camry: The 2015 is also very reliable. Imagine scoring a 5/5 reliability check. Amazing right. Toyota really brought their A-game.
  • 2021 Toyota Camry: This is also a reliable year to buy.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the fact that these years are awarded to be reliable doesn’t mean there are some issues you won’t be fixing as you use the car.

For example, most of the issues starts as soon as you cross 100,000 miles such as AC blowing hot air. You just need to refill the gas and that’s all.

Also, how your car last for you depends on how you use it, and how you use it depends on several factors such as the road, how good is the road, and many more. Sometimes, things spoil for spoiling sake.

While using Toyota Camry, you should not worry too much once you notice some problems such as:

  1. AC and Heater Issues
  2. Too much oil consumption
  3. Problem with the transmission
  4. Brake issues
  5. Door locks begin to malfunction

Anytime you notice the above listed problems with your Toyota Camry, do not panic, it’s common with Toyota Camry and all you have to do is to take it to the repair shop and have it fixed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how reliable a car will help you make a good choice when making any purchase. Noone wants to buy a car that will cost him all his fortune in repairs.

Therefore, knowing the Toyota Camry years to avoid is the first step to getting a reliable Toyota Camry car that will last hundreds of thousands of miles for you.