What Happens If You Don’t Relearn Crankshaft Position Sensor?

What Happens If You Don't Relearn Crankshaft Position Sensor

If you don’t relearn your crankshaft sensor, your car will refuse to start because the ECU has been affected, you will experience a terrible disorder in the acceleration and your engine can go haywire because of wrong signals sent by the ECU.

Relearning a crankshaft position sensor comes with some hikes, a few touches, and a lot more duly followed precautions to get it done accurately.

Relearning simply means to re-program, re-engineer or re-calibrate the engine so it can function properly after a car engine has been replaced or tampered with.

The engine of a car is like the human heart. Without it, the engine is as good as dead. Getting it replaced requires a lot of money just as repairing it also requires some funding that might seem less comfortable.

What Does A Crankshaft Relearn Do?

A system after change needs to be reprogrammed to ensure it works efficiently. The same applies to a car with its engine that is just replaced or fixed.

A crankshaft relearn ensures the position sensor doesn’t affect the car from getting started in the note of it not being reprogrammed.

Vehicles with a bad crankshaft can be easily detected; it comes with a lot of errors that are visible even by a toddler if taught the ways of a car engine. Symptoms like stalled engine, Vehicle refusing to start, rough idle, etc.

To ensure you don’t spend all day by the side of the road, hitting your car with your left leg because of frustration, it is important you do a relearn to ensure your car moves with efficiency and enough responsiveness.

What Happens If You Don’t Relearn Crankshaft Position Sensor?

Just like a body with low energized white blood cells, the body becomes vulnerable to different issues and attacks. A vehicle you choose not to relearn is also a victim of this approach.

If you don’t relearn your crankshaft sensor,

1. Your Car will Refuse to Start

A car ECU handles the ignition of your car. Just so you know, you are not so powerful over your car if the ECU exercises its limitations.

But a Car ECU doesn’t have the superpower of its own to do as it wishes without being sponsored by a more relaxing power (Crankshaft sensor).

If a crankshaft sensor refuses to work, it affects the ECU. Once the ECU has issues, it affects the ignition, which leaves you with no choice but to call someone to get it fixed for you, which doesn’t come in handy.

2. A Disorder in the Acceleration

ECU can be a pain in the a*s if it goes wrong. Aside from stopping your ignition from working, it expresses its ability by ensuring the crankshaft isn’t reliable.

Because of a failed ECU accomplice by a failing crankshaft, an engine can experience an uncontrollable increase in acceleration and a frustrating decrease in deceleration.

Just because you don’t have a say over whether it increases or decreases, it becomes dangerous to you. It can be life-threatening to have this type of issue. It requires you to reach out to the experts to save you from your plight.

3. Your Engine Can Go Haywire

ECU again can be the reason you explode your engine. If the ECU refuses to send in signals to ensure the car starts appropriately, it is an issue.

Having to send the wrong signal calls for alarm, the engine sparks and keeps sparking until you have your engine roasted or your crankshaft dormant.

Benefits of Relearning the Crankshaft Position Sensor:

It Prevents You from Ignition Problem

The ECU signals to ensure the car ignites as at when due, a proper relearning assures the driver of the expected ignition timing. No cause for alarm.

A relearned crankshaft can be regarded as freshly “baked” because of having all functions reprogramed or recalibrated.

Just like knowing what to do after replacing a camshaft sensor, the ignition shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you have your crankshaft relearned.

It Ensures a Pleasing Vehicle Experience

Too many issues to a car that isn’t relearned after a fix on the engine will frustrate any driver to unconditioned expenses and sipping of their peace juice.

It is more relaxing when your engine is functioning just as expected, with the required proportion of efficiency and responsiveness.

No driver would trade this for a constant engine problem, which is basically sponsored by the crankshaft position sensor.

How to Relearn Crankshaft Position Sensor with a Scanner

The procedure for relearning a crankshaft position sensor differs regarding the car model and the making of the car. But basically, a relearn shouldn’t be so hard. If this doesn’t work for you, you can see a professional get it done for you.

STEP ONE: Turn on the car ignition without having to start the car. Starting the car isn’t necessary after connecting your sensor scanner to it. Igniting it can easily signal the scanner to pick out the details.

STEP TWO: Select the vehicle type on the scanner, click the car model, and type. Note: Each car model has an unfamiliar process of recalibrating. Ensure if your car model isn’t so sure, see a professional to find the car model and have it relearned for you.

STEP THREE: Select the diagnostics function and afterward click the control unit. The control unit displays everything about the vehicle.

STEP FOUR: Select the engine module. After clicking, you will see varieties of options; have a click on the special function.

STEP FIVE: Under the special functions, select the” can crank relearn”.

STEP SIX: Ensure you only use this function when a replacement has been made on the cam and crank of the car. In the can crank relearn section, click ok to relearn.

STEP SEVEN: Start your car. Ensure your car reaches at least a temperature of 70 or above. If it does not, redo the process until you have a number 70 or above.

What Scanner Can Do A Crankshaft Relearn?

There are various scanners available to have your crankshaft relearn based on the model of the car and the making of the car. Simply find one suitable for your car model or see a professional dealer get one starting your car specifications.


When you refuse to relearn your car, you experience varieties of unpalatable experiences which are not good enough for your mental health. A proper relearning process can save you from big engine stress.