What is the Speed Limit When Traveling Across a Blind Railroad Crossing?

What is the Speed Limit When Traveling Across a Blind Railroad Crossing

To travel through a blind railroad will require a tightened sit belt and your eyes sharp as that of an eagle, monitoring and taking every step with caution.

A railway blind spot isn’t the wilderness or a forest with scary images. It is a place where there are no stop signs or traffic signals at any corner and your sight is foggy from a distance of 100 feet in each direction.

Therefore, if you are to travel across a blind railroad, what is the speed limit when traveling across a blind railroad crossing?

The speed limit when traveling across a blind railroad crossing is 15 mph at seeing a range of 100feet on both sides. You may also drive at a higher speed above 15mph when the crossroads shows vividly the gates, warning signals, or a flagman.

What Is a Blind Railroad Crossing?

A blind railroad crossing is a type of crossing with no flashlight or automated gates from a 100 feet distance that you cannot see unobstructed 400feet in each direction down the railroad tracks.

Maybe it sounds excessively complex to you, you can as well see a blind railroad crossing as a “position or point” in which your sight is restricted and you can’t tell in 100 feet if there are flashes of light or any automated gates.

Crossing a blind railroad can be dangerous and requires being cautious enough before taking a leap of faith. If you are about to cross through a blind railroad, it means there is a level crossing (an intersection between a railroad and a side road).

To be at the safer end will require you have a better distance sight to see signal displays or approaching trains. A blind railroad isn’t that dangerous but will require your sight and caution to rules to be on the other end safe and smiling.

Can You Travel Across a Blind Railroad Crossing?

Yes, you can travel across a blind railroad cross, but it will require maintaining a standard speed limit. But before getting your heels and stepping over the accelerator without thinking twice, at first, you need to stop.

Yes, take a stop first at the marked positions for vehicles to have a stop. There is always a stop line provided to ensure drivers can wait to have a clearer view before moving.

You know you have a clearer view when you can see both sides of the cross line properly, at least to about 100ft away at both ends before crossing over.

If you see flashy red lights, it is a direct message to stay where you are. Provided that where you are is nowhere on the railroad, even if the gate rises, being sure the red lights are away before making a move is a right way to stay safe.

After you’re sure of a clear path, you can travel at 15mph and get out of the intersection as fast as you can.

What is the Speed Limit When Traveling Across a Blind Railroad Crossing?

Depending on which country you are in, a standard speed limit for a blind railroad crossing is 15mph. The reason for this is obvious; it is to ensure you can stop quickly when approaching a blind railroad crossing.

In cases of a collision, the train doesn’t suffer the loss; in fact, the motorist suffers 99% of the loss, which places you at a greater advantage so you can’t afford to be careless.

A blind railroad crossing is a railroad grade that is uncontrollable. They have no flashlights or automated gates which 400 feet probably impeded your sight in each direction from a distance crossing of 100ft.

They are delicate and require you to stop at a sight of an approaching train or at the hearing of the blazing horn or flashes from the approaching train.

Is There a Speed Limit at a Railroad Crossing in Texas?

Texas is a state with many rules that can cause you many days of flipping through pages of books just to comprehend them all.

Yes, there is a speed limit in Texas allocated to motorists aiming to take a railroad crossing. Just like many other states, Texas also recommends traveling at 15mph with clear tips stated for every motorist, they include:

  • Yielding to the right way of trains
  • It is illegal crossing a railroad when a train is visible or driving around a gate that is already let down.
  • If your vehicle breaks down, leave there and call 9-1-1
  • If you notice the crossing arms are down and red flashes are blinking all out to you. STOP AND NEVER CROSS!
  • In case the red lights are not active, listen to hear if any train is approaching or look at both sides to be clear before making a move.
  • Don’t be too hasty. Your life is a jewel; don’t be a j*rk with it by trying to be too fast. Follow the prescribed speed limit (15 mph)

Is it Illegal to Drive Through, Around, or Under Any Railroad Crossing Gate?

It is illegal to have your way through, around, or under any railroad crossing gate. If caught, you will need to pay the price of being funnily unwise.

No one gets away with this. Aside from the frowning face of the governmental bodies to this act, wouldn’t you find it too risky to bypass protocols because of urgency?

You can drive around or under if you want to, but legally you cannot.

Maybe you are a skilled craft worker behind the wheel or a Vindiesel behind the wheel, taking a leap around, through, or under any railroad crossing is breaking a law and also breaking the government measure of protection created to prevent you from having a combat with a fast-moving train.

They keep these measures in place due to how uncontrollable a train might be when about to stop. It doesn’t have a sharp stop like your fancy-looking car. The heavier, longer, and harder it is to stop.

You are to be cautious not to get yourself head-on with a train owing to a careless move of trying to maneuver your way around the crossing gate.

What Should You Never Do at a Railroad Crossing?

There are a few things you’re never to do at a railroad crossing, some to keep you safe and some others to keep the train station safe. A few rules you should consider include:

1. Never Cross Without Your Focus

Simple right? As simple as this might sound, not focusing when crossing a railroad is another way to explain driving without seeing the stop sign. You are probably going to be at the helpless hands of a speeding train.

The focus will require paying attention to both sides of the railroad, ensuring there are no red flashes, keeping a stop distance when required, taking your momentum not more than 15mph as prescribed for every motorist, and being able to act in emergencies.

Focus is the top skill you need here, more than your driving prowess. You need focus to reach the other end of the railroad.

2. Never Go Under Or Around The Gate

As stated earlier, as being a danger to you, the gates are there to keep you safe and ensure other motorists stay organized and informed. Moving around it is a break in the law. You shouldn’t be a part of this move.

3. Keep Your Vehicle Off The Track

Stooping is irrelevant if you are still anywhere close to the railroad tracks. Stay on the provided landmark for motorists to keep safe.

4. Never Be Too Fast

Still, on the matter of speed, do not be too fast. Are you in a hurry? There is no reason special to behold if your body is lying dead on the railroad. Never be too fast.


Traveling through a blind railroad will require extra focus off your sleeves and maintaining a standard speed limit of 15mph. Ensure you take up the above-listed rules and keep yourself on the safe end with them.