Truck Won’t Move in Any Gear Automatic Transmission (Why)

Truck Won't Move in Any Gear Automatic Transmission

If your automatic transmission truck is not moving in any gear, you need to check your transmission fluid and make sure it is up to gauge, and if you have to add, ensure to add the right type of fluid. You can also flush your transmission regularly. Ensure it is not clogged and change your filter regularly.

Watch out for check sign and make sure you fix all damages to your truck on time to ensure maximum output as anything less than that puts a load of pressure on your transmission which could result in a breakdown

Do Trucks Come with Automatic Transmission

For a very long time, trucks only came with manual transmission but there have been new developments, trucks now come with automatic transmission and it is starting to become the norm.

Most automatic transmissions in trucks now are not different from the manual transmission in fact we can say they are the same except there is no stick, and the gear is shifted by a computer using air solenoids.

What Causes Automatic Transmission Truck Not to Move in Any Gear

1. When Your Transmission Fluid is very Low

Low transmission fluid can cause your automatic transmission truck not to move in any gear. There are things that can contribute to this.

When your transmission truck refuses to move in any gear, check your transmission fluid, if there is not enough, you can simply add the right transmission fluid to the reservoir to reach the correct level.

Just to be on the safer side check the transmission fluid reservoir for any leak, if there is any, you might need to see your auto mechanic to discuss a solution as this can pose a great risk to your truck.

2. When Your Automatic Transmission Control Unit Is Bad

Another reason your automatic transmission truck can refuse to move in any gear is if there is a fault with the automatic transmission control unit.

Fixing this is always expensive and there is no guarantee of it lasting for long after repair as the problem may return at any time, sometimes sooner than you expect.

3. When your Clutches are Worn Out

One of the reasons why your automatic transmission truck can refuse to move is bad or worn clutches. The clutches wear out over time and if the worn is much then your problem might be coming through a faulty gearbox.

It is best to repair this as fast as possible as failure to do this might affect other parts of your truck. For safety reasons, this should be attended to as soon as possible.

What to Do When Automatic Transmission Truck Refuses to Move to Any Gear

When your automatic transmission truck refuses to change into any gear, the first thing to do is to make sure your truck is on, then make sure your parking brake is disengaged, then check your transmission fluid reservoir for any leak.

Just like every other fluid reservoir in a vehicle, cases of a leak are not far-fetched and this can affect your automatic transmission from changing gear and performing at its optimal capacity.

After checking the transmission fluid reservoir and making sure there is no leak and the fluid is not in shortage, it will be best to contact your auto mechanic to check the automatic transmission control unit for any damages.

If the problem has to do with the control unit, it is most likely that you have been seeing signs but didn’t take them, like the battery going off, check signs on the dashboard amongst others. This could be repaired, but it is usually expensive and the problem may return, might be best to get a new one.

And if any of those is not the problem, you might want to make sure your auto mechanic checks your clutches, your transmission valve body, torque converter, missing gear, clogged filter, and so on.

 Disadvantages of Trucks Not Moving to Any Gear

The number one disadvantage of your truck not moving in any gear is the fact that your automatic transmission or other accessories that work with it may be faulty which causes the car to be stuck either in reverse or gear but the shifter moves.

The cost of repair in case of damage to your automatic transmission control unit is high and the effectiveness of repair is not guaranteed, sometimes replacing might be the best option which is equally expensive.

Sometimes you might need to repair not just your transmission control unit but also your clutches, your transmission valve body, torque converter, fix a missing gear, repair or change a clogged filter, sometimes all or one of these things.

The cost is only lighter when it has to do with changing the transmission fluid, fixing a leak in the transmission fluid reservoir, and so on.

For someone trying to meet a target, get somewhere or deliver certain goods, this can be a minor or major setback depending on the cause of your automatic transmission truck not moving and how fast the problem can be fixed.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Automatic Transmission from Moving to Any Gear

  • Check your transmission fluid from time to time
  • Make sure you get the right type of transmission fluid for your truck
  • Come to a complete stop before changing gears from forward to backward to avoid unnecessary wear and tear
  • Get your transmission flushed regularly
  • Regularly change your transmission filter
  • Allow your car to warm up before you drive
  • Make sure your engine is performing optimally to avoid stress on the transmission

Final Thoughts

The automatic transmission for trucks is an upgrade on the manual transmission, the manual transmission needs the driver to change sticks but the automatic transmission has no sticks even though it is just like the manual transmission, except it has no stick and it is changed by a built-in computer using air solenoids.

So if you want your automatic transmission truck to always answer you, ensure to maintain it so it doesn’t stick and won’t shift or get stuck while in a particular gear while the shifter moves.