What Happens if You Hit a Car in a Parking Lot and Leave?

What Happens if You Hit a Car in a Parking Lot and Leave

If you hit a car in a parking lot and leave, it means a hit-and-run and you can be charged for property damage by the victim and may serve jail time or pay to bail yourself. You can also be fined or get license points. 

The motive and belief of parking cars at a parking lot either at an event, mall, work, etc., is that the car is safe and no ill can happen to such a car.

However, one of greatest displeasure is to find out that someone scratched your car in the parking lot, you either hate yourself and can be the beginning of a very bad day if you’re already having a good day, no matter how expensive or inexpensive the car is worth.

Can One Hit a Car in a Parking Lot and Leave?

Yes, of course, It is extremely possible to hit a par at a parking lot which might not even be deliberate, some can be as a result of the negligence of the driver that parked the car, or as a result of a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

But, if for any reason something of such happens and you drive off without doing the due diligence of ensuring you get to meet the driver or at least accept the damage, it’s punishable under the law and one can be charged for property damage.

It’s possible you don’t get to meet with the rider or driver in most cases, but it’s best if you drop a note telling the driver to get to you when he sees the damage done.

Is Hitting a Parked Car Considered an at Fault Accident?

Hitting a car parked in a parking lot is not necessarily an at-fault accident, the reason for the hit can vary and might not necessarily be the fault of the driver who caused the damage. There are various reasons that can cause accidents in a parking lot.

One of such reasons is wrong parking of drivers, a lot of drivers don’t know how to park correctly at a parking lot and this sometimes can result to car scratch or hit in a parking lot, especially as concerning having to alight from your own vehicle and hitting the door or a side of the another parked vehicle.

You will help but ask if this set of people actually passed their driving test.

Another reason for an accident at a parking lot is driver’s disobedience of traffic signs in a parking lot. Every sign at the parking lot must be observed, failing to observe these signs can result in an accident.

Drivers should ensure all signs are observed at the parking lot to minimize the risk of accidents in a parking lot.

What Happens if You Hit a Car in a Parking Lot and Leave?

If you by any chance hit a car in a parking lot and leave, be sure to know that if found, you’ll be charged for property damage and leaving the scene of a hit and run, showing that it’s a deliberate doing and one could serve a jail time or have to pay a lot of money to get bail.

If for any reason you hit a car at a parking lot and you have to leave due to some emergency situations, it is best you leave a note, stating your name and other important details to be able to find you and if you don’t have an emergency situation to deal with you’ve to stay there and make sure you get to see the owner of the car.

The mistake of having to hit someone’s car can still be handled, if you drop a note or make sure you meet with the owner of the vehicle so your insurance can handle it or if the owner has insurance that can cover the expense of the damage.

But because you don’t like to be confronted and don’t want to cause a scene you drive away without even showing any signs of making sure the car gets fixed is gross and it shows how inhumane that person can be and is also punishable by law.

It is believed by people that because it’s an old model car and it’s no longer in vogue you can treat anyhow and only the expensive one when you hit those ones, you should show remorse and get help fixing them.

It is wrong to think in such a manner, no matter the model and whether the car is a prevailing or no existing brand of car, it shows signs of responsibility and integrity to get concerned and fix or help make sure the car is fixed.

What Can Make Somone Leave After Hitting Your Car in a Parking Lot?

Parking lot accidents can be a result of many reasons and most times having to leave the scene of the accident, might be as a result of having to deal with an emergency or being in a rush for an assignment.

A number of things can make drivers leave a hit scene in a parking lot,  some of which are :

1. Emergency

In case of having an emergency, one might have to leave the parking lot, but it’s best and safe to leave a note stating your details for easy accessibility, otherwise, it will be tagged a hit and run incident.

2. Fear

The fear of how much damage caused can make one flee the scene of a car hit in the parking lot especially if the car is an expensive one and knowing fully well, he or she can’t cover the cost of the damage, in most cases, drivers like that would leave the scene of the accident.

3. Pride

Some riders feel too big, especially when rich, to be having words with other riders that are not up to their level financially.

Especially if the car in question is a low model car, this can make the rider feel like it’s not worth his waiting and leave the scene of the accident.

No matter how little or big, expensive or inexpensive the nature of the hit is, it’s expected to meet up with the driver and sort out the damage caused.

What to Do If You Hit a Parked Car and No One is Around?

No matter the country of the world that one is in, all laws expect all drivers to act in a prudent way that ensures drivers are not reckless and be compassionate and considerate, knowing fully well that accidents or hits are fully unavoidable.

If you hit a car parked and no one is around, follow the following steps to make sure you don’t go against the law

Leave a Note

It is important that you leave a note, stating all your details so that the driver can easily access you and you won’t be charged for a hit and run case. This would also show your integrity as a driver. This is a sample of what the note should contain

  • Name of the driver
  • Address of the driver
  • Phone number of the driver
  • A brief explanation of the incident

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your house address, then ensure that the phone number you are leaving behind is can be reached at all times. Also, ensure to video record the car, including the area that was scratched for clarity’s sake.

Talk to Someone Around

Should there be people around at the cause of the incident, talk to them and explain in detail should you have to leave the scene of the hit.

Inform your Insurance Company

The first thing to do after a hit is to inform your insurance company so that they’d shoulder the responsibility of the damage and help in a quick response of ensuring the damage is repaired. Hence, all drivers or riders are expected to have their vehicles insured.

Pay for Damages

It is possible you don’t have your vehicle insured, but ensure that you pay for every damage caused, drivers should not always apportion blame and own up to their fault and do the needful when need be.

Final thoughts

The aim of a parking lot is that your car is in safe hands and no causality of any kind is reduced to its nearest minimum. But accidents or hits in most cases are inevitable, so it’s best to own up to these damages and avoid the wrath of the law.

Drivers should also ensure that they follow all the rules and traffic signs at the parking lot so as to avoid any case of a hit at the parking lot.